Day Trip from Split to Hvar: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning a day tour from Split to Hvar? Look no further! This comprehensive guide has all the information you need to ensure your Split to Hvar day trip is unforgettable and hassle-free.

A day trip to Hvar from Split is a must-do when visiting Croatia. Hvar, Croatia caters to a wide range of visitors with breathtaking scenery, crystal clear waters, charming towns and delicious local food.

Day trip from Split to Hvar, Illustration

Whether you prefer a self-guided tour or joining a group tour, we’ve got you covered. We’ll walk you through all the options for visiting Hvar from Split.

Discover the best excursions from Split to Hvar and get insider tips on what to do, where to eat, and what to pack for a day trip to Hvar.

Get ready for an incredible Split to Hvar experience!

Can you visit Hvar from Split on a day trip?

You can visit Hvar from Split in a day! Hvar is a must-visit destination in Croatia, and many tourists make it a day trip from Split.

A short speedboat or ferry ride makes Hvar Island, Croatia easily reachable from Split, and the perfect option for those who want to experience Hvar without staying overnight.

How long is the ferry ride from Split to Hvar?

The traveling time between Split and Hvar varies depending on the ferry company and the port of call on Hvar Island.

The car ferry journey from Split to the port of Stari Grad on Hvar Island takes around 2 hours.

The speedboat or catamaran ride from Split to Hvar lasts approximately 50 minutes.

How much does a day trip from Split to Hvar cost?

The cost of a day trip from Split to Hvar will vary depending on your chosen mode of transportation, activities, and food expenses. Below, we list the most common Split to Hvar day trip expenses.

Transport Prices in € / US$
A ferry ticket5,86€ – 20€ (6,5$ – 22$) per person, depending on the ferry company
A car on a car ferry34,24€ – 45,77€ (37,7$-50,5$) per car, depending on the season
A full-day private speedboat tour with a skipper350€ (385$) per boat for a group of 5-7 people
An organized boat tour from Split to Hvar100€ – 160€ (110$ 175$) per person, depending on the boat type and group size
Transport costs from Split to Hvar

The rest of the expenses are up to you and your budget! You can explore Hvar’s charming streets, swim in the crystal-clear sea, and have a picnic on the beach. Alternatively, you can indulge in a fancy lunch and cocktails at one of the island’s luxurious beach clubs, rent a scooter to explore other parts of the island, take a taxi boat, book a kayaking tour to the nearby Paklinski Islands, go on a wine tour, or join some other Hvar Island tours.

Here are some common expenses that can add to the cost of your day trip from Split to Hvar.

Food and DrinksPrice € / US$
Cheap lunch (burger, sandwich, pizza, pasta)15€ – 20€ / 16.5$ – 22$
Full lunch (3-course with a drink)60€ / 66$
Coffee2€ – 3€ / 2.2$ – 2.3$
Soft drink4€ / 4.4$
Beer5€ – 7€ / 5.5$ – 5.7$
Cocktail15€ / 16.5$
Ice cream2€ – 3€ / 2.2$ – 2.3$
Prices of Food & Drinks in Hvar Town, Croatia
Attractions & ActivitiesPrices € / US$
Entrance ticket to Spanjola Fortress10€ / 11$
Entrance ticket to Arsenal and Theater7€ / 7,7$
Entrance ticket to Hvar Loggia4€ / 4,4$
Sunlounger on a popular beach30€ / 33$
Kayaking tour to Paklinski Islands60€ – 80€ / 66$ – 88$
Taxi to Paklinski Island8€ – 12€ / 8,8$ – 13,2$
Scooter rental40€ / 44$
Car rental40€ – 70€ / 44$ – 77$
Wine tour100€ – 150€ / 110$ – 165$
Hvar Island Tour150€ / 165$
Prices of Attractions and Activities in Hvar Town, Croatia

As you can see, the budget for a day visit to Hvar can range from 40 euros, which covers the return boat ticket from Split to Hvar, to 300 euros if you plan to visit Hvar’s landmarks, the Paklinski Islands, go on a wine tour, and enjoy a good lunch with a couple of drinks.

