Tavern Kantinon Rovinj, Croatia: Authenticity At Its Best

If you are a foodie looking for an authentic food experience in Rovinj, visit the restaurant Kantinon Rovinj. Tavern Kantinon is among the finest dining experiences in Rovinj, Croatia.

The tavern has a beautiful location on the seafront, overlooking Rovinj’s old town, a lovely vibe, and delectable food that will take you on a gastronomical journey to Rovinj’s past and present.

So, let’s discover what makes this lovely restaurant so special.

Konoba Kantinon Rovinj: Overview

CuisineIstrian, ItalianServiceFriendly, Efficient, Unobtrusive
StyleInnovative, original, and delicious cuisine based on elegantly presented dishes inspired by Rovinj’s longstanding fishing tradition and the hearty ingredients of Istria’s interior.Vegetarian / VeganSome vegetarian pasta, salads and side dishes are available, but no vegan options.
Type Of FoodSeafood, Meat, Pasta, Risotto, PlattersCapacity100 inside, 30 outside
Recommended DishesFisherman’s flatbread, Polenta with octopus stew, Adriatic shellfish in a wine sauceDistance to the center of RovinjIn the old town
Price RangeStarters 10€-20€, Main Dishes: 20€ to 30€Credit CardsAccepted
AmbianceConvivial, Casual, FunWorking HoursDaily, noon – 10 pm
Car access / ParkingNoReservationsNeeded For Dinner In Summer
Best ForGroups, Couples, FoodiesAddressObala Alda Rismonda 18, Rovinj, Croatia
Awards / GuidesN/AContactt: +385 52 816 075 | Website

Dining At Konoba Kantinon Rovinj: What To Expect

Konoba Kantinon is a charming eatery in Rovinj, Croatia, that offers a perfect blend of authentic cuisine and cozy comfort.

Simmered shellfish, Kantinon Rovinj
Simmered shellfish, Kantinon Rovinj

Konoba Kantinon has excellent menu which wraps homespun Istrian eats in a stylish package, an extensive Istrian wine selection to pair with the delicious food, curtous waiters and fair prices. It is not unusual to make a meal of appetizers at Kantinon Rovinj.

The menu comprises authentic dishes that emphasize Rovinj’s rich fishing traditions and celebrate the culinary heritage of Rovinj and Istria.

The interior of the restaurant exudes the charm of an old wine cellar. The tavern’s ambiance is as alluring as the menu, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere reflecting the rustic charm of an Istrian tavern.

Polenta With Octopus stew, Kantinon Rovinj, Croatia
Polenta With Octopus Stew

The interior features rough plaster stone walls, long wooden tables, and large wine barrels, creating a cozy and inviting setting. Diners can also enjoy a glimpse into the kitchen to witness the culinary magic that goes into preparing their scrumptious meals, adding an extra layer of excitement to their dining experience.

Here are four reasons to dine at the Kantinon Tavern while visiting Rovinj, Croatia!

  • Perfect location
  • Authentic Istrian cuisine
  • Lively ambiance
  • Affordable prices

Perfect Location

The location of Konoba Kantinon is nothing short of perfection. The restaurant is situated in the heart of Rovinj’s old town, at the seafront with views over the sea, harbor, and the old town. You can enjoy the stunning views while sipping wine and immersing yourself in the local cuisine. The ambiance is lively, warm, and cozy.

Authentic Istrian Cuisine

Konoba Kantinon is known for its authentic Istrian cuisine that offers traditional dishes with a modern twist. The ingredients used in the dishes are fresh and locally sourced from the surrounding sea and fertile lands of Istria. Some of their must-try dishes include bonito tartare, squid ink spaghetti, shrimp risotto, and polenta with octopus stew, all made to perfection. They also have a great selection of wines, giving you the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

Lively Ambience

The restaurant’s ambiance is impeccable; it has a rustic feel, with elegant touches in the platings and a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, which makes dining there an unforgettable experience. The interior design has a warm and cozy look, and the décor is rustic but stunning, with authentic elements that speak of Rovinj and Istria.

