Restaurant Trost Vrsar

Restaurant Trost Vrsar has been on my list of restaurants to visit for quiet a while. Regardless of the fact that some of my friends go there regularly, and that Trost is widely considered the best restaurant in Vrsar, I was always hesitant to eat there.

Restaurant Trost Vrsar Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide
Restaurant Trost Vrsar Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Restaurant Trost Vrsar is located in Vrsar Marina with stunning views over town’s marina, the sea, small island St. Juraj, and the old town. But the place is way too huge for my taste. Restaurant Trost can accommodate 150 persons at the terrace, 120 persons inside and 80 persons in the rustically decorated part of the restaurant. It makes 350 people in total. This is big.

Finally in spring 2013, we’ve visited Trost in Vrsar for the first time. This post was originally written back then, but I’ve updated it in February 2017, in order to better express my current opinion on the restaurant.

In all my honesty, our first experience at Trost wasn’t a good one. The atmosphere was great, we loved eating at the terrace overlooking the marina, and we loved the fact that the restaurant was packed to the last table, but food was good, and not great, and the service we didn’t like at all.

Based on that first experience, I thought never to go back to Trost. However, some business partners took me back there, and I’ve eaten at restaurant Trost Vrsar more than dozen times since then. I’m glad I gave a second chance to this place, because I enjoyed every visit ever since.

What to expect at restaurant Trost Vrsar

The menu at Trost is extensive. The restaurant is best known for seafood, although they also always have good prosciutto, and good meat as well. We usually order seafood here.

Restaurant Trost Vrsar Croatia: Yummy seafood pasta | Croatia Restaurant Guide
Restaurant Trost Vrsar Croatia: Yummy seafood pasta | Croatia Restaurant Guide

We like their risottos, pastas, but also crab salad in the season, as well as fish baked in oven with veggies. And their semifreddo dessert is to die for.

Trost isn’t our first choice for seafood. It ought to be restaurant Sole near Umag. But Trost is really close to home, convenient to visit if we don’t feel to drive far, and it’s seriously one of the top restaurants around Porec.

We sometimes take our business partners here, or just go for a leisurely Sunday lunch, especially in spring, or early summer. If the weather is nice, we enjoy having a meal at their lovely outside terrace.

Interior at Trost, on the other side, is not very inspiring. It comprises of two dining rooms; the smaller one features large fireplace, and it’s rustically decorated, and cozy. Rather a nice place to eat, but also hard to get a table if you only walk into the restaurants. To eat in this dining room, you’ll need a reservation. This is especially case on weekends in winter. Another dining room is large, resembling a bit restaurants of 80s. We don’t fancy having a meal in this dining room.

Service is generally good. Since we ate here semi-regularly in the last three years, the staff got to know us, and service only gets better every time we visit. However, bear in mind that the restaurant is super-busy, especially on weekends, and in summer, so sometimes you might feel like left out.

Prices are reasonable, similar to those of other restaurants in Istria; expect to pay 250 kn per person for a three course meal with table wine, and water.

Contacts | a: Obala Marsala Tita 1, Vrsar | t: +385 52 445 197 | Website | Tripadvisor

Working hours | 10 am – midnight; closed on Tuesday

Have you eaten at restaurant Trost Vrsar? What are your impressions? Let us know in the comments below.


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