How much time do you need in Hvar?

Ideally, a day trip to Hvar from Split would give you around 8-10 hours on the island. This gives you enough time to explore the main attractions, enjoy a meal, and relax on one of Hvar’s beautiful beaches. If you’re short on time, a minimum of 4-6 hours would still allow you to experience the highlights of Hvar.

However, our advice is to spend at least two nights on Hvar Island for the best experience. If you decide to do so, check our post on where to stay in Hvar, Croatia.

What is the best way to get around Hvar during a day trip from Split?

If you only visit Hvar for a day, the best way to get around is on foot. The town is small and easily walkable, with charming cobblestone streets and scenic views. Overall, Hvar is a pedestrian-friendly town, and exploring on foot provides a more immersive experience.

So grab your walking shoes and get ready to discover what this beautiful island offers. Whether wandering through the old town, strolling along the waterfront, or hiking up to one of Hvar’s many viewpoints, you won’t regret exploring this picturesque island on foot.

Panorama of Hvar Town from Spanjola Fortress at dusk

If you plan on visiting nearby attractions, such as the Pakleni Islands, taking a water taxi is the fastest and the most convenient way to travel. Water taxis depart every 30 minutes from Hvar Harbor, and a return ticket costs between 8€ to 12€. The journey time is 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the island you visit. If you are visiting in the off-season, check the schedules beforehand.

If you want to visit other places on the island beyond Hvar Town, rent a scooter or a car or join a tour to travel around the island.

Self-guided vs group tour to Hvar from Split

If you plan a day trip to Hvar from Split, you might wonder whether it’s better to take a self-guided tour or join an organized group tour. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, so the decision ultimately depends on your preferences and travel style.

The main difference lies in whether you only want to explore Hvar Island and Hvar Town or if you also want to visit other nearby islands. Of course, your budget also plays a role.

A self-guided tour is the most economical option for a day trip from Split to Hvar, as it only requires a 40€ return catamaran ticket. This option gives you plenty of time in Hvar and allows you to be flexible and independent in crafting your own itinerary and setting your own pace.

Hvar, waterfront and arsenal building

On the other hand, organized day trips from Split to Hvar cost anywhere from 100€ to 160€ per person and usually include visits to nearby islands such as Vis, Brac, Budikovac, Solta, and the Pakleni Islands. This presents a great opportunity to experience the beauty of several breathtaking Croatian islands in a short time.

However, such excursions typically only allocate 2 to 3 hours for exploring Hvar. Although this timeframe is enough to explore Hvar Town, immerse yourself in its atmospheric ambiance, and visit the town’s main attractions, it may not give you enough time to indulge in Hvar’s hedonistic delights. Enjoying local wines, savoring island delicacies, and relishing the beaches of Hvar may be constrained.

Certain tours include a stop at the Paklinski Islands, particularly the famous Carpe Diem Beach Club. We highly recommend such a speedboat excursion from Split as it provides an opportunity to visit and experience one of Hvar’s most notable highlights.

Hvar Day Trip Itinerary on a self-guided tour

Take an early ferry from Split to Hvar. Jadrolinija’s catamaran sails at 8.30 a.m., while TP-Line’s catamaran departs at 9.15 a.m. from Split Harbor. The catamaran takes approximately 1 hour to reach Hvar.

Once in Hvar, go to Spanjola Fortress for panoramic views over the town, the sea, and the Paklinski islands. After visiting the fortress, visit other Hvar cultural highlights: the Arsenal, theater, and the loggia.

Palmizana Beach, Pakleni Islands, Hvar

After the sightseeing, head to the waterfront and catch a water taxi to the nearby Paklinski Islands. An archipelago consisting of 14 islands and islets, Paklinski Islands are a must-visit in Hvar. Jerolim, Marinkovac, and Sveti Klement Islands are the most popular. Jerolim is the least developed of the three. Marinkovac Island is home to the famed Carpe Diem Beach Club, while Sveti Klemen is the largest of all, and it offers the most options for eating, drinking, and activities. Swim, snorkel, and enjoy other fun under the sun for a couple of hours. Have a light lunch on the island, then head back to Hvar Town. Now it’s time for a wine tour!

