How to spend 48 hours in Porec

Porec, a tourist hot spot on the west coast of Istria, can be an interesting weekend getaway for anybody longing for some sea, sun, and simple joys of life.

How to spend 2 days in Porec, Illustration

I’ve followed one rule while writing this post – to add only those things and places that require no car to be used.

We’ve also written a separate post on Things to do in Porec that includes a few attractions and sites in Porec’s surroundings.

Within 5 hours drive from major European hubs, Porec is perfectly located for a weekend break, away from big cities. On the other hand, Trieste, Treviso, and Venice airports are the closest airports with loads of low-cost airlines flying into. You can also arrive in style with a boat connecting Venice to Porec (the boat service runs from April to October).

How to spend 48h in Porec: Day One

Valamar Riviera Hotel and Residence in Porec
Valamar Riviera: Residence Parentino

2 pm Hotel Check-in

For your stay choose one of the hotels conveniently located at the Porec seaside promenade in the old town Porec. Valamar Riviera Hotel & Residence is a 105-room hotel decorated in naval style. More intimate than Valamar Riviera Hotel, hotel Mauro is a 21-room hotel with a nice outdoor terrace.

Hotel Mauro Porec
Hotel Mauro

A 74-room Grand Hotel Palazzo is as close to the waterfront as it gets. And for a cheaper option opt for hotel Jadran, a 2-star hotel at Porec waterfront.

Grand Hotel Palazzo Porec
Grand Hotel Palazzo

3 pm Explore Porec Old Town

Old Town Porec

Get lost in old town’s maze of narrow winding cobblestone streets and alleyways. Enjoy the delightful architecture, Venetian style houses, cozy cafes, and souvenir shops. You probably don’t want to miss Unesco protected Basilica dating back from the 4th century.

5 pm Apéritif  time

After a long stroll in the old town, stop for a well-earned break in one of the numerous bars. My suggestion is Epoca Bar at the waterfront promenade. If you love a glass of bubbles, order a glass of dry sparkling wine and watch the world go by. Aperitif comes with a complimentary bowl of olives and some crisps. Epoca bar overlooks the Porec yacht dock.

Bar Epoca in Porec
Waterfront Bar Epoca

7 pm Dinner

For dinner head for one of the town’s popular restaurants. Avoid tourist traps with high prices and mediocre food. I would suggest dining by the sea, at the waterfront promenade. St. Nicola is the waterfront restaurant very popular among yachting clientele. It is a fine-dining spot with really good food and an extensive wine list, but it is also the most expensive restaurant in Porec.

Restaurant St. Nicola in Porec
Restaurant St. Nicola

If you want something casual and affordable, head to the Chili Fusion Streetfood, a small joint serving a variety of Asian fusion dishes. Order a bowl of green curry chicken or a tuna poke, and you’ll be all set.

10 pm Late night fun

For late evening, you’ll be the best off parking yourself at Tequila. Unpretentious beach bar at the beach just below Valamar Hotel Parentino. If you are more into house mood, head for Porec old town and dance a night away either at Saint & Sinner bar or at the Villa Club.

Day Two

9 am Breakfast

You can have breakfast in the hotel. However, if you are in a mood to have breakfast outside, the Local Hero serves the best breakfast in town. From omelets, eggs Benedict, Royal, or sunnyside up to muffins, and healthy classics like avocado toasts and granolas, Local Hero has it all.

Or, you can opt for the Concenttino, a french style brasserie, offering an excellent choice of patisserie and sandwiches as well as a good selection of coffee and tea.

11 am Be active

Depending on your taste you can either rent a bike, an electric scooter, or enjoy water activities. Or do all. Rent a bicycle for an afternoon. Take one of Porec cycling paths and enjoy the ride. Cycle by the sea, through pine forest and olive groves to Zelena Laguna Resort. Stop at the Ski Lift for a drink, chill vibes, and good music. If you are in a mood for more cycling, just continue to the village Funtana, and off to Agrolaguna vineyards. This is a beautiful bicycle trail passing literally through the vineyards.

Cycling in Porec
Cycling on numerous Porec cycling trails

Sea aficionados can head to Zelena Laguna for some fun under the sun. A ski lift can be a great place to spend your afternoon. Porec ski lift offers water skiing with two speeds: 30 km/ hour and 58 km/ hour. With its 5 kickers and sliders and night skiing, it is the ultimate water activity in Porec.

Porec Skilift
Ski lift

If you are in a low activity pace, take a 5-minute boat to St. Nicola Island for some swimming and sunbathing, or simply rent a boat for a day and discover numerous Porec beaches. You can also spend a couple of hours in Aquapark Water Park. Or, head to Fuente Beach Bar for Dj music and cocktails.

