Resort Amarin Rovinj

Located 4 km north of Rovinj, the Resort Amarin Rovinj is a large tourist complex featuring self-catering apartments, rooms and campsite. There are 461 apartments in total (including 190 brand new one- and two-bedroom apartments built in 2013), and 650 pitches in the campsite. The brand new apartments built in 2013 are by far the best and coolest apartments that any resort in Croatia has to offer.

Resort Amarin Rovinj - Cool Characters
Donkey @ Resort Amarin Rovinj

Resort Amarin Rovinj Overview

Unique and original, new apartments in the Resort Amarin Rovinj are by far the best apartments of its kind in Croatia. For a long time, I haven’t been so impressed with a tourist complex in Croatia. Most of the resorts are decent, but so boringly similar one to another. The Resort Amarin Rovinj is completely different.

Resort Amarin Rovinj - Outside
Outside area – grass still needs to grow

All the apartments are air-conditioned. Two-bedroom apartments are spacious duplex apartments, featuring fully-equipped kitchen (stove, microwave, oven, dish-washer), bathroom, separate toilet, living room, two-bedrooms and private patio with small garden. One-bedroom apartments are equally well-equipped, featuring terrace or balcony instead of patio. They are outfitted with natural wood making the apartments modern and slick, but warm and cozy at the same time.

Resort Amarin Rovinj - Kitchen

The pool area has also been renovated and enlarged with two additional pools, and the restaurant complex overlooking the pool.

Resort Amarin Rovinj - Bedroom
Second bedroom @ two-bedroom apartments

Resort Amarin, being a large resort catering not only to the apartment guests, but to the camping and caravan guests, has its negative sides. But it is a nice resort, with great views over Rovinj, taxi boat service to take you to the town, and as from this year, with the best apartment complex you’ll find anywhere in Croatia.

Resort is best suited for families with kids, and young couples.

Resort Amarin Rovinj Highlights

Brand new apartments – newly built apartments are beautiful and hard to beat in the sense of comfort, design and equipment.
Atmosphere – large resort with many activities; great pool area, restaurant offering half-board meal plan; water sports

Resort Amarin Rovinj Downsides

Internet – just like all other properties of the Maistra hotel chain, this resort doesn’t offer free internet, but instead charges a fortune for it.
Too crowded – the high season can be really busy with over thousand people staying at the resort. Beach and the pool can get crowded.

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22 thoughts on “Resort Amarin Rovinj”

  1. Hi Frank!
    First of all congratulation on the blog! It is very helpful and nicely written, just perfect!

    Regarding the Amarin resort, I have seen that they have a couple of tennis fields, do you know by any chance if they are free to use for those who are staying at the resort?

    Looking forward to hearing from you! and keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Frank,
    Just wanted to say thanks for your fantastic blog. We are visiting Rovinj next week and your writing has really helped plan our trip. I know how much work must go into it and really appreciate it as a reader.
    Thanks again,

  3. Hi Ayr,
    thanks for reading! If you like more to stay on-site most of the time, Valamar Tamaris might be a better choice as it has a better choice of activities for children. However, if you like an evening stroll to and in the town, Amarin is a right choice for your family. Valamar Tamaris is 10 km away from Porec and Novigrad, and you’ll definitely need a car to reach either of them, while Amarin is located 5 km from Rovinj (has a view over Rovinj), and it’s easy to reach Rovinj by bike, local bus or boat. Amarin apartments (the new ones) are also nicer.

  4. We want to holiday this year in Croatia in Istria and are trying to decide between two resorts , a modern apartment at Resort Amarin and a apartment in the resort Valamar Tamaris. We are a family of 4, kids ages 11 and 9. We are active and like to cycle and will bring our own bikes away with us. We also like a bit of history old towns and architecture. We will be staying ,because of the school holidays, in August. What are your thoughts. Thanks Ayr

  5. These apartments look really nice, I am going to Coratia in July and looking for somewhere to stay. Thanks for sharing

  6. Wow, looks like a great place to stay! Really not sure about the artwork on the wardrobe though! ;D Sounds like there’s a lot to do around there too.

  7. Hi Kerstin. Glad to hear that you’ve booked Amarin. I think you should be fine there. The negative comments probably come also from the earlier years, when the site wasn’t renovated. This complex was the most sold one in Rovinj on last year. However, the pool gets crowded, especially in August. But, this should be fun for your teenage kids :). The best thing you could do is to book directly with Maistra. Try to contact them also few days prior to your arrival, and ask them again to accommodate your wishes. If you like cycling, bring your bikes. This is the best way to reach the town (and the cheapest). The parking in the town can be messy. There are lots of sport activities in the resort. Some apartments have a sea view and the view over Rovinj (just couple of them), but they are also the closets to the pool (noisy). If you have any other questions, you can contact us via e-mail.

  8. Hi Frank,
    Thank you for this interesting and wonderful blog. We have planned to visit Amarin in August with our two kids (14 & 16) and have booked one of the new apartments for six persons. Are there any special recommendations on the apartments? We have booked directly over Maistra and I don’t know if they can consider our wishes but I would at least like to try. I would appreciate an apartment “in the sun”.. I am bit worried about the big size of the resort (are the pools extremly overcrowded in high season because of the camping area nearby?): Because of the rather negative evaluations on holidacheck I am not sure whether we have chosen the right place… I would be very grateful to you for giving us some more information on the resort that might be of interest for me and our youngsters.
    Thanks very much and best regards,

  9. Hi Pavel,
    not all the apartments are renovated in 2013. There are older apartments (I think last renovated in 2006). Although they are OK, they are nowhere as nice as the brand new ones. I think that the new ones are sold under the name Premium, but you can double check with Maistra call center.

