Camping Lanterna, Istria

Camping Lanterna is the largest camping in Croatia. It is situated on Lanterna peninsula, halfway between Porec and Novigrad. I like camping Lanterna the most of all the campsites in Croatia. But ?’ve got my own private reasons for that. Camping Lanterna can accommodate up to 9.000 people in a single day. It is a size of a small town. Although it is really large, and busy, camping Lanterna has facilities well spread across the entire site, so if you stay in one area of the campsite, you can feel like being in the small campsite. The only time you can really find yourself in a queue, is at the reception during the check in and check out.

Beach Valeta, Camping Lanterna
Beach Valeta

Camping Lanterna offers a wide range of entertainment and activities for children and adults. There are several children playgrounds, mini clubs for different age groups, tournaments, sport activities, beach volleyball court, multifunctional sport field, tennis courts, mini golf, etc…

Beach Volleyball Court in Camping Lanterna
Beach Volleyball Court

Camping Lanterna has two large swimming pool complexes, 3 km long coastline, and four large pebble beaches: Kras, Romana, Valeta and Sunce.

Swimming Pool in Camping Lanterna
Swimming Pool

Camping Lanterna has three supermarkets (prices are often higher than in Porec supermarkets), three bakeries, pizzeria, two restaurants, few fast food restaurants, pool and beach bars.

Restaurant Adria in Camping Lanterna
Restaurant Adria

Free WiFi is available at the reception area and in the restaurant Adria.

Pitches are differentiated according to the proximity to the sea and facilities available. Mega Luxury Pitch is the most luxurious pitch in the camping Lanterna. It is situated right at the seafront. It has a surface of 200 m2 , its own BBQ, electricity, water and drainage hook-up, and its own shower and a private beach.

Mega Luxury Pitch in Camping Lanterna
Mega Luxury Pitch

Luxury Mare pitches are located at the seafront. They have have electricity and water hook-up, its own BBQ, and sun umbrellas in the case there is no natural shade on the pitch. Most of them have also direct access to the sea. Premium Mare pitches are located at the seafront, and they have electricity and water hook-up. Comfort Mare pitches are located within 50 m from the sea, and have electricity and water hook-up. Comfort pitches have water and electricity hook-up, and some of them have drainage.

Comfort Pitches in Camping Lanterna
Comfort Pitches

Standard pitches are the most basic pitches in the campsite with electricity and water hook-up, but mostly without any green fence dividing one pitch from the other. Beside pitches, there are over 800 fully equipped mobile homes and tents to rent. Mobile homes are located within camping zones B, C, I & J.

Mobile Homes Istria Prestige in Camping Lanterna
Mobile Homes Istria Prestige

There are several distinctive areas of the campsite. Zone K in Camping Lanterna also called Tarska vala area, is the furthest part of the campsite. In this area you can choose from Luxury Mare Pitches, seafront pitches, each with water and electricity hook-up, and each with its own BBQ; Comfort Mare pitches having water and electricity hook-up, and being within 50 m from the sea. There is also a Mega Luxury Pitch that beside water, electricity, drainage hook-up and BBQ has its own private beach.

In this area there is also a little bar and a nice pebble beach Kras. Zone K is the remotest area of the campsite. There is a pretty steep slope going to the rest of the campsite, the closest shop is maybe 100 m away, but it is up the hill. It is a good place if you like to be a bit away from the crowd. The only down side is that it overlooks Antenal stone quarry port, so during the day it can be a bit noisy.

Comfort Mare Pitches, Zone H, Camping Lanterna
Comfort Mare Pitches in Zone H

Zone H, an area around sanitary unit no. 7 is the nicest in my opinion. The pitches are spacious, the view over Novigrad is really nice, there is a children playground in the vicinity, tennis courts, a restaurant, the big swimming pool is few minutes away as well as central area of the campsite, and yet you are a bit away from the noise.

Beach Romana in Camping Lanterna
Beach Romana

Nice beach Romana is a few meters down the hill. Pitches above a big swimming pool are also attractive, if you don’t mind the noise from the pool. During the early months it is popular because it has lots of sun, and it is protected from the wind, particularly pitches H272 – H310.

Children Swimming Pool in Camping Lanterna
Children Swimming Pool

Area G, an area below the children playground is interesting but it is quite far from the sea (although there is a big swimming pool in the vicinity) and it doesn’t have lots of shadow. This area is also area with mobile homes, the most popular ones are located in the Istrian village.

Comfort Pitches in Zone G, Camping Lanterna
Comfort Pitches in Zone G

The Istrian village area features a two types of mobile homes: Istria Prestige & Istria Adria. All mobile homes in this area are placed on large plots with lots of space between neighboring mobile homes. Each one has a BBQ. There is a nice children playground with a mini club and organized activities.

Children Playground, Camping Lanterna
Children Playground in Zone F

Zone D area is also nice, although pitches near beach Valeta (D127 – D239; D279 -D336) can be busy and noisy, from the beach during the day and from the restaurant Adria during the evenings as main evening entertainment (live music and shows) are hosted at the terrace of the restaurant Adria.

Zone D Pitches, Camping Lanterna
Zone D Pitches

Zone A area is really nice and quiet. Nearby beach Sunce is a nice, pebble beach. View of the Novigrad is lovely. In the vicinity, there is a market, bakery, multifunctional sport court (soccer, basketball, handball), children playground and mini club for different age groups.

Zones B, C and E are to be avoided if possible. Zones B & C are really close to the main road, and you get noise from the cars, while Zone E is just not exciting.

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22 thoughts on “Camping Lanterna, Istria”

  1. Hi Frank,

    We will let you know for sure how our holiday was when we are back. I am sure we will have a wonderful time! Thankx again for your help!

