20 Cafes to Have Brunch in Zagreb

Are you looking for a good spot to have brunch in Zagreb? Well, you are at the right place! In our ultimate Zagreb brunch list, we share a collection of the 20 best cafes in Zagreb to eat brunch and breakfast.

Not so long time ago Zagreb did not have many places where you could have brunch. In Zagreb, it was normal to buy pastries or a sandwich in a bakery and to sit in a cafe, order a drink, and have a DIY brunch.

But, the fashion changed, and now spots for a great brunch in Zagreb are popping up all over the town. It actually all makes sense, because, first of all, Croatians love their cafes and their coffee. The coffee culture is so strong in Croatia that when Croatians want to invite you for a drink in a bar, they’ll just tell you “Let’s go for a coffee!”. You can actually order something else. Outdoor terraces in Croatia, and particularly in Zagreb, are always full, day and night, winter or summer. People here just love cafes, they can sit there for hours. So, be ready for some serious cafe time when in Croatia!

Brunch in Zagreb, Illustration

Back to brunch in Zagreb! Well, knowing what you know now, it is really a wonder that it took so long for a brunch concept to become popular in Zagreb. We might have started slow, but we certainly finished strong, because the current brunch offer in Zagreb is so amazing that it makes us forget how long we have waited for it.

Seriously, everybody can find something for themselves. There is a vegetarian brunch, healthy brunch variation, gluten-free brunch, “eggs in a thousand ways” brunch, typical Zagreb dishes like sour cream and cottage cheese (sir&vrhnje), and so on and so on.

Zagreb Brunch Guide

Wonder where to eat brunch in Zagreb? Searching for a quick cure for your hangover? Hearty breakfast for late risers? Or, lunch for early birds? Can’t decide between sweet or savory, pastries or eggs, healthy smoothies or hearty pies? Zagreb has you covered!

In this Zagreb Brunch Guide, we list all our favorite brunch places in no particular order. The good thing is that most of these cafes are in the heart of the city but there are also some great places in other neighborhoods. So, we give you one more reason to explore Zagreb beyond the city center.


Otto & Frank, Zagreb, toast
Photo credit: Otto & Frank

A: Ivana Tkalčića 20, Zagreb | t: +385 1 4824 288 | Website

Opened almost 5 years ago in popular Tkalciceva Street, Otto&Frank became one of the most visited places by tourists and locals alike. Try their “Breakfast from Zagreb” – a modern version of traditional Zagreb’s breakfast. Have in mind that during the weekend it is hard to find an available table so hurry up.


A: Dolac 8 (Dolac market), Zagreb | Website

I don’t remember another place in Zagreb creating so much hype on opening as Br00m 44 did. Located at Dolac Farmer’s Market, Br00m44 is one of the trendiest places to have brunch in Zagreb. The story behind Br00m44’s name is a curious one, the number 44 marks the number of stairs you need to climb to arrive at Dolac while Broom is the symbol of the Witch from Gric, a famous Croatian literary character. Besides the interesting story, this place has a great coffee and food offer (avocado bruschetta, omelet, homemade granola, vegan and vegetarian meals, etc.) The prices are between 8 and 11 €.

Meet Mia

Meet Mia, Zagreb, croissants, toast
Photo credit: Meet Mia

A: Vlaška 43, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 91 445 5122 | Website

Meet Mia is well known for cakes but they have an excellent brunch as well. Homemade brioche with chickpeas and caper spread, tortilla with marinaded zucchini, bagel with hummus, prosciutto, turkey, mortadella, salmon… You will pay around 5 €.


A: Opatovina 13, 10000 Zagreb | Sunday closed | Website

Once the rumor started that Tvrtko Sakota, Petra Jelinic, and Matija Powlison Belković are opening a new cafe at Dolac Market, we couldn’t wait to try it out. Tvrtko is one of the best Croatian chefs, Petra is one of the best pastry chefs in Croatia, and Matija is behind Cogito Coffee, a specialty coffee brand with ten coffee shops in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Dubai, and Philadelphia.

Salo opened in mid-January 2023, and because of the people behind it, it instantly attracted many locals. Each of the meals has something traditional like sour cream and cottage cheese (sir&vrhnje), sour cabbage, and fried snacks made from pig rind (čvarci) that gives a special note to the place. The bread is made from freshly ground wheat from strictly controlled biodynamic cultivation.


Eggspress Zagreb brunch
Photo credit: Eggspress

A: Vlaška 81, 10000 Zagreb|Monday closed |Website https://www.facebook.com/EggspressZg

As the name says, this place is specialized in eggs, preparing them in a thousand ways. With avocado, ham, Greek yogurt, tofu, pancetta, poached eggs, scrambled eggs… The prices range from 8 to 11 €.