  10. Hi Frank,
    thanks for your helpful blog. Could you let me know please whether all apartments have been renovated? I´ve booked the apartment for 6 people (2 bedroom) and I´d like to get the one what is on pictures (nice&new), but I am not sure.
    Many thanks again.

  11. Hi Michal,
    thanks for your comment. I just wrote an independant review on Resort Amarin, but I don’t make bookings for this resort.

    For reservations please contact Maistra directly on or 0038552800250.

    If you need any other information, let me know.


  12. Hello,

    I’m looking for the apartment for 2 adults in Rovinj.
    Our arrival is on Wednesday, August 15th and departure on Saturday, August 17th.
    Please let me know if you have a room available in this period and what is its total price.

    Thank you.

    Best regards, Michal Wojciechowski

  13. Hi Doris,
    thanks a lot for your comment.
    From Amarin to the city center there are 4 km. Far enough for a walk (especially during the hot summer day), but it is easily reachable by bicycle (if you like cycling). There is also a taxi boat service: 25 kn (3,5 €) per person; and a bus: 12 kn (1,6 €) per person, if you don’t want to take your car to the town and look for parking. Attaching bellow bus and taxi boat schedule.

    In the town I highly recommend eating out at Kantinon.

    As for the places worth visiting, Istria is really small and you can visit it all within 60 km radius. Beside Rovinj that is definitely the most charming Istrian town, I would advise you to visit inland hilltop towns like Groznjan, Motovun, Zavrsje. I personally also like Novigrad, it is small fishing town with nice atmosphere and good wine bar Vitriol (nice sunsets). Pula amphitheatre and Porec basilica are the most famous cultural attractions. Also, Brijuni archipelago is a national park worth visiting. In Rovinj itself, beside old town, you can walk in Punta Corrente forest park (and have a swim), also you can visit St. Andrew’s and st. Catherine’s islands (this can be a nice day out – walks and swimming).

    Let me know if you have any other question.

    Resort Amarin Rovinj - Taxi boat and bus schedule

    Taxi boat and bus schedule
  14. Hi Frank,

    What a great Blog!

    I was just wondering if you could advise regarding the places worth seeing around the Rovinj.
    Would you recommend any cities/ monuments/ places worth visiting around?
    Is it far away from Amarin to the city center?

    Also, would you recommend any restaurant in the town? Any typical meal that is worth trying?
    Thanks a lot for help,


  15. Hi Frank,

    Many thanks for info & photos! All in all the resort looks nice, so I am curious to see it ‘live’ :) We’ll certainly visit some places on Istria that you recommend.

    I’ll surely drop you a line if other questions come to my mind :)

    Thanks again!

    Best regards,

  16. Hi Mateo,
    the coast in Amarin Resort is mostly rocky, but there is a pebble peach as well. Attaching few photos of the beach. Pool area is great with nice restaurant and a pool bar. Prices at the pool bar are not too exaggerated (e.g. 20 kn – 2,7 € for a 0,5 l of draft beer;). Deck chair daily rental is 25 kn (3,5 €), and sun umbrella daily rental is 30 kn (4 €).

    As for the sport offer:
    boat rental: 450 kn (60 €) for half a day; 650 kn (85 €) for a full day
    jet ski rental: 250 kn (34 €) for 15 min; 450 kn (60 €) for 30 min; 108 € for an hour;
    banana ride: 8 € per person;
    bicycle rental: 30 kn (4 €)/ hour; 60 kn (8 €) / 4 hours; 80 kn (11 €)/ daily;
    one person kayak: 30 kn (4 €)/ hour
    two-person kayak: 50 kn (7 €)/ hour
    segway: 70 kn (10 €) / 15 min; 200 kn (25 €) / hour;
    scuba diving center (at Valdaliso Resort): find prices at their website:
    wind surf is also available at Amarin is 95 kn (13 €)/ hour if you have your suit and shoes (but they are also available for rent).

    I hope this gives you better idea what to expect at Amarin. If you would like me to provide you with any other information, just drop me a line.

    Resort Amarin Rovinj - Pebble Beach

    Pebble Beach

    Resort Amarin Rovinj - Beach


    Resort Amarin Rovinj - Pool area

    Pool area
  17. Hi Mateo,
    thanks for reading. No problem, tomorrow I’ll have more time and I’ll be happy to update you on Amarin and to post more photos.

  18. Hi Frank!

    First of all, great blog- created with style and class :)

    Me and my friends are coming to Resort Amarin in 3 weeks time, to the new apartments that you described (thanks for that, I couldn’t find any pictures of them before, so I was a little afraid).

    Could you please write more about the surroundings? Sport facilities, charges etc?

    If you have any more pictures from the resort beach or the Amarin itself, we’ll much appreciate it:)

    Thanks in advance!
    Best regards,


  19. Dear Brigitte,
    thanks for your comment. Find attached few more photos of Resort Amarin Rovinj.
    Let me know if you need more information.

    Resort Amarin Rovinj - View over Rovinj

    View over Rovinj

    Resort Amarin Rovinj - Master bedroom

    Master Bedroom

    Resort Amarin Rovinj - Living room

    Living room

    Resort Amarin Rovinj - Patio


    Resort Amarin Rovinj - Patio with Garden

    Patio with garden

    Resort Amarin Rovinj - Outside


  20. Hello !
    Could you send me some more fotots of the new app. please ??

    Thanks for your helpfull comments !!


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