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Frank about Croatia is a blog about anything Croatia… Frank started telling his stories about Croatia years ago, and everybody listened attentively. But one day, somebody had an idea of writing these stories down. If you are planing on visiting Croatia, or any of its regions, but don’t know where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and what to drink, before making any decision, you should check here what Frank has to say. For the pristine beaches and beautiful coastline, head to Dalmatia.

About Frank About Croatia

For the best food and wine, your destination should undoubtedly be Istria. If you feel like partying island of Pag should do it for you. If you feel like celebrity and you have a cash to spend, island of Hvar is waiting for you. Old jewel Dubrovnik, should be on every visitor’s list of places to see, at least for a day. Rovinj, the most romantic town in Croatia, will charm just anybody.

Frank will be happy if you drop him a line, share your tale of Croatia (we might even publish it :-) , or just stop by and read some of his stories.