Tavern Konoba Daniela Porec: the best steak tartare in Istria

Tavern Konoba Daniela Porec is one of the most popular restaurants in and around Porec. I don’t even know why it took me so long to write about this tavern. It’s close to home, and we go there quite often. Every time my sister-in-law visits Porec with her family, we have a farewell lunch in Daniela before they return to Zagreb.

tavern Konoba Daniela Porec: Outdoor terrace
Outdoor terrace at Konoba Daniela Porec

Konoba Daniela Porec is family-run restaurant, located in a small village of Veleniki, few kilometers away from Porec. Tavern has a big courtyard with an outdoor terrace and two indoor dining areas. The outdoor terrace is covered. However, as the place gets busier during the summer time, the owners extend the terrace to the grassy, uncovered area.

tavern Konoba Daniela Porec: Dessert
Sweet gnocchi at Konoba Daniela Porec

This place is busy all the time, winter or summer. You will always find a mix of locals and tourists. Konoba Daniela Porec is equally popular among business people, families with kids and couples. It’s really a place for everybody. Food is very good (and sometimes great), portions are huge, and prices are very affordable. This place offers an excellent value for money. If you are planning on having a dinner at konoba Daniela Porec, make a reservation in advance.

Tavern Konoba Daniela Porec: few recommendations from the regular customer

Tavern Daniela Porec has both fish and seafood menus, but also traditional Istrian, hearty meat dishes such as pork tenderloin, sausages with sauerkraut, beans soup, steaks. However, their top dish is a steak tartare.  This is their flagship dish, and people from all over Istria (and even Italy!) come here for their steak tartare. The dish is made in front of you. Either Daniela herself or her father will push their cart with all the ingredients to your table, and they will put up a show. You can decide how spicy you want it or ask for any adjustment to the recipe. Steak tartare is served with toasted bread and butter. 

tavern Konoba Daniela Porec: Steak tartare
Ingredients for steak tartare: It’s done right in front of you

If you don’t fancy raw meat, than just go with something seasonal. Ask Daniela if they have any daily special. When we go there, we never browse through the menu. We always ask for daily specials. In spring time, dishes include lots of fresh, wild asparagus. In the fall, they’ll always have wild mushrooms. In the winter, the best is to go with pork tenderloin, sausages, and other hearty meat dishes. They also usually have a very good, homemade prosciutto. Start your meal with a plate of this delicacy. And for dessert, choose their sweet gnocchi with a marmalade and a scoop of ice cream aside.

As for the wine list, they have decent choice of local wines, but also their table wine is of a good quality.

Don’t miss tavern Daniela if you are in Porec.

Contact: a: Veleniki 15a, 52440 Poreč; t: +385 52 460 519;



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