11 Best Hidden Gems To Visit In Croatia

Croatia might be a popular tourist destination, but many hidden gems are still waiting to be discovered.

However, these offbeat places in Croatia are charming and have it all for a great summer vacation: beautiful beaches, a relaxed vibe, fantastic weather, and stunning landscapes.

Furthermore, since these Croatian destinations are not as popular, they are less crowded in the summer than the usual tourist hotspots in Croatia.

Here, we will provide you with some of the lesser-known but delightful places to stay in Croatia. We hope to inspire you to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations in Croatia and discover new treasures.

Below, we list 11 hidden gems to visit in Croatia.

  1. Peljesac Peninsula, a stunning region known for its coastal views and vineyards
  2. Komarna, a peaceful village with beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters perfect for swimming and snorkelling.
  3. Elaphiti Islands is a group of 13 small islands near Dubrovnik with breathtaking beaches and charming villages.
  4. Vis Island is an unspoiled island with untouched nature, charming small towns, and tasty food.
  5. Lastovo Island is another hidden gem with pristine nature, secluded coves, and a relaxing atmosphere.
  6. Solta Island is a small island with hidden beaches, olive groves, and pristine waters perfect for swimming.
  7. Sutivan, Brac Island, is a charming fishing village with a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful beaches.
  8. Milna, Hvar Island, is a picturesque town with a stunning harbor and old stone houses.
  9. Dugi Otok Island is an island with crystal clear waters, and stunning cliffs perfect for hiking.
  10. Mali Losinj Island is a Croatian hidden gem with beautiful beaches, charming towns, and healing pine forests.
  11. Kopacki Rit Nature Park, a beautiful wetland area with diverse flora and fauna, ideal for nature lovers.

1. Peljesac peninsula

Beach Divna, Peljesac Peninsula

Croatia’s second-largest peninsula, Peljesac, is our favorite place in Croatia. You’ll find intact nature, wonderful coves, bays, pebbly and sandy beaches, wine-growing hills, olive groves, the best Croatian red wine – Plavac mali, yummy seafood, particularly shellfish, windsurfing, and hiking.

Read more about the Peljesac peninsula:

2. Komarna

Boats at the small beach in Komarna, Croatia

Komarna is a small coastal village located 70 km north of Dubrovnik. The village best suits those searching for peace and quiet, beach time, awesome views, and daily trips to interesting nearby places, including Split, Dubrovnik, Peljesac, Korcula, Mljet island, and Mostar.

It’s a place where nothing ever happens, yet it is never boring!

3. Elaphiti Islands

Elafiti Islands near Dubrovnik

Islands off Dubrovnik coast, Elaphiti, is an archipelago with over 12 small islands. The inhabited ones are the car-free islands of Kolocep and Lopud and the largest Sipan Island.

These islands are very close to Dubrovnik, yet like a world apart. They are quiet, have lovely beaches, a laid-back atmosphere, and a few good restaurants, like Obala in Lopud, Bowa in Sipan, and Villa Rose in Kolocep. Thus, these are all valid reasons to visit Elafiti.

4. Vis Island

Small boats and the village of Komiza in the back, Vis Island, Croatia

The furthest inhabited island in Croatia, Vis is a peaceful oasis that feels very authentic. Vis has many hidden coves, pebbly beaches, and a crystal clear sea. Therefore, it’s a perfect place to visit if you like hanging out on a beach, kayaking, chilling with a glass of local wine, untouched nature, small villages, and little crowds.

Vis Island served as an important military base for the Yugoslav army until 1990, and access to the island was limited. This fact alone makes Vis history and today’s experiences in Vis quite unique! Vis is one of our favorite places in Croatia!

5. Lastovo Island

Lastovo Island, Croatia

The small island of Lastovo is almost devoid of tourists. Certainly, it has to do with the fact that it takes 4 hours to reach the island by catamaran from Dubrovnik and 3 hours from Split.

Lastovo is popular among sailing aficionados for its wonderful archipelago consisting of 46 small islands. Above all, you’ll like it for its stunning nature, rocky coast, thick forests, and outdoor activities like cycling, swimming, and walking.

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6. Solta Island

Maslinica airview, Solta Island, croatia

Just a short hop by ferry from Split, Solta Island is still overlooked by tourists who rather flock to the more popular islands of Brac and Hvar.

However, Solta is a good place to stay if you just like to relax away from the crowds and big tourist attractions.

Find accommodation in Solta!

7. Sutivan, Brac Island

Although the island of Brac is very popular among island-hoppers, the majority of visitors to the island head either to Bol or Supetar.

Other places on the island stay pretty quiet throughout the year. The small village of Sutivan, located in the northwest part of Brac Island, remains quiet even in high season.

Sutivan is popular for mountain biking and has many nice little coves perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

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8. Milna, Hvar Island

Milna Hvar, a beach
Photo credit: Mala Milna Restaurant

A vacation on the island of Hvar doesn’t have to be crazily expensive and crowded. In other words, this is only the case in the town of Hvar.

Hvar is a beautiful island, and we highly recommend visiting it. To escape the crowds and spend quiet beach time on the island, head to Milna, a small bay with a gorgeous pebbly beach and only a dozen houses.

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9. Dugi Otok Island

Dugi Otok, Telasica, Airview

If you like beaches, intact nature, small villages, very few visitors even in high season, and an authentic island lifestyle, consider visiting Dugi Otok.

Famed for its sandy beach, Sakarun, and nature park Telasica, the island of Dugi Otok has a laid-back vibe, a lovely lighthouse, a rocky coast, forests, and a vineyard.

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Popular activities in Dugi Otok:

10. Mali Losinj Island

Mali Losinj, Cikat Bay, Adriatic sea

“The Island of Vitality”, Mali Losinj is famed for its lush vegetation and thick pine forests, and it has always been popular among camping aficionados, nature lovers, and those looking for peace and quiet. Some of the best 5-star hotels in Croatia are located in Mali Losinj!

Mali Losinj is not as off the beaten path as other destinations on our list, but it is certainly under the radar of overseas visitors. However, many Europeans spend their summer holidays on the island of Losinj.

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11. Kopacki Rit

Kopacki Rit, Observatory Deck

When talking about the least visited places in Croatia, the eastern region of Slavonia wins the game! In terms of tourists, it can’t get more remote.

If you want to visit one place in the Croatian Slavonia region, choose Kopacki Rit. This nature park, formed at the crossing of rivers Danube and Drava, consists of ponds, lakes, meadows, and forests shaped and changed daily by the movement of the two rivers. It is one of the best-preserved alluvial plains in Europe, with very rich biodiversity.

A white-tailed eagle is the park’s most famous inhabitant, although you can observe many interesting birds, swans, deer, and other animals in the park.

Take a small boat tour through the waters, and enjoy the beautiful nature and diversity of plants, birds, and other animals you will encounter.

The Most Visited Places in Croatia

If you are visiting Croatia for the first time, consider including popular destinations, such as Dubrovnik, Split, Plitvice Lakes, Hvar Town, and other well-known coastal towns, in your itinerary.

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