Visit Luviji Winery, located close to the Hvar town and accessible on foot. This lovely boutique winery produces organic wines and has nice vineyards across the slopes between Hvar and Milna.

After having some wine to open your appetite, head to one of Hvar’s restaurants for a late lunch / early dinner. We recommend Black Pepper, Dva Ribara, or Luviji Rooftop.

Have a cocktail, craft beer, or a glass of wine in Backlane Bar before taking a ferry back to Split. The TP-Line ferry departs at 8 p.m., and the Jadrolinija ferry departs from Split at 9 p.m.

The 4 Best Day Trips from Split to Hvar

Embarking on an organized boat trip from Split to Hvar will give you the opportunity to explore a cluster of captivating Dalmatian islands, such as Brac, Bisevo, Budikovac, Solta, and Paklinski Islands.

Expect an idyllic journey as you glide through crystal-clear turquoise waters, stopping at the most stunning Adriatic bays for invigorating swims and snorkeling adventures and marveling at the natural wonders of the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island.

Photo credit: Summer Blues

This speedboat excursion also grants you ample time, around 2-3 hours, to discover the enchanting island of Hvar. After indulging in sun and sea all day, you won’t need to look for beaches in Hvar. Instead, visit the impressive Spanjola fortress, charming arsenal, historic theater, and elegant loggia. Meander through the quaint cobblestone streets and along the picturesque waterfront before settling down at one of the local restaurants for a delightful meal or sipping on a signature cocktail, local craft beer, or a glass of fine wine.

Discover the top 4 day trips from Split to Hvar and create lasting memories!

  1. From Split: 5 Islands Day Trip with Blue Cave
  2. Luxury Blue Cave, Hvar, and Vis Boat Tour from Split 
  3. Hvar and Red Rocks – Private boat tour from Split
  4. Full-Day Catamaran Cruise to Hvar & Pakleni Islands from Split

From Split: 5 Islands Day Trip with Blue Cave

This boat tour from Split to Hvar is the most popular one. It will take you to five islands: Vis, Bisevo, Budikovac, Paklinski Islands, and Hvar. You will have enough time to swim and snorkel on each island. The highlights of this trip include a visit to the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island, a swim in the beautiful blue lagoon of Budikovac, and free time to explore Hvar town. Prices start at 100€ per person. Check availability here!

Luxury Blue Cave, Hvar, and Vis Boat Tour from Split

We highly recommend this tour because it includes a delightful stop in Palmizana on Sveti Klemen Island. While its itinerary resembles other boat tours, with planned visits to Bisevo Island for exploring the Blue Cave, Komiza and Stiniva Bay on Vis Island, Budikovac for a refreshing swim in the Blue Lagoon, and a final stop in Hvar Town, it distinguishes itself with an intimate atmosphere and superior boat quality.

Check prices and availability here!

Hvar and Red Rocks – Private Boat Tour from Split

We love this unique boat tour! It takes you to some of the loveliest spots around Hvar Island, including the Red Rocks. These majestic rocks, ascending from the sea to heights ranging from 2 to 15 meters, provide the perfect backdrop for swimming, snorkeling, and exhilarating cliff jumping.

In addition to the Red Rocks, the boat tour takes you on a mesmerizing journey through the scenic Pakleni Islands before leaving you in Hvar Town for some exploration on your own.

You can choose to arrange this tour as a private tour for up to nine individuals, allowing for a personalized experience tailored to your preferences, or you can join a small group tour.

Full Day Catamaran Cruise to Hvar and Pakleni Islands from Split

This tour takes you on an exciting journey to Brac Island, where you can enjoy swimming, before moving on to Pakleni Islands and Hvar Town. The experience of sailing on a catamaran is unparalleled as it adds an element of fun and adventure to the trip. This cruise is designed to accommodate a larger group than most other boat tours. It usually attracts a youthful and energetic crowd who enjoy music and having a good time. As part of the package, guests are offered unlimited water, soft drinks, beer, and wine throughout the journey. To make your experience even more enjoyable, the tour also includes delectable pastries and a light and enticing lunch. Check availability and prices!

