Our day with Out to Sea Split, Croatia’s biggest boat party

Boat Party in Split Croatia is among young adults’ most popular day trips. Although we aren’t into partying hard, we wanted to experience what it would be like to attend Croatia’s biggest boat party – Out to Sea Split.

During our most recent visit to Split, we joined the Out to Sea Split Boat Party to share the first-hand experience with our readers.

Choosing the Split Boat Party

Although there are few companies in Split organizing boat parties, we chose the Out to Sea Split Boat Party because it is known for its vibrant atmosphere and high-energy music. After researching online and reading reviews, we felt this would be the perfect choice for our day excursion.

Split Croatia Boat Party, Illustration

The Out to Sea Split Boat Party was founded in 2022 but has quickly become one of the most popular day activities in Split and on the entire Dalmatian Coast.

They provide a boat party and a swim stop in the famous Blue Lagoon, a pre-party at check-in, and free entry into one of Split’s most popular nightclubs, so we had to give it a go ourselves.

Split Croatia Boat Party, Our Experience

Our day began with check-in at Jimmy Bar, a small local cafe on Split’s waterfront. We and many other partygoers came to collect our wristbands. The hosts greeted us and explained how our day on the boat would look. Drinks were flowing, especially ciders, and this was a great time to meet everyone before boarding the boat.

Waiting for boarding, boat party split croatia

Upon boarding, each guest gets a free shot to swiftly take before either heading upstairs to the dancefloor/sundeck or choosing some comfortable booth seating downstairs. After a quick welcome announcement, a local DJ starts playing diverse tunes from tech house to club bangers to singalongs.

The boat easily fits over 200 people, and the dancing started when we left Split’s port. The range of 1L cocktail buckets was a crowd favorite, and staff ensured the ice didn’t even have a chance to melt as the beer funnels were brought out and drink-downing competitions began. One important, ideal point was that they accepted card payment on board, which most boats don’t offer.

After two hours of following the coastlines of a few islands, we reached the famous Blue Lagoon, just off Veliki Drvenik, for our swim stop. The swim stop helped everyone cool off, as it was a scorching day on the Adriatic.

Quieter corner at the bow of the boat, split boat party

At the front of the boat, there is a platform for those who aren’t bothered by heights, and on the lower deck, there is a ladder for entry and exit of the boat. Inflatables are set up and attached to create a floating platform for guests to swim and relax in the sun.

After a swim, it was the perfect time to tuck into some snacks; hot toasties, chips, and other finger foods were needed to fill everyone’s bellies before starting the party again.

A slow return to Split was capped off with a fantastic sunset, perfect for those trying to capture the perfect Instagram moment. The last hour was when the party started to turn up.

Atmosphere on the Out to Sea Split boat party

Everyone joining together on the dancefloor and singing songs from the likes of ABBA capped off what was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience with Out to Sea. Their bartenders were friendly and always willing to give out shots any chance they could, and it set the tone for an amazing evening.

The boat arrived where it began, at Split’s port around 8 pm, and staff informed us that our wristbands also got us free entry into Bacvice Beach Club.

Or better yet, if we didn’t want the party to stop there, we were offered a discount to join the night parties they host with Split After Dark. Split After Dark is a mixture of a bar crawl but with a crazy neon nighttime boat party as one of the stops, including free entry into the nightclub.

Swim stop in the Blue Lagoon during Split Boat party day trip

All in all, it was a very worthwhile experience. Even if you aren’t into partying but don’t mind some music, this tour is much more affordable than the usual Blue Lagoon tour.

And, with the added value of the free welcome shots, free VIP nightclub entrance, free photography, and the atmosphere that Out to Sea Split creates, we recommend this as a must-do while visiting Split, Croatia.

If you want to join either of these experiences, we have a discount code: FRANKABOUTCROATIA, which gives everyone 10% off.

Boat Party Split Croatia: Practical Info

Lovely Blue Lagoon where Split party boat anchors for an hour of swimming

We’ve compiled some essential practical information below to ensure you make the most of your boat party experience in Split, Croatia.

From what to bring to what to expect, these tips and details will help you navigate your adventure with ease and confidence.

What is the best company for boat parties in Split?

Out to Sea Split

Where is the check-in location for the boat party in Split?

The check-in location is at the Jimmy Bar at Split Waterfront (location)

How long does each boat party last?

The boat party day excursion lasts 6 hours, from check-in at 2 p.m. to return to Split port at 8 p.m.

What is the itinerary of the Split boat party?

  • 2 pm: the check-in at the Jimmy Bar at Split’s Waterfront
  • 2.45 pm: Boarding
  • 3 pm – 5 pm: partying while sailing to the Blue Lagoon
  • 5 pm: Swim stop at the Blue Lagoon
  • 6 pm – 8 pm: Sunset party while sailing back to Split
  • 11 pm: After party in the Bacvice Beach Club (optional)

What should you bring to the boat party from Split, Croatia?

  • Your phone or camera for taking pictures (don’t worry, the crew will also take some for you)
  • Sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun
  • Swimsuit and towel for swimming in the Blue Lagoon
  • Comfortable shoes (preferably non-slip) as it can get slippery on the boat
  • A light jacket in case of cooler weather during the evening portion of the party

Is there a dress code for the Split boat party?

There is no strict dress code, but most people wear beach attire such as swimsuits with cover-ups. However, feel free to dress up and be creative with your outfits!

Can I bring my drinks to the boat party?

No, outside drinks are not allowed at the boat party. However, there is a fully stocked bar at affordable prices.

What is the age limit for the Split boat party?

The minimum age to attend is 18.

Is there any safety in place during the boat party?

All necessary safety equipment is provided on board, and the crew members are trained in first aid.

Are boat parties available year-round in Split, Croatia?

Boat parties are available from May to September. However, parties’ exact dates and frequency may vary depending on weather conditions and demand.

Do I need to bring any specific documentation for the boat party in Split?

You don’t need to bring any specific documentation for the boat party. If you plan on drinking alcohol, make sure to have your ID with you as proof of age.

How much does a Split boat party cost?  

The price for a boat party in Split varies depending on the season. However, most parties range from €40 in shoulder season to €50 in July and August ($33-$55, £34-£42).

Can I purchase tickets for a Split boat party in advance?

Yes, booking your ticket in advance is recommended, as boat parties tend to sell out quickly during peak season. You can usually purchase tickets online through various tour companies, a boat party provider’s website, or at the dock before boarding the boat.

What is included in the ticket price for the boat party in Split?

The price of a ticket includes:

  • Welcome shots.
  • Free VIP nightclub entrance
  • Photography services
  • Access to all activities listed in the itinerary

Are there any discounts available for the Split boat party?

Use a FRANKABOUTCROATIA code for a 10% discount with the Out to Sea Split boat party.

Is food provided during the boat party?

Hot toasties, chips, and other finger foods are available onboard for an extra fee.


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