Bluffer’s Guide to Cycling: Frank’s Review

Recently I got an offer to review Bluffer’s Guide to Cycling. It seemed like an exciting opportunity. Look, I am just starting this whole blogging staff. And the fact that somebody just paid attention to me made me feel like a rock star.

That feeling faded once I realized that I would actually need to read an entire book on cycling. What was I thinking?! Just kidding, I actually love reading.

Bluffers Guide To Cycling
Bluffers Guide to Cycling

The positive side was that I could identify with bluffers. Especially when it comes to music. I don’t have an ear for music. I cannot say one song from the other before the ending sequence. Thanks God, somebody always says the song name out loud. At this very moment you’ll catch me nodding along. Like I knew it all together myself. This is me, bluffing.

Anyways, I should review Bluffer’s Guide to Cycling, and not talk about myself in retrospective. I find the whole idea about Bluffer’s Guides amusing. C’mon you ought to love the idea that somebody would make you professional in any subject and in no time. As long as you know how to keep your poker face. Beside Cycling, there are other interesting subjects covered. I want to read them all: Bluffer’s Guide to Bond (James, of course), Bluffer’s Guide to Wine (you know the folklore with glass tilting, sniffing, mouth washing), Bluffer’s Guide to Sex (don’t think you know it all), and many others.

Bluffer’s Guide to Cycling will make you sound like Lance Armstrong as long as you don’t actually need to ride a bicycle. Hey, and people believed Lance. Why wouldn’t they believe you?

Bluffer’s Guide to Cycling is actually very interesting read. You’ll learn anything you should know about cycling, but in an easy and fun way. Rob Ainsley, an author of “50 Quirky Bike Rides”, wrote Bluffer’s Guide on Cycling. Rob is a long time bicycle aficionado who cycled intensively throughout Britain and many other countries. He writes for the CTC Magazine “Cycle” and “Cycling Plus” magazine. You can check his own cycling blog.

Learn the difference between MAMIL, ECO-WARRIOR and POETIC SOUL, select one of fifteen cycling tribes you want to appear to belong to. Talk confidently about bike-fitting process. After reading this book you, you’ll become all-round bike bluffer even if you don’t own a bike. If challenged as to why you don’t have one, the perfect answer is to say that it was stolen.

Bluffer’s Guide to cycling made even a little test at the end of the book. You can test your knowledge before going out impressing your cycling buddies with your expertise.

A highly recommended book, amusing and informing for any reader.

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