Can I visit Hvar on a day trip during the off-season?

Yes, visiting Hvar on a day trip during the off-season is possible. However, it’s not as straightforward as you might think. The ferry schedule is reduced during the off-season, although transportation options are still available.

The winter ferry schedules are more geared towards the needs of local residents rather than tourists. Most ferries depart from Hvar to Split in the morning and sail from Split to Hvar in the afternoon, making it impossible to visit Hvar from Split in a single day.

Hvar Town Main Square in April

The island and Hvar towns are quieter, offering a more peaceful and authentic experience. Remember that most activities and restaurants have limited hours or are closed during the off-season, so it’s best to check beforehand. However, the off-season can be a wonderful time to visit Hvar if you want to avoid crowds and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere.

From mid-November to the end of March, Kapetan Luka is the only catamaran company that offers a somewhat decent, although limited, schedule for visiting Hvar from Split in a day. This service operates only on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). The ferry departs from Split at 10 a.m. and leaves Hvar at 2:30 p.m., giving you approximately 2:30 hours in Hvar Town. But honestly, there isn’t much to do in Hvar during the winter besides enjoying its natural beauty. Most businesses, hotels, attractions, and activities are closed. So perhaps even 2.30 hours in Hvar Town is sufficient.

Another option for visiting Hvar from Split on a day trip during the off-season is to take a car ferry from Split to Stari Grad. In winter, the car ferry departs daily from Split at 5.30 a.m. and 11 a.m. and returns to Split at 2.30 p.m. and 8.30 p.m.

Visiting Hvar in winter by car is much better because it allows you to explore the entire island. You can enjoy Hvar’s beautiful beaches without the summer crowds. You can also explore attractions like the Stari Grad plains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, go for a wine tasting, and discover the charming interior of Hvar.

How to get from Split to Hvar?

There are four ways to reach Hvar from Split: car ferry, catamaran, speedboat transfer, and an organized tour.

The car ferry operates between Split and Stari Grad, making four trips daily in winter and seven trips daily in summer. The Jadrolinija company manages this ferry service, and the crossing usually takes around two hours. The ticket prices are 5.71€ per person in winter and 8.10€ per person in summer. For those traveling with a car, the cost is 34.24€ in winter and 45.77€ in summer.

Catamaran from Split to Hvar, TP Proversa

Catamarans connect Split with Hvar, Stari Grad, and Jelsa, with most heading to Hvar. Catamarans offer faster travel times and more frequent departures, particularly during summer. The journey typically ranges from 50 to 75 minutes, depending on the specific company and the destination on Hvar Island. Some catamarans include scheduled stops in Brac and Vis before reaching Hvar or Split, resulting in longer travel times. It’s advisable to check the schedule in advance. The cost of a one-way ticket is 20€ per person.

Speedboat transfers are the priciest but most comfortable mode of travel between Split and Hvar. They can be customized to suit individual preferences, which is particularly convenient during the off-peak winter season when ferry and catamaran services to the island are limited. However, the high cost of 500€ for a 4-person boat makes this option unaffordable for many travelers.

Organized group tours offer an alternative option for those planning a day trip to Hvar from Split. While they may be pricier than ferry or catamaran rides, they are still more affordable than private speedboat transfers, costing around 100€ per person. It’s worth noting that these tours are unavailable from mid-November to end-March, except on a request basis.

Things to do in Hvar in one day

Hvar offers visitors a wide range of activities and experiences on a day trip. You can explore the charming Old Town with its medieval streets, St. Stephen’s Square, the Arsenal and the oldest theater in Europe, the historic fortress Spanjola, and beautiful Venetian Loggia.

Hvar seaside promenade

For nature lovers, lovely beaches like Pakleni Islands, Pokonji Dol, Mekicevica, and Robinson Beach are easily accessible from Hvar Town and are perfect for swimming or sunbathing. Sea kayaking to some of these beaches is a great activity for outdoor enthusiasts.