Affordable prices

Despite its perfect location and bustling clientele, Konoba Kantinon serves delectable dishes for affordable prices. Indulge in their mouthwatering offerings without breaking the bank. Moreover, you can try their selection of local wines without worrying about the price.

Final Verdict: Konoba Kantinon Rovinj, A Must-Visit

Kantinon Rovinj, Interior
Interior, Konoba Kantinon Rovinj

Tavern Kantinon is an excellent addition to the already exciting Rovinj restaurant scene. It is a restaurant well worth a visit. Kantinon strives to safeguard traditional cuisine and fresh, seasonal, and authentic flavors.

Restaurant Konoba Kantinon is the perfect choice if you are hunting for something special. From stunning seafront location, and authentic food to casual ambiance and affordable prices, you have every reason to visit.

If you are in Rovinj or visiting Istria, Croatia, include Konoba Kantinon Rovinj on your itinerary. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Our Experience At Kantinon Rovinj

We’ve visited the tavern Kantinon Rovinj many times since its reopening in 2013. Over the course of ten years, I enjoyed many great meals at Kantinon, coupled with a few not-so-good ones.

Tavern Kantinon Rovinj: Ooutside

However, the food and service at Kantinon Rovinj have been consistently good for the last two years. Tavern Kantinon is among our favorite Rovinj restaurants! Just skip potatoes. They are frozen. Their seafood and meat stews are delicious, though!

During our visits to this lovely eatery in Rovinj, we have tasted many dishes, from bonito tartare that is still served today, raw scampi served along with raw oysters, grilled scampi simply sprinkled with olive oil and salt, baked scallops with breadcrumbs, cheese, and olive oil.

Among many warm appetizers we have tasted in Kantinon over the years, barley with squid in a black ink sauce, polenta with octopus stew, and shellfish in wine sauce stand out to this day. Octopus polenta and simmered shellfish are still on Kantinon’s menu today!

Remarkable main dishes in Kantinon that we still remember today include Common Dentex fish served with clams and Istrian sausage and a frogfish with cornmeal, apples, and sausage. Today’s favorites include baked fish with veggies, grilled tuna steak, and beef tagliata.

Desserts are not Kantinon’s forte, although I remember when Kantinon served amazing lavender cake. In Kantinon, we also ate a flan cake called rozata and a traditional sponge cake called pandispanj which is typical of Croatia’s coastal regions. However, today, you can choose simple pana cota or Istrian dry cakes.

Tavern Kantinon Rovinj: Raw scampi
Raw Scampi
Tavern Kantinon Rovinj: Grilled scampi
Grilled Scampi
Tavern Kantinon Rovinj: Scallops
Baked Scallops
Tavern Kantinon Rovinj: Barley with Squid in a blak ink sauce
Barley with Squid in a blak ink sauce
Tavern Kantinon Rovinj: Dentex Fish
Dentex fish with clams
Tavern Kantinon Rovinj: Flan

Have you been in the tavern Kantinon? How was your experience there? Let us know in the comments below.


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7 thoughts on “Tavern Kantinon Rovinj, Croatia: Authenticity At Its Best”

  1. We ate here twice recently. The food combinations are unusual and the food well cooked. Loved the fig cheesecake & had it twice! Also liked the atmosphere of the place.

  2. We ate here a few days ago and we’re very impressed. Awesome atmosphere, great food, and reasonable prices. And you do have the option to eat outside though we chose to sit inside to enjoy the atmosphere.

  3. I ate at Kantinon last night and found the service very poor and food inconsistent. I had an excellent fish soup but very average Orzo with seafood, my partner had octopus stew which she said was very average and over salted but a nice fish grilled. Wine was good and big selection, I will probably not go back again this week, maybe next year.

  4. I noticed Kantinon yesterday and I really like the look of it. I did not eat there because I already had a dinner, but will definitely give it a try.
    I am in Rovinj this month. How about having a drink together?

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