    Kind regards,


  2. Dear Christien,
    yes, I am standing on the little road and taking photo of your pitch. As for the little road photo, your pitch is on the left.
    Have a wonderful holidays in Lanterna and in Croatia. Let me know how it was, once that you are back.

  3. Dear Frank,

    I already posted something, but I think something went wrong, because I can’t see it anymore…First of all thank you so much for taking the photo’s of our plot. It looks nice. I can see that there are a few trees on the plot, that will be nice in summer with the sun. It is a bit difficult to see how the plot lies next to the little street. The way you took the photo of the plot, is this with your back to other campingplots? Are you standing on the little street? Sorry for the questions! The beach also looks perfect for us. Anyway, really nice of you that you made the effort of taking the pics for us. We are really looking forward to our visit!!

  4. Dear Frank,
    Thank you so much for taking the photo’s! The pitch looks nice. I see it has a few trees on the plot, that will be very nice for shadow in the summer. I think that the first photo is the little street that the plot lies on? I think the beach is also perfect for us. Thank you again for your effort! We are really looking forward to our stay. Can’t wait!!

  5. Hi Christien,
    as promised, I went today to Lanterna and took some photos of the plot H149 and the beach Kras. Plot is nice, well located, close to the supermarket, toilet block, restaurant, sport area (tennis, table tennis) and even a small children’s playground. Beach Kras consists actually of two parts; one part takes lots of steps to reach it from your pitch, while the other part is also few steps away, but nothing major. Nearby is also beach Romana. Once there, you should find out which one fits you the best. All photos attached.

    Camping Lanterna - H149 arrival

    Camping Lanterna - Pitch H149

    Camping Lanterna - Beach Kras

    Beach Kras at Camping Lanterna

  6. Hi Frank,

    Photo’s will be wonderfull! We have never been to Porec. Also never to Croatia. But I have heard so many great things about it, that we have to check it out ourselves!
    Kind regards, Chris

  7. No worries. When I go to check the plot, I’ll make photos of the beach as well. Lanterna management invested a lot these last years in beaches, so they are all more or less fine.

  8. Hi Christien,
    thanks for stopping by. I can check your plot and take photos, but I will not be in Porec before Sunday. SO sometime Sunday, I will send you photos. Have you been in Porec before?

  9. Ps… I am also very curious how Beach Kras looks like, but I cant seem to fing any photo’s of that beach on the internet?

  10. Hi Frank,

    First of all, thank you for the information about camping Lanterna and all the nice photo’s. We come from Holland. This year will be our first time at camping Lanterna (and Croatia). We are really looking forward to it. We already got our campingpitch numer, H149. I have looked it up at the map and it looks like a nice pitch. Do you know this pitch? Is it as nice as I think? Kind regards Christien.

  11. Hi Daniel,
    no problem. Drop me a word when in Porec and if I am in the area, we can have a beer.
    Have a nice vacation.

  12. Thank you for all the efforts you have made for us!

    Maybe we will see you in Porec.

    Kind Regards


  13. Daniel,
    I think there is enough space for the standard size caravane and the tent. However, I posted another photo for you with skoda fabia on the plot. Maybe it gives you a better idea of the space (relative to the car).
    Photo Lanterna D262

  14. Hi Frank,

    Thank you for the nice pictures,we hope that’s there enough place at the pitch for our caravan with for tent,because the three is in the middle,it’s difficult to see it on the photo.



  15. Hi Daniel,
    I went to see the pitch. It is nice, big in size, with two trees at the plot. One is kind of in the middle, but there is enough place to park your caravan or trailer. Toilet no. 13 is only 50 m away. The only possible negative side is that there is an asphalted camping road passing above your pitch. You can have some traffic.
    Position on the map of the camping Lanterna and some photos are bellow. Click on the link to see them.
    Position of the pitch D262 on the map Lanterna
    Photo of the pitch D262 in camping Lanterna
    Photo 2


  16. Thank you for your quick response.We appreciate it very much and we look forward to the photo.My English is not so good,we are from Belgium.


  17. Hello Daniel,
    thanks for stopping by. Comfort pitches in the D zone are generally fine. I am in Porec for the weekend and I will check your exact pitch and send you a photo.
    Talk to you soon.

  18. Dear Frank,

    It’s our first stay in Croatie at campsite Lanterna.

    We have chosen for a comfort pitch a the D zone,we send an email at the campsite and they told us that we have pitch D262,do you know if that’s a nice pitch?

    Best regards,


  19. Hi Jens,
    I called today camping Lanterna to check about K zone. Apparantly, Luxury Mare pitches are all booked from 8th of July until 31st of August, the others (Premium & Comfort Mare) are fully booked from 14th of July until 13th of August. Anyway, since you are a loyal guest for the last 12 years, I think they should try to do something. If you want I can give you an e-mail from camping GM, and you can try to contact him directly. He might have some understanding. If interested contact me directly on my e-mail address (

  20. We have stayed at Lanterna for 12 years. The reason why we have loved to go there is that we have stayd in the K- area away from the noice and near the water. This year it seems like we cannot go there because the whole K area is booked for the whole season ? not a single day in the whole season
    The K-area so booked that it is not mentioned in the booking materel. Funny. What is going on there ? has the camp gone to be tourism.industry ?

  21. Hi Helen, you are right about Medulin. It is huge. I don’t like the sand beach over there. Lanterna is really extremly well run campsite, with lots of facilities. But I am glad that this year you will not need any campsite :-). Hope that Komarna and Villa Dorida will live up to your expectations.

  22. This campsite looks lovely. We stayed at Medulin camp site further down the road. It was HUGE. Won’t be needing a campsite in Croatia this year – we’ve got some nice accommodation lined up!

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