Apartments Lanterna Porec

Apartments Lanterna Porec are located 15 km away from Porec Old Town. They are situated on the peninsula of the same name, near the village of Tar. Apartments are part of the large tourist resort featuring Hotel Valamar Tamaris, Valamar Tamaris Residence, camping Lanterna and naturist resort Solaris. This 2-star apartment complex consists of 678 apartments. Lanterna Apartments Porec offer one and three-bedroom apartments. They can accommodate up to 6 persons. Smaller, one-bedroom apartments are 37 and 45 m2 big. Three-bedroom apartments are 90 m2 big. Apartments consist of one or two bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, kitchen, living room, balcony or terrace. Apartments vary in quality as well. There are 131 Sunset apartments. Sunset apartments have been refurbished recently. They feature a microwave oven and a kettle in the kitchen. They are located in the first row from the shoreline. There are 16 Premium Sunset apartments. They feature better amenities than the rest of the Sunset apartments. These amenities include: flat screen TV, coffee maker, and new outdoor furniture. Remaining 547 apartments, are really ugly and old. They date back from the Yugoslavian time. However, apartments aren’t air-conditioned.

Sunset Apartments Lanterna Porec
Renovated Sunset Apartments

Although the apartments are really old and outdated, the resort offers numerous possibilities. The apartments are located in the pine forests just few minutes walk from the beach. Beaches within the resorts are mostly rocky with some pebble parts. Crystal clear waters are perfect for snorkeling. There is a good choice of restaurants, bars and sport activities within the resort. There is a period of year when these apartments can be really noisy due to the Austrian students’ party. It is usually held in late May or early June. At this time, Frank strongly advise you to avoid staying anywhere within this resort unless you are a party animal yourself.

Apartments Lanterna are best suited for young and families with older children.

Room at old apartments Lanterna Porec
Old Apartments Lanterna Porec

Apartments Lanterna Porec Highlights:

  • Nature: Apartments are located amidst pine wood, close to the sea. There are beautiful beaches, Mediterranean greenery with an amazing scent, squirrels and other small animals.
  • Resort activities and offer: Apartments Lanterna Porec are part of the larger resort with handful of activities for all ages: horse riding,  diving, boat rental, tennis courts, mini golf, banana rides, etc. There is also a good choice of restaurants and bars within the resort.
Room at Sunset Apartments Lanterna Porec
Room at Sunset Apartments


Apartments Lanterna Porec Downsides:

  • Out of town: Apartments are located on the peninsula of the same name, half way between Porec and Novigrad. They are within the resort and closest towns are 15 km away. To move anywhere from the resort, you need your car.
  • State of apartments: Although part of the complex has renovated apartments, generally they are in a really bad state and without an air-conditioner.



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