Dolac Market Zagreb: Dried figs

Today spotlight: Dolac Market Zagreb

The Dolac market Zagreb is centrally located right behind the town's main square. It's Zagreb‘s main farmers' market. We enjoy Dolac farmers' market for all the right reasons: a fresh, and local produce, aromas, voices and atmosphere that you can only experience on a local market. It reflects local's daily life. We can spend hours just walking around. 

Dolac Market Zagreb: Fresh veggies

Fresh veggies at the market

Croatia has been my home for the last nine years. We live in a small seaside town, but few years ago, we've lived in Zagreb for six months. We still visit Zagreb quite often (half of our family lives there, anyway!). Zagreb has many green markets, every neighborhood has its own open-air market where producers from the nearby villages bring their fresh produce daily. 

Dolac market Zagreb at glance

Dolac market is the largest green market in Zagreb. It's centrally located and it consists of four distinctive parts. Splavnica is a miniature flower market located in a side street that connects the main square with the market. There is a double line of low stands full of flowers. You'll also notice few old ladies walking around and selling small bouquets of wild flowers. I always fall for a bouquet of mimosas – for me they are a sign of spring and they smell so good.

Dolac Market Zagreb: Small flower market

Small flower market in front of Zagreb green market

The main market building consists of a street level indoor market, a first-floor open-air market, and fish market. Butcheries, healthy food stands, fresh pasta vendors, bakeries, and cheesemongers are located at street-level indoor market. Here you'll find the best Zagreb's bakeries. Our favorite bakery is Stil bakery (just taste their whole grain bread – it's yummy!). We also love homemade corn bread you can only find at the market (Look for a market's diary section; It's located all the way right from the main entrance; There are ladies selling a corn bread they make themselves that same morning. Amazing!).

Dolac Market Zagreb: Corn bread

At Dolac they sell our favorite corn bread

Fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, honey, dried fruits and nuts you'll find at first-floor open-air market. The produce here is very fresh, and locally grown. Many vendors bring their produce from the nearby villages, or even as far as from Zadar region (on a side note the best potatoes come from Zadar hinterland; something to do with the soil, mountains and the air!). Just walk between the isles and shop for your favorite fruits and veggies. At the far end of the upper level market, you'll find some local handcrafts, clothes, shoes and alike. At the upper level market, you'll also find few bars and some local fast food joints.

Dolac Market Zagreb: Dried figs

Dried figs at Zagreb's market

At the end of the upper level market, on the left side, you'll find a covered fish market. Here you'll see the best offer of fresh fish in the entire Croatia. It's well known in Croatia, that the best fish you can buy in Zagreb, and not by the sea (unless you fish it yourself, or your neighbor is a fisherman). Zagreb is the largest town in Croatia, and it's just easier to sell anything in Zagreb, and to sell it for the better price. I love strolling through fish markets.

Dolac Market Zagreb: Fish market

You'll find a good choice of fish at the market

If you take a right turn from the upper level market you'll end up in front of the Cathedral. If you continue straight, pass the handcraft stands, you'll end up in a nice street full of cafes. Further down that street you can visit St. Catherine church, and take stairs down to Tkalciceva street (the most hip street in Zagreb).

Dolac market Zagreb is a must-do if you are visiting Zagreb. Even if you don't plan on buying anything, it's a nice place to have a stroll and feel the vibe of the town and the people. This is the place to experience local flavors, see locals going about their daily routine, feel the pulse of the town, and simply enjoy. Saturday is absolutely crazy day at market (and generally anywhere in downtown Zagreb).

Have you experience Dolac green market? Are you planning to experience it if you visit Zagreb? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. Tara
    Tara says:

    Hello, I will be visiting Zagreb soon. Do you know if the market has any stalls or little cafes that stay open for dinner? Thanks!

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Hi Tara,
      thanks for stopping by. There is a small pedestrian street, Skalinska Ulica, connecting Tkalciceva Street and the Dolac Market, and it boasts few restaurants that work all day (lunch and dinner), like La Struk (offering Zagreb specialty – strukle), Umami Grill (Asian fusion), Leonardo & Nokturno (Italian). Nice atmosphere, as the street is filled with street side terraces.

  2. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    I absolutely love going to markets and getting fresh food! I love to cook so markets are very appealing to me. For our local farmer’s market, it runs from June to September in line with our growing season and I can’t wait!

  3. Milene
    Milene says:

    I love love love markets, this looks exactly like a market I would stay a whole day =) Love it how all the smells merge: flowers, fish, meat, cheese! Well I know what I´ll be doing in Zagreb!


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