Vrsar Photos – Vrsar Photo Essay

Vrsar photos show my photo voyage through this small seaside town on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. The old town, built on a hill above the sea, has a typically Mediterranean feel: stone houses, small alleys, cobbled streets. The old town doesn’t have much to offer, except its beauty and views over the town’s marina, sea, and archipelago. It is mostly residential with only three bars.

These Vrsar photos capture its architecture, views, and town’s Mediterranean charm.

Vrsar Photos: seafront
Vrsar’s Seafront

Fishing and pleasure boats lined up at the town’s seafront. The seafront is popular for strolling before and after dinner. Along the promenade, you’ll find cafe bars, ice-cream parlors, and souvenir shops.

Vrsar Photos: Marina
Town’s marina

Vrsar has one of the nicest marinas in Istria. Marina has 200 wet slips and 40 dry slips, accommodating vessels up to 50 meters. Seafood restaurant Trost, located in town’s marina, is the best seafood restaurant in Vrsar.

Vrsar Photos: Viewpoint
Casanova Viewpoint

Vrsar is a romantic town. The world’s famous womanizer, Giacomo Casanova, visited Vrsar twice. Today the town celebrates this famous lover with Casanovafest, a festival of love and erotica. Above is one of the town’s viewpoints named after Casanova.

Vrsar Photos: Panoramic views
One of many viewpoints in Vrsar

Vrsar has four viewpoints. Three are within the old town’s walls, while the one on the photo above is just across the town’s gate. The views are awesome.

Vrsar Photos: Climbing up
Vrsar is located on the hill

Vrsar is a hilltop town. It takes more than few steps to reach the top.

Vrsar Photos: Church of St. Anhony of Padua
Roofed entrance of the church of St. Anthony of Padua

In Vrsar, there are four churches along with remains of old Christian basilica. Porec bishops used to have their summer residence in Vrsar. The residence is still there but today it’s converted into apartments.

Vrsar Photos: The Parish Church of St. Martin
The Parish Church of St. Martin

Parish Church of ST. Martin, constructed in 20th century and at the hilltop, doesn’t have a very rich artistic interior.

Vrsar Photos: Ex Bishop's Summer Residence
Bishop’s Summer Residence converted into apartments

Just across parish church, you’ll see ex summer residence of Porec’s bishop. Today, it serves as an apartment building.

Vrsar Photos: Cafe L'Angelique
Cafe L’Angelique

In Vrsar’s old town, there are only three bars. The bar in hotel Vista’s courtyard is a nice, chill-out place. Another one is a café in front of the town’s gate.  And the third one is Cafe L’Angelique near the parish church. This café is very cute and has a good choice of wines by the glass. However, it has funny opening hours. It’s not open in the afternoon from 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm.

Vrsar photos: Stone houses and cobbled streets
Stone houses and cobbled streets



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  1. We hope to travel to Croatia within the next year so your blog is going to be a favourite of mine Frank. I already love the romantic little town of Vrsar – just from your photographs. That is an amazing amount of slips and dry docks!

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  4. Hi Natasha, thanks for your comment. Glad you like my blog and even more happy that you’ve enjoyed your stay in Croatia.

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