Kata brunch bar 100% gluten-free

Kata 100% gluten free brunch in Zagreb
Photo credit: Kata Brunch Bar

Location 1 | A: Petrinjska 29, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 91 6143 412
Location 2 | A: Martićeva 15, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 91 6143 412| Sunday closed

If you are looking for 100% gluten-free brunch in Zagreb, head to Kata Brunch Bar. Here you can find gluten-free sandwiches, Pão de Queijo (small Brazilian cheese buns from tapioca flour) with olives, salads, and gluten-free cakes. Sandwiches cost 4.7 € and cakes 3.1 €. We recommend that you have a 10min walk from the city center to the location on Martićeva Street because you can feel the true pulse of Zagreb on this street. It feels very local, and there are many other cool places similar to Kata brunch bar full of locals enjoying their day.

Fetis Bistro & Deli

Fetis, gluten-free Zagreb brunch
Photo credit: Fetis Bistro & Deli

A: Antuna Bauera 9, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 98 669 454

One more healthy place on the corner of Bauerova and Marticeva street. In the lovely decorated interior, you can find “sweet” offer like banana bread and row cakes – all refined sugar-free, or meat and veggie quiche, avocado sandwich, and homemade focaccia. They also have lots of gluten-free options.

Bread Club

Pastries and bread from Bread Club in Zagreb

A: Vlaška 27, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 1 7875 209 | Sunday closed | Website

This craft bakery has three locations in Zagreb. Beside Vlaška, which is in the city center, there is one in Trešnjevka and one close to Maksimir Park. Whichever you visit, you cannot go wrong. Bread Club is famous for its sourdough products and the choice is amazing – focaccias, cruffins, muffins, croissants (sweet, mortadella, kimchi), and sandwiches. They serve coffee as well and have tables to sit at. Prices are around 3 €.


Korica Zagreb: double toast with melting cheese
Photo credit: Korica

A: Preradovićeva 9, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 1 6231 995| Sunday closed | Website

Korica is another craft bakery that uses sourdough. Besides Preradoviceva Street, they have two more locations in the city center – on Martićeva street and close to Britanac Square. They offer different pastries – cruffins, cinnamon rolls, carrot cake, banana bread, brioche, and also sandwiches, focaccia with mortadella, and pies. This craft bakery also serves coffee and has tables for you to sit and enjoy. Prices are between 2 to 3.5 €. If you are not convinced, walk by one of the stores, and the long lines of people going in and out of the store will for sure make you change your mind.

Roots Bar – Juice & Cocktails

Acai Bowl at Roots Juices & Cocktails in Zagreb
Photo credit: Roots Bar

A: Tomićeva 5, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 98 322 385 | Website

In Roots Bar, you can start your day with brunch and continue with cocktails later in the day, or … right away, whatever your style.

Located at the bottom part of the funicular, Roots offer freshly squeezed fruit and veggie juices, smoothies, and milkshakes including vegan options, oatmeals, homemade granola, smoothie bowls, and a variety of toasts (avocado, hummus, salmon, ham&cheese, etc.). The prices range from 3.5 € for a juice to 7.5 € for a smoothie bowl and up to 10 € for a toast depending on the ingredients.


Brunch at Velvet Bar in Zagreb
Photo credit: Velvet Bar

A: Dežmanova 9, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 1 4846 743 | Website

If you want to move aside from the city rush, go to Dežman Street, a small and exclusively pedestrian street in the city center. It has a few interesting and unusual stores and bars, and the added plus is that in some way here already starts Tuškanac forest so after the brunch you can have a nice walk. Velvet is known for its cozy atmosphere, great coffee, and interesting cakes, pancakes, sandwiches, strudel… The prices range from 1.8 € for croissants to 6 € for a club sandwich.

Dezman bar

Dezman Bar, Buratta salad
Photo credit: Dezman Bar

A: Dežmanova 3, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 1 4846 160 | Sunday closed | Website

Dezmanova Street, along with Marticeva, is perhaps one of downtown’s hidden gems. When you pass through a pretty unremarkable passage from Ilica Street, and you find yourself in the calm of Dezmanova Street, and the greenery of Tuskanac, it is like entering a different city, a new space through a magical passage.

