Dinosaur Park Funtana

Dinosaur park Funtana is located in a village Funtana, half-way between Porec and Vrsar. The park is open since 2009. Any time my niece and nephew come to visit us in Porec, we need to go to the Dinosaur Park Funtana. If we listen to them, we would go there everyday. They really enjoy it that much!

Dinosaur Park Funtana
Life-size electric dinosaurs in dinosaur park Funtana

Dinosaur Park Funtana – facilities

The entire park is set within a natural forests, and it offers more than 1.5 km of walking trails. A walk is refreashing even in hot summer days.

1 | Life-size electric dinosaurs

Large, life-size animatronic dinosaurs are placed throughout the park. Some of them move and roar with the press of a button. Some have a saddle and can be ridden.

2 | Amusement park
For toddlers, an amusement park is perhaps the most exciting part of the Dinosaur Park Funtana. It consists of a number of rides, like tea cups, train ride, chair-lift, a rocking boat, marry-go-round, etc; all rides visitors operate themselves and can have unlimited goes. All rides are intended for small children (8 and under).

A pirate ship ride is the only ride for all ages (adults and children).

Dinosaur Park Funtana: Walkways
Walking trails in Dinosaur Park

3 | Show arena

There are various shows at the Dinosar Park Funtana at scheduled times. The Flying Devils is an outdoor show motor bike trapez show. Other shows take place inside the arena. They include a circus show, a magican show, and a dinosaurs and spiders show.

Dinosaur Park Funtana: Chair-lift
Chair-lift in Dino Park

4 | Small farm

Within a Dino Park Funtana, next to the show arena, there is a small farm with goats, and ponies. A short 5-minute pony ride is included in an admision fee.

Dinosaur Park Funtana: Helicopter ride
Helicopter ride in Dino Park

5 | Other facilities:

  • Fossil museum
  • Archery
  • Paintball shooting
  • Trampolines
  • Baby’s playground
  • Self-service restaurant

Dinosaur Park – prices & working hours

Admission fee | 140 kn adults | 120 kn children (3+)

Working hours | April-Oct: 10 am-7 pm

Dinosaur Park – location & contacts

Dinosaur Park Funtana is located in a village of Funtana, half-way between Porec and Vrsar.

Dinosaur Park – practical info

  • Credit and debit cards not accepted.
  • Paths can be slippery and wet on a rainy day.
  • Park is aimed primarly at small children (8 and less).
  • A pirat ship is actually an extreme ride. And it came as a surprise to us. We were happy not to let our 6 year old embark on it alone. We strongly advise you not to let kids ride alone in a pirate ship.
  • All activities in the park, except a paintball shooting, are included in the admission fee and free of charge.
  • The park is super-fun especially for kids aged 3 to 8.


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