Labin, Istria

Labin, Istria (itl. Albona) is a top-hill town on the east coast of Istria. It overlooks Rabac and the sea. The town has an interesting history of the largest coal-mining center in Croatia. One of the first anti-fascist rebellion happen here in 1921 when the town shortly established its own Republic. Today you can visit mining museum in the old town, celebrating Town’s mining history. The Museum contains a model of an actual mine. You get a helmet and you can enter tunnels and get a glimpse of what the work of miners could have been. The Old Town is very colorful, offering interesting architecture with Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic elements in many churches, palaces and houses. On the top of the hill, in the old town, there is a fortress Fortica. From there you can enjoy lovely views over Rabac, sea and the Island of Cres.

Baroque palace of Battiala-Lazzarini
Baroque palace of Battiala-Lazzarini

What to do in Labin?
Visit Old Town
Old town is a lovely Istrian town, set up on the hill, 320 m above the sea. Stroll around old town, enjoy many baroque palaces, Sanfior town gate, head for Fortica and enjoy beautiful view over the sea, Rabac and island of Cres.

St. Stephen Church in Labin, Istria
St. Stephen Church

Visit Dubrova Sculpture Park
Dubrova sculpture park is located 3 km away from the town. Dubrova Sculpture Park features over 70 monumental outdoor sculptures.

Visit Labin Museums
There are two museums in the old town: City Museum and National Museum. City Museum houses archaeological and ethnological collection showing the town development throughout the history, including recreation of a coal mine site. National Museum is situated in the beautiful Baroque Palace and it houses works of Matija Vlacic Illyric, the collection of sacral arts.


Labin Mine, Istria
Labin Mine

Restaurants and Bars in Labin
The town is situated only 6 km far from Rabac, and all the restaurants Frank recommended for Rabac, are the same ones he would recommend here. Check Restaurants in Rabac to find out more. As for bars, the same applies, except for Velo Cafe, the most popular cafe and bar in the town.

Velo Cafe, Labin Main Square
Velo Cafe

Velo Cafe is situated at the main square, just outside of the old town. It is situated in the three-storey
house: in the basement, there is a tavern with a fireplace, the ground floor features cafe with large terrace and wide variety of cakes, ice-creams, quick bites, refreshment drinks and coffees; the first place is in the style of a Hard Rock Cafe, offering drinks and food.