Rovinj Photos – Rovinj Photo Essay

These Rovinj photos are my personal photo journey through this charming coastal town in Istria. Rovinj is a picture-perfect town. Its pastel-colored houses built on the cliff just above the sea and boats bobbing in the harbor all make up the postcard-perfect scenery.

Rovinj Photos: Journey through photos

Rovinj Photos: seafront houses
Rovinj, Croatia

The old town lies on a hill surrounded by the sea. Rovinj was the most important town in the region during the Venice rule. Venetian architecture is still very present in the old town.

Rovinj Photos: Rovinj harbour
Rovinj harbor

Rovinj harbor provides shelter to small pleasure and fishing boats. Rovinj harbor is always busy. Fishermen, when not out at the sea, clean the boats or repair the nets in the harbor.

Rovinj Photos: Cobbled Streets
Cobbled streets

Old town Rovinj has lots of small alley, narrow cobbled streets, and vaulted passages. I can spend hours just strolling along the cobbled streets and exploring the hidden corners of the old town.

Rovinj Photos: Painting
Rovinj hidden corners
Rovinj Photos: Art Atelier
Art atelier in Rovinj

The atmospheric old town sits on a hill. Its streets are steep and have lots of steps. The only way to explore the old town is on foot. The old town is full of artists, art galleries and little cafes.

Rovinj Photos: Shops
Shop in Rovinj

In Rovinj you’ll see shops like nowhere else. This one is just a passage between two houses. And it ends in the sea.

Rovinj photos: Town panorama
Rovinj panorama

Perched atop the hill, the church of St. Euphemia, dominates the town and its landscape. All streets in the old town lead up to the church.

Rovinj photos: Church
Church in Rovinj with Campanile

The bell tower leaning next to the church is a perfect replica of St. Marco Campanile in Venice. You can climb the tower and enjoy spectacular views over Rovinj, the sea and the islands.

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  1. Fantastic photos Frank and I’ve just added yet another place to my bucket list.

  2. Super photos Frank! I love that filter you use, these would make a great wall collage.

  3. Fantastic photos. I think I need to book a flight and start to explore Rovinj it looks beautiful. :)

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