Croatia Photos: Journey Through Photos

Croatia photos: below are my photos of Croatia, taken during numerous trips within the country. I always bring my camera around. I love taking photos. I annoy pretty much everybody around me with my photo obsession. I’m bringing you some of my Croatia photo moments.

Croatia Photos

Following photo was taken on the Peljesac peninsula, near the village of Drace. There are numerous uninhabited islets just off the shore. It’s great to take a small boat and spend a day away on any one of them.

Croatia's Thousand Islands
Croatia, the country of thousand islands

This is another photo taken on the Peljesac peninsula. Quaint village located on the south slopes of the peninsula. I find it really extremely charming.

Fishing village
Quaint seaside village in Croatia

The next photo is still taking you across Peljesac peninsula. This is the grapevine growing area of Postup, where one of the best Croatia’s red come from. Notice the greenness of the vineyards and the blueness of the sea. Amazing!

Croatia Photos: Vineyards
Where the green meets the blue

Sleepy, fishing villages in Croatia are so charming, and so inspiring, that I always try to capture their timeless beauty. Following photo is a small detail from such a village.

Fishing nets
Fishing nets

Croatia’s unspoilt coastline is worth exploring. Wander around in a search of a perfect hidden bay and your own pebble beach. Just a small idea of what you could find.

Pebble Beaches

Dubrovnik is the best known place in Croatia. My Croatia Photos journey takes you through this stunning town too.

Bokar Fort in Dubrovnik
Bokar Fort in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik panorama is never tiring.

Croatia Photos: Dubrovnik Panorama
Panorama of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik town walls are timeless.

Croatia Photos: Dubrovnik Town Walls
Fortification walls in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik red-tiled rooftops where badly damaged during 1991-1995 war, but today memorable red tile roofs are all reconstructed and beautiful.

Croatia Photos: Dubrovnik Roofs
Red-tiled roofstops in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has a stunning architecture. The entire city is a museum.

Croatia Photos: Rector's Palace Dubrovnik
Rector’s Palace in Dubrovnik

St. Blaise is the patron saint of Dubrovnik. His statues are on all important buildings in the town. His feast is celebrated yearly on 3rd of February.

Croatia Photos: St. Blaise Church
St. Blaise Church in Dubrovnik

I love sunsets. Here are some of them that I’ve captured in Croatia.

Croatia Photos: Sunset
Nostalgic Croatia


Croatia Photos: Sunset at the beach

There are lots of charming little seaside towns in Croatia. Here are some of them.

Croatia Photos: Veli Losinj
Veli Losinj in Croatia


Croatia Photos: Rovinj Old Town
Houses rising from the sea in Rovinj, Croatia


Croatia Photos: Rovinj
Rovinj from the distance


Croatia Photos: Dormant villages
Novigrad in Croatia


Croatia Photos: Towns Perched On A Sea Cliff
Town Perched On A Sea Cliff in Croatia

Croatia has a stunning coast and some amazing scenic drives. I have to stop my car many times for these unique views when traveling through Croatia. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Croatia Photos: Beautiful Views
Views in Croatia


Croatia Photos: Stunning coast
Croatia’s stunning coast


Croatia Photos: Central Dalmatia Beach
Beach in central Dalmatia

Croatian capital Zagreb is maybe less popular than its coastal rivals, but it is not less attractive. Below is an image of Zagreb st. Marco square.

Croatia Photos: St. Marco Church
St. Marco Church in Zagreb

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