5 pm Wine and/ or olive oil tasting tour

Late afternoon you should dedicate for one of numerous Porec wineries or olive oil mills. Istrian wines, especially its genuine sort malvasia, are of exceptional quality. They are light, fruity, and easy to drink. Istrian malvasia is a trendy wine you don’t want to miss.

Wine and Olive oil tastings
Wine and Olive Oil Tasting Room at Agrolaguna

As much as Istrian wine is great, Istrian olive oil is one of the best in the world. It is maybe less known than its Spanish and Italian counterparts, but nevertheless it is excellent. In Porec, there is a big producer – Agrolaguna, with whom you can arrange wine and olive oil tasting. Damjanic Winery in the nearby Fuskulini is even better but it’s 5 km from the center of town, and we said no activities that require the use of a car. However, we had to mention it, so you keep it in mind for another time.

8 pm Dinner

One of the hidden and less known Porec restaurants is a restaurant Spinnaker. Located within Valamar Riviera Hotel & Residence, the restaurant has a nice outdoor terrace, impeccable service, good food, and an extensive wine list.

For the budget option, head to Papabirra for the best gourmet burgers in town.

11 pm Late night out

Head to the Marafor Square for a cocktail, glass of wine or schnapps shots. There is a handful of bars, with outside terraces and a good vibe. If you are in the mood to dance the night away, head for Byblos, town’s popular disco and night club located in Zelena Laguna Resort. There is a regular transfer service from and to the town.

Porec Marafor Square
Porec Square With Numerous Cocktail Bars

Day 3

10 am Breakfast

Another morning spot is The House if Istrian Prosciutto. A lively bistro and a shop located at the Porec green market. As it names says, it offers plenty of cold cuts, from pancetta, prosciutto, ham, and cheese, to simple, daily dishes like eggs, pasta, sausages, etc.

12 pm Last stroll and gelato

Take another tour of Porec old town, check the House of Three Saints, Zuccatto Palace, and Neptun’s Temple. Don’t leave Porec without tasting the best gelato in town! Conveniently located just in front of the Basilica, Il Gelato de Salvatore makes all-natural real Italian ice cream. There are lots of various flavors, and also gluten-, lactose, and sugar-free choices.

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This is my suggestion for your 48 hours in Porec. Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. Looks to be a weekend with lots of programs, but relaxing at the same time. Culture, activities, relax and fun, all included in the same weekend! Sounds great!

  2. Looks to be a weekend with lots of programs but relaxing at the same time. Culture, activity, relax and fun, all included in the same weekend!

  3. Thanks, SJ! April to November is pretty OK for a weekend break. Winter not much so. But hopefully you’ll be back to experience the better side of Porec :)

  4. Thanks, Constance! Glad you like the format of the post. And yes, ski lift is so much fun. Porec has lots of Venetian architecture. The downtown is really cute.

  5. Thanks, Chris! It’s true that most of people work from Monday to Friday, and beside main yearly vacation, majority takes few days off to travel somewhere. Glad you liked this kind of reviews.

  6. We love the Ski lift too. It is really lots of fun. There is also an awesome bar with a gorgeous waterfront terrace.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Samantha! Porec is so close to Italy, Sloveia and Austria that many visitors come for a weekend break.

  8. I love a good 2-3 day review/48 hours in …. it really puts the location into perspective and gives you a good idea of what to do, sometimes when you visit a new location its hard to see and do all the things you want to do, it snice to have a plan. The restaurant Hrast has spectacular views over the waterfront!

  9. Oh the ski lift looks amazingly fun! That might be a main reason for a visit to Porec from this girl. And the wine and olive oil tasting sounds delicious. Seems like a perfect two-day getaway, thanks for sharing.

  10. I really enjoy reading these 2-3 day reviews because it really puts a location into perspective in terms of what you can and can’t realistically see during that duration. Given that whenever we visit a city, it is usually for only 24-48 hours, we are always on the lookout for such a review.

    The restaurant Hrast looks really inviting with spectacular views over the waterfront! After a long day of exploring, this looks like a perfect setting.

  11. Excellent review and I love the way your wrote the review like an itinerary. Porec has so much to offer and I feel especially drawn to the architecture and the beautiful views of the sea. Plus, the ski lift sounds like a whole lot of fun!!

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  13. Brilliant way to spend two days. Having just been there a few weeks ago I can see that this Porec is so much different to going in winter. I’ll have to be sure to make it back when the weather warms up a little, so I can sit by the seaside and eat my lunch.

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  15. Looks lovely and colourful, beautiful architecture in the old town. And as usual, you are making me hungry with your foodie suggestions :-)

  16. Great review, Frank, but in terms of access you mention only Italian airports.
    Low cost airline Ryanair flies from London to Pula, which is only an hour by bus from Poreč.

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