Restaurant Peperoni Porec

Restaurant Peperoni Porec is located at Porec waterfront, next to Parentino wine bar. I always overlooked this restaurant. And my guts were right. I should have kept overlooking the restaurant Peperoni.

I have a problem with Porec restaurants. They are just not exciting. And I more than anyone would love to find a good restaurant in Porec. This is the reason why I desperately keep looking. I’ve read good reviews about restaurant Peperoni Porec. I’ve read a story about its owner who is a passionate cook and a foodie. She runs another restaurant in Pula and restaurant Peperoni is her new venture. She initiated Oysters&Champagne Days in Porec. Porec restaurants were to offer oysters and champagne daily from the end of August until mid September. Anyways, she seems like somebody who cares about the food, but also about Porec as a tourist destination. I like that. This was the reason I gave it a try.

Restaurant Peperoni Porec: Terrace
Terrace of the restaurant

My review of the restaurant Peperoni Porec

The restaurant has a nice terrace, overlooking the sea and St. Nikola island. It is a bistro style dining serving, as their sign says, fine food and pizza. I didn’t quite know what to expect with that. I didn’t feel like a pizza. Interior of the restaurant is too white and too plastic. But it doesn’t matter with such a beautiful terrace.

The menu sounded exciting. I found more than few items that I wanted to sample. One of them was something called “Istrian wrap”. There were two options: rustic potatoes and turkey, or polenta and pilchards. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available that day or ever. I will never know. I chose a selection of bruschetta as a starter, ravioli as a first course and wine braised cuttlefish with veggies as a second.

Restaurant Peperoni Porec: Bruschetta
Bruschetta served at the restaurant

I waited forever for bruschetta. It didn’t bother me until bruschetta actually arrived at the table. I was happy imagining a passionate cook working on his bruschetta. I knew it is not very likely, but then again, all that thing with fine food made me think. Yes, I am a terrible romantic at heart, especially when it comes to food. I was at least expecting something original and tasty. You know, fine food as they advertise the place. OK, after his long wait, I was served three pieces of burnt bread with three different spreads. Venetian-style liver pâté was too dry, cod pâte was industrial and thus tasted margarine, pepperoni sauce was excellent and the only highlight of the meal. It was sweet and spicy.

Restaurant Peperoni Porec: Ravioli
Ravioli with prosciutto and cheese curd

I had to wait for my ravioli as long as for the bruschetta. This means long, very long, way too long. Ravioli weren’t bad, but the sauce was too strong and too salty. And cuttlefish… Don’t even get me started on it. First it wasn’t a cuttlefish. It was octopus. Besides, it was chewy, unsalted (probably all the salt went into ravioli). It was just bland.

Did I already mention that the waiter didn’t ask us once if we would like another glass of wine or anything as a matter of fact? Not once. Waiter was a king. We were just the customers.

I like casual places. But there is a fine line between being casual and being careless. Not cool. I will not be back. And what happened with Oysters & Champagne? I actually don’t know.

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