Croatia sunset: Journey through photos

It’s a Croatia photos day here at FrankAboutCroatia. Time to look back at all the great places and things we love about Croatia.

This week we would like to give you a taste of Croatian sunsets. We enjoy sunsets a lot. And if you plan to visit Croatia, you sure will be rewarded with some of the stunning sunsets.

Croatia Sunset: Sunsets in Croatia
Croatia Sunset: Calm moment by the sea as the sun sets

There are few reasons why I love sunsets in Croatia. Adriatic Sea – sunsets by the sea are gorgeous. Croatia has lots of islands. The view is never only over the horizons. There is always an island, a cape, a reef, in a view. It makes sunsets so much nicer too. Sometimes I catch myself turning my head left to right as the sun sets. Like watching a live tennis match. If you watch it closely, it really takes only few minutes. And there are so many things I want to capture. The sun as it sets, the silhouette of a boat on the right, a distant island on the left, the changing colors of the sky, and a breathing sea. I always take loads of photos of a sunset. Sunsets are so pretty that even average photos can look amazing (this is what I hope at least).

Here are some of my personal photos of sunsets in Croatia.

Croatia Sunset: photos

We spend our summer holidays in Dalmatia, at our family house in Komarna. It is a small village 70 km north of Dubrovnik. The house is located at the seafront, and it offers some of the best views over the sea, the small islands, Peljesac peninsula, and even on a clear day over the islands Brac and Hvar. In Komarna we’ve experienced some of the best sunsets in Croatia.

Croatia Sunset: Sunset in Komarna
Fishing boat at the sunset in Komarna, Croatia
Croatia Sunset: Peljesac penisnula sunset
Peljesac penisnula at the sunset
Croatia Sunset: Sunset in a glass of wine
Sunset captured in a glass of wine

Like I’ve already said, Croatia is full of small islands, capes, reefs and they make Croatia sunset so much better.

Croatia Sunset: Sunsets in Croatia
Croatia Sunset: St. Nicola Island in Porec
Croatia sunset: Sunset at the sea
Croatia sunset: Sunset at the sea
Croatia Sunset: Dubrovnik Lighthouse at sunset
Croatia Sunset: Dubrovnik Lighthouse at sunset
Croatia: sunset: Porec lighthouse at sunset
Croatia: sunset: Porec lighthouse at sunset

And for the end of this photo journey, just a few photos of the people and the Croatia sunset.

Croatia Sunset: Sunset in Porec
Croatia Sunset: People watching the sunset in Porec
Croatia sunset: Fisherman at sunset
Croatia sunset: Fisherman at sunset

My favorite photo models, my niece and nephew, playing at the beach as the sun sets.

Croatia sunset: Kids playing at the beach
Croatia sunset: Kids playing at the beach

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21 thoughts on “Croatia sunset: Journey through photos”

  1. Thanks, Giulia! Oh, yes that play of the sun on the greeting to the sun with waves creating a music through the sea organ – definitely a special experience. Glad you’ve enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks, Samantha! Sunsets are inspiring. We too can never get tired of seeing (or taking) pictures of sunsets.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! Wow, you guys sure do have a prime location for fabulous sunsets. I’ll never get tired of seeing pictures of them.

  4. Lol, Paul! Thanks for stopping by. Glad I haven’t bored you to death. I just have so many photos of sunsets in Croatia (that I love) and felt like sharing some of them :)

  5. Great shots, Frank. To be honest, I was expecting to get bored after the first few — sunset shots tend to all look pretty much the same — but you had me right to the end. There’s some stunning shots here, and you found ways to make each one new and unique. The wine glass was a stroke of genius — I may have to steal it ;).

  6. Im a sucker for a great sunset!
    My favourite has to be “St. Nicola Island in Porec”

  7. WOW WOW, what a place. I’d love to have that as my little spot to get away. You guys sure are blessed.

  8. There is nothing better in photography than capturing the perfect sunrise and sunset pictures. You truly have captured some magical sunset shots here. I love the shot where the wine glass is in the foreground and the beautiful Croatian sunset in the background, such a neat contrast that works really well.

  9. Oh man, these sunsets are so beautiful. Every evening I spent in Croatia, I would climb up to the highest place to watch the sunset. I was never disappointed. Every night without fail the sunsets were absolutely cracking!

  10. Beautiful, intense colours, these sunsets are really amazing! Thanks for this wonderful photographic tour! The shot with the wine glass is my favorite one!!

  11. Thanks, Adelina! Maybe this coming summer you’ll enjoy some gorgeous sunsets, and we’ll enjoy some delicious food :)

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