And between the sightseeing, find time to feel the vibe of one of Hvar’s infamous beach clubs like Carpe Diem, Hula Hula, or Bonj Les Bains, or relax on the lovely terrace of the Backlane Craft Bar, where you can enjoy the best cocktails and get a taste of local Croatian craft beers. If you would rather relax over a scoop or two of yummy ice cream, Sweet Republic is the place to go!

Hvar from the sea

Tour one of Hvar’s wineries and sample indigenous grape varieties like Plavac Mali and Bogdanuša. Guided tours of the vineyards and cellars provide a glimpse of the wine-making process. Located close to Hvar, Luviji is a lesser-known but excellent boutique winery with vineyards across the slopes between Hvar and Milna. The winemaking family also operates a Luviji Rooftop restaurant with a rooftop terrace in the heart of Hvar’s historic old town where you can taste their organic wine.

Lastly, have a bite at Black Pepper or Dva Ribara before catching a boat back to Split. Black Pepper and Dva Ribara prepare yummy dishes using fresh local produce and have a lovely atmosphere.

Hvar offers something for everyone, so make sure to plan your day trip well and not miss out on any of its wonderful attractions. Whether you prefer the beach, exploring nature, sightseeing, or indulging in delicious food and drinks, Hvar has it all.

We also have a post on what to do on Hvar Island, Croatia!

Where to eat in Hvar

There are plenty of options for dining in Hvar, from casual beachside restaurants to upscale fine dining establishments. Here are some of the best restaurants in Hvar where to eat during your trip.

  • Black Pepper: Located just a short walk from the main square in Hvar’s old town, Black Pepper offers a diverse menu with both Croatian and international dishes. Their seafood is especially delicious!
  • Dva Ribara: Also located in the old town, Dva Ribara (meaning “Two Fishermen” in Croatian) is a popular spot for seafood lovers. They have a wide selection of fresh fish, shellfish, and meat and vegetarian options.
  • Luviji Rooftop: As mentioned, Luviji is not only a great winery but also has a rooftop restaurant with stunning views over Hvar. Their menu features local and organic ingredients, including vegetables and herbs from their own garden.
  • Konoba Stori Komin: For those looking to try traditional Dalmatian cuisine, head to Konoba Stori Komin in the village of Malo Grablje. This cozy family-run restaurant serves up homemade dishes using recipes passed down through generations.
  • Dalmatino: Another popular choice for traditional Croatian food is Dalmatino, located in the town of Stari Grad. Their menu features a variety of seafood and meat dishes and vegetarian options made with fresh local ingredients.
  • Alavia: For a unique dining experience, head to Velo Grablje, to the restaurant Alavia. Set in an old stone house with stunning panoramic sea views, Alavia offers Dalmatian classics, like fish stew, grilled octopus, and lamb, but prepared creatively and with a modern twist. The location is spectacular, and the service is super friendly.

What to pack for Hvar for one day

If you plan to spend just one day in Hvar, here is our list of what to pack for Hvar!

  • Sunscreen: With its sunny Mediterranean climate, sunscreen is necessary for a day in Hvar. Make sure to bring enough for reapplication throughout the day. Try the CeraVe sunscreen if you haven’t already. It’s our favorite skin-care brand!
  • Comfortable shoes: Whether for exploring the town’s charming streets or hiking to one of the many viewpoints, comfortable shoes are a must.
  • Beach towel: Hvar has numerous beaches and coves to relax and soak up the sun. Don’t forget to bring a microfiber beach towel for your day at the beach!  It dries quickly, it is light and it can serve as a cover-up if you get fresh on the boat traveling to Hvar.
  • Water bottle: Staying hydrated is important, especially on hot summer days. Bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated and reduce plastic waste.
  • Camera: Hvar is a picturesque island with plenty of photo opportunities, so don’t forget to pack your waterproof camera or phone to capture your Hvar adventure.
  • Cash: While many places in Hvar accept credit cards, having cash for smaller purchases and tipping is always a good idea.
  • A sense of adventure: Most importantly, don’t forget to bring your sense of adventure! Whether trying new foods, exploring hidden gems, or simply enjoying the beautiful scenery, Hvar has something for everyone. So pack your curiosity and get ready for a day of unforgettable experiences on this stunning island!

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