Tavern Cok Novigrad

Tavern Cok Novigrad left us bewildered. Not that the food wasn’t good, because the produce they serve is clearly well sourced and fresh. Not that cooking was bad, because the meal was delicious, prepared respecting the taste of the ingredients. Not that service was bad, because the owner went out of his way to serve our table and make us feel at home.

Tavern Cok Novigrad Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide
Tavern Cok Novigrad Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Not that the price wasn’t right, regardless of some reviews I’ve read on internet prior to my visit to tavern Cok Novigrad. But still I had few issues with this place and I simply cannot  completely give thumbs up for this tavern.

Tavern Cok Novigrad - Indoor
Tavern Cok Novigrad

Tavern Cok Novigrad Overview

Two things caused me to hesitate in giving my top recommendation for the tavern Cok Novigrad. First and foremost, owner/waiter rushed too quickly to the table with his plate of the catch of the day.

I didn’t even sit properly in the chair, and lobsters were already literally jumping on our table. This provoked two feelings:

1) You better order something as expensive as lobster even if you don’t feel to eat it. Otherwise you can just as well be kicked out of the place. Not that it would happen, but makes you think.

2) You better find out if this restaurant accepts credit cards, or look for the closest ATM machine. Your 150€ might not be enough to play here.

Tavern Cok Novigrad - Fresh fish
Fresh fish

I like to take owner’s recommendation on the dishes to choose and I like to try variety of dishes, instead of a single plate. Even if his single dish is a lobster. Anyway, not wanting to leave my entire salary at the tavern Cok, we went with humble two course meal. Starter included fish spread. Fish spread was delightful and nicely arranged on the plate.

Tavern Cok Novigrad - Fish Pate
Nice presentation of tasty fish pate

Mouthwatering tagliatelle with lobster were perfectly cooked al dente and the sauce was flavorful. The only little remark is that pasta was not home made.

Tavern Cok Novigrad - Tagliatelle with Lobster
Tagliatelle with Lobster

I was happy with my experience at tavern Cok Novigrad. Regardless of the few little nuances, I would recommend it to everybody. Fresh produce of an excellent source, well cooked, nicely presented. A bit expensive but not exaggerated.


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