Introduction to yacht charter in Croatia

In the last ten years yacht charter in Croatia has really taken off, and Croatia has become one of the most popular nautical destination for a large number of yachtsmen. Many of them year after year choose to spend their vacation at sea enjoying all the benefits of the Croatian Adriatic coast.

Yacht charter in Croatia gives you a chance to spend a vacation at the sea, and at your speed. Spending a week-long holidays on a sailing boat or a motor yacht offers you something more than a simple holiday. It opens a completely new way of enjoying your summer holidays. It creates the unforgettable adventure of experiencing the intact and hidden places along the Adriatic coast.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Sailing boat
Yacht Charter Croatia: Sailing Boat somewhere along the Adriatic cost

The incredible natural beauty of the Adriatic region, attractive and rugged coastline, crystal clear sea, over a thousand islands, beautiful beaches, picturesque coves and bays and a number of ports, harbors and marinas make Croatia a perfect destination for sailing holidays. Croatia remains one of the most attractive sailing destinations.

Boaters who come to Croatia, in addition to enjoying the delights of navigation and the beauties of the crystal clear sea and pristine nature, can also enjoy many cultural and historical sights and attractions along the coast, fresh seafood, recreational facilities, and a nightlife.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Bonaventura Boat
Yacht Charter Croatia / Photo credit: Yacht Holiday

Croatian nautical offer includes 98 ports for pleasure boats with approximately 20,000 berths and 15,000 boats available for charter. The most attractive sailing areas are national parks. Therefore it is not surprising that the vast majority of marinas is located in Zadar, Dubrovnik, Sibenik and Split area. Among them, the most attractive area is Sibenik archipelago due to the nearby national park Kornati.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Brijuni Islands
Yacht Charter Croatia: Brijuni Islands / Photo credit: Renco Sinozic &

National Park Kornati, an archipelago of 98 islands, islets and rocks, is a real paradise for boaters! In addition to the Kornati the most attractive destinations are magical island of Mljet, Brijuni National Park, nature park Telašcica  and many other islands and lagoons, especially those that belong to Split archipelago like the islands of Hvar, Brac, Vis, Solta.

Croatian charter offer includes a number of different types of vessels that are divided into sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamarans and gulets. Choosing the right boat type depends on your needs, wishes and preferences. Understanding what certain types of boats can offer is very important in selecting the appropriate charter vessel.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Lagoon 52
Yacht Charter Croatia / Photo credit: Yacht Holiday

Sailing boats are the most popular types of the vessels available for charter in Croatia and they are suitable for family holidays. Sailing boats are much slower than motor yachts as they use the power of the wind instead of the engine and are an excellent choice for those who have plenty of time to explore the Croatian coast.

Catamaran is the right for all those seeking a comfort, space as well as the stability of the vessel at sea, while motor yachts are a right choice for those who enjoy speed drives. Gulet or motor sailing boats are crewed boats  that offer the perfect combination of excitement of a sailing boat and the comfort of large boats.

If you are interested in chartering any type of a boat you can contact the Charter Croatia, one of the leading charter agencies in Croatia.

Have you ever sailed in Croatia? Would you like to do it? Let us know your thoughts on yacht charter Croatia in the comments below.

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  1. Anda, you may have heard of the Dalmatian Dog which is spotted with dots. Well this dog got it’s name from the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia- the reason because it is spotted with islands just like the Dog is with dots which is a co-incidence. This however is why the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia is in my opinion the best sailing spot in the world as there are so many islands 1200 of them in a small area thus it always feels like you can see the shoreline or another island in the vicinity. This is what makes Croatia unique and the sailing experience so amazing as in country’s like Greece there are also a lot of Island however over a huge area thus it often feels like you are in the Open Sea as you are sailing for hours between some islands

  2. I have never sailed long-time anywhere (just short trips around the harbor). Croatia seems like a wonderful place to try this. I was wondering how far from the shore these yachts go because I am sort of scared of sailing.

  3. Yacht Week was going on while I was in Split. Unfortunately this is still a bit out of my budget, but I heard some really amazing stories from people who went out! This really would be the ideal way to explore the islands and coastline. Someday… :)

  4. Beautiful pics (love the view of the Brijuni Islands) … a sailing holiday must be a great way of soaking up the beauty of the Croatian Coast.

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