Well, in Dezmanova Street, besides the already mentioned Velvet Bar, you’ll find another hip bar, simply called Dezman Bar. It used to be one of the most popular cafes in Zagreb prior to the pandemic. It is still popular, but it seems like it is still searching for its old spark. Truth be told, Dezman is more of a breakfast than a brunch place, but since they serve breakfast until noon, it’s still a good option for late risers. Here, you can choose between scrambled eggs, French toast, granola, and poached eggs that you can combine with coffee, juice, tea, or even prosecco.

Verde Brunch & Coffee

Verde Brunch Bar in Zagreb, Toast
Photo credit: Verde Brunch and Coffee

A: Martićeva 63, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 1 5514 324 | Website

A touch of Italy in Zagreb combined with the local ingredients. For the preparation of meals, everything is bought at the green market Kvatric that’s close by. It’s going without saying that coffee is excellent at this Italy-inspired cafe, but don’t shy away from accompanying your brunch with other drinks Verde is famed for like gin, rum, or some cocktails.


Melt Zagreb, quiche
Photo credit: Melt

A: Radićeva 3A, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 1 3454 384 | Website

There is a good chance you’ll have to wait for the table at Melt! Its central location almost on the main square and a good choice of dishes for (healthy) brunch, make Melt one of the most popular places for brunch in Zagreb.

Whether you feel like a smoothie bowl, granola, oatmeals, or a hearty brunch of eggs, bacon, avocado, and gluten-free bread, Melt has you covered. Melt is famous for its vegan homemade ice cream so make sure to finish your brunch with at least one scoop.

The prices range from 5 € to 8 €.

Balance Brunch

A: Bijenička cesta 14, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 1 3454 384 | Website

Balance Brunch is a good reason for exploring the Zagreb neighborhood Šalata. And trust us, when you see their brunch offer you will know it was worth visiting. Mushroom or avocado bruschetta, smoked salmon, homemade mayonnaise, spinach, or chickpeas in different combinations are just waiting for you. The prices range from 6.5 € to 11.5 €. To reach Balance Brunch you just need to take bus 106, 201, 203, or 206 from the station near the Cathedral, and the ride last 4 minutes.


A: Veslačka 17, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 1 2035 237 | Website

If you decide to take a walk along the river Sava or lake Jarun, start your tour by having brunch at Egoist. We prefer the place close to the Sava River because our family lives there, and from the city center trams number 17 or 14 will get you directly. Try Jutreko – a croissant with omelet and crispy pancetta. Other dishes include piadina – an Italian flatbread with a choice of stuffing like mortadella, prosciutto, salmon, then waffles with various toppings, etc. Prices range from 4.5 € to 6 €.

Cogito Urania

Cogito Urania, Zagreb, Interior
Photo credit: Cogito Urania

A: Eugena Kvaternika 3/3, 10000 Zagreb| Sunday closed | Website

Cogito is well known in Zagreb for its excellent specialty coffee. They have cafes in several locations in the city. However, the only Cogito Cafe that offers brunch is the one located on popular Kvatrić Square.

Visit Cogito on Kvatric Square for smoothies, toast, and sandwiches, along with one of the best coffees in town.

Health n’ Joy

A: Palinovečka 19 G-H, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 1 2345 813 | Website

Hop on the tram number 17 at the main square and drive almost until the end of its route, and you will arrive at the destination of this special bistro that serves healthy meals. Eggs, meat, vegetables and other ingredients that they use come from small farmers and coffee is from Cogito.

They are so focused on preparing all meals that you can just feel it in the food you are eating. If you are a fan of sweets, try their Healthy French Toast which is made of almond milk, cinnamon, orange, sugar from the coconut flower, season fruit, banana, and agave syrup.

Choco Café TreSnjevka

Choco Cafe Zagreb, Interior
Photo credit: Choco Cafe

A: Višnjevac 2, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 92 389 7576 | Website

Despite the chocolate in the title, this place offers much more than just sweets. OK, they really have a thousand variations of sweet pancakes (with Nutella, oreo, choco candies, vanilla, cream, etc.) but for the lovers of “real” food, there is also a choice of pancakes with chicken, prosciutto, tuna, cherry tomatoes. Also, there are different kinds of salads, English breakfast, strukli, etc.

Prices range from 3.7 € for a simple two-egg omelet with bread, to 9 € for their most expensive chocolate crepe. Choco Café is only a 20min drive with tram number 12 from the main square.

Darling & Shegrts

A: Radauševa, 10000 Zagreb | t: +385 1 3313 384 | Tuesday closed

Before exploring Maksimir Park, stop by and have brunch in Darling & Shegrts or, as it is called, “the cutest neighborhood cafe”. Try their traditional quiche or order the omelet. There is also a great choice of cakes, American pancakes, or waffles.

Map of Zagreb Brunch Spots


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