Tapas of pepperoncini and anchovies

Tapas of pepperoncini and anchovies (Spanish: pintxo de guindilla y anchoas) is believed to be the original Basque tapas. Apparently, in one bar in the old part of San Sebastian, the owner used to serve olives, anchovies and pickled pepperoncini to his customers. One of the customers got the idea of combining them all on one spike.

Peperoncini-Anchovies Tapas | My Croatian Food & Other Recipes
Peperoncini-Anchovies Tapas | My Croatian Food & Other Recipes

They name this tapas Gilda after Rita Hayworth’s film that opened that year. Maybe it is true, maybe not, but I really don’t care. I like (hi)stories.

This simple Basque recipe can be made at the last minute. This combination makes a delicious snack and freshens the mouth. I always suggests to my guests to keep toothpicks on their plate. That way I know exactly how many tapas every guest has had.

If you go to San Sebastian, you will find this popular amuse-gueule in many bars of the old town. They are great to open the appetite and to drink few glasses of wine.

I changed a bit original Basque recipe, adding, beside olives, few other ingredients.

Tapas of pepperoncini and anchovies recipe (20 pieces):

Ingredients for 20 tapas:

  • 20 pickles
  • 20 stuffed olives (with anchovies or pepper)
  • 20 pepperoncini (mild or hot depending on your taste)
  • 20 marinated anchovy fillets
  • 20 pieces of marinated or roasted peppers
  • 20 toothpicks
  • olive oil
Pintxos de guindilla y anchoas
Order of your ingredients on a toothpick

Stick your ingredients on a toothpick in this order: pickle, piece of pepper, pepperoncini, anchovy fillet, stuffed olive. Sticking your ingredients in this order will prevent the ingredients to fall apart.

Tapas of peperoncini and anchovies
Tapas of pepperoncini and anchovies

Take a colorful plate, arrange your tapas. Put a drop of extra Virgin olive oil all over. Your tapas are ready to eat.


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