5 Best Beach Clubs in Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, a beautiful island in Croatia, is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, lavender fields, and exciting nightlife. It’s no wonder that Hvar has become a popular destination for sun-seekers and party-goers alike.

And what better way to soak up the sun and enjoy the vibrant nightlife than by visiting many beach clubs on the island?

5 Best Hvar Beach Clubs: Beach Club Hvar, Hula Hula, Carpe Diem, Laganini and Falko

Here are seven of the best Hvar beach clubs you should not miss.

  1. Beach Club Hvar
  2. Hula Hula Beach Club
  3. Carpe Diem Beach Club
  4. Laganini Lounge Bar & Fish House
  5. Falko Beach Bar

1. Beach Club Hvar

Beach Club Hvar has a stunning location next to the renowned Bonj Beach. It offers a beautiful beach with crystal-clear water, a relaxing atmosphere, and friendly staff. The beach club provides quality facilities, including wooden deckchairs, comfortable pillows, garden cabanas, and luxurious quarters.

The restaurant serves delicious summer meals and a selection of Croatian wines, champagnes, cocktails, and other beverages. With its sophisticated clubhouse and stunning beach, Hvar Beach Club is the perfect spot for families and couples to enjoy a lavish beach day.

Beach Club Hvar (ex Bonj Les Bains)


Beach Club Hvar is next to the renowned Bonj Beach, the first organized beach in Hvar, established in 1927. It is a pleasant 15-minute walk along the sea from the old town of Hvar to reach the Hvar Beach Club.


The Hvar Beach Club is a beautiful and alluring spot that beckons everyone passing by. The clubhouse, with its white columns and elegant facade, exudes sophistication. The beach facility offers quality wooden deckchairs that can be adjusted to your liking and thick, comfortable pillows for relaxation. You can also find garden cabanas and luxurious quarters that provide privacy and a lavish beach day.

The restaurant serves delicious and light summer meals and the best Croatian wines, premium champagnes, killer cocktails, long drinks, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Showers and bathrooms are also available.


The beach is partly cemented with wooden decks, and the entrance to the sea is through metal ladders or stone stairs. This kind of beach is great as you don’t need to wear beach shoes, unlike other beaches in Hvar. The water is crystal clear and has beautiful shades of blue.

Vibe: Relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff, soft background music

Clientele: Families and couples


A variety of options are available at different price points.

  • A sunbed with a table and parasol costs 50€.
  • Two sunbeds with a table and parasol on a deck over the water cost 170€.
  • A luxury baldachin-style sunbed for two with private airconditioned quarters, a bottle of Prosecco, a mini bar with water, a seasonal fruit platter, a safe, a facial water face mist, and free wi-fi access will set you back 295€.
  • A full-day cabana rental with seating for up to six people, a fridge with various waters, a bottle of sparkling wine, and a fruit platter costs 695€.

Additional services like food and drinks are at regular prices. If you dine here, be prepared to spend between 25€ to 35€ per dish. The menu features classic dishes such as bruschettas, Nicois salad, shrimp tagliatelle, and Rib-eye steak. However, the drinks are quite expensive, with cocktails priced between 15€ and 18€ per drink. A glass of wine will cost you around 10€, while a shot of gin, vodka, whiskey, rum, or tequila will set you back anywhere from 11€ to 15€.

Working Hours: May to October, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Contacts: Šetalište Tonija Petrića 3, Hvar | e: reservations@beachhvar.com | Website

2. Hula Hula Beach Bar Hvar

Hula Hula Beach Bar Hvar is a popular beach bar located within a short walking distance from the main town of Hvar. The beach is a combination of rocks, concrete, and wooden decks. The sea is easy to access.

During the day, Hula Hula Beach Bar offers a relaxed vibe, but it transforms into a lively party place in the evening with electronic music and dancing. It attracts a young crowd, including couples and groups of friends.

Hula Hula Beach Club Hvar


If you continue your leisurely walk along the seaside promenade, just 500 m further from the Beach Club Hvar, you’ll arrive at Hula Hula Beach Club Hvar. So it is a 20-minute walk from the Hvar main town. Hula Hula Beach Bar is located right on the sea.


Hula Hula is more of a regular beach bar than a beach club. The service is sometimes lousy, the bar doesn’t offer many perks, and it only accepts cash. You can rent sun beds and parasols, have VIP tables, enjoy open-air massages, or rent a boat, a kayak, or a paddleboard. There is also a bar and a restaurant on the beach. Toilets are also available.

You don’t need to rent a sunbed to enjoy the beach and the vibe. You can simply sit at the bar, enjoy drinks and music, and swim.


The beach consists of rocks, concrete, and wooden decks, while metal ladders and concrete stairs provide easy access to the sea.


During the day, Hula Hula Beach Bar has a laid-back atmosphere, lounge music, and beach vibe. However, after 5 p.m., the party crowd arrives, transforming Hula Hula Beach Bar into a lively and energetic place with DJ sessions, house music, and dancing.

Hula Hula Beach Bar Hvar is a popular sunset spot!

Clientele: Young couples and groups of friends.


Hula Hula Beach Bar is a cash-only bar. There are two ATMs on-site, but they charge extreme fees. We recommend getting enough cash in advance on official banks’ ATM machines in town.

Prices for sunbed rentals vary depending on the type of sunbed you choose. For sunbeds on the rocks, a single sunbed starts at 30€. For sunbeds on the decks near the bar, the cost is 50€ per person.

As is typical in popular destinations like Hvar town, food and drinks are expensive. Alcoholic shots, beer, and wine will set you back around 8€, while cocktails cost around 15€. Dishes range from 20€ to 30€, and the menu includes various salads, sandwiches, burgers, pasta dishes, and a few meat dishes such as beef tagliata.

A two-person kayak rents for 20€ per hour or 60€ per day, while a paddleboard rents for 15€ per hour or 40€ per day.

Working hours: May to October, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Contacts: Šetalište Tonija Petrića 10, Hvar | e: info@hulahulahvar.com | Website

3. Carpe Diem Hvar Beach Club

Carpe Diem Hvar Beach Club is a popular beach club in Stipanska Bay, on Marinkovac Island near Hvar town. The beach club features multiple bar counters, dance floors, a swimming pool, and relaxation areas, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

During the day, guests can relax on comfortable sunbeds and enjoy the crystal-clear waters. As the evening approaches, the club transforms into a party destination with DJ performances and themed parties.

Although prices are high, the fantastic atmosphere and stunning setting make Carpe Diem Beach Hvar a top party spot in the area, attracting groups of friends and couples.

Carpe Diem Hvar Beach Club


Carpe Diem Hvar Beach Club is located in Stipanska Bay, on Marinkovac Island, one of the Pakleni Islands near Hvar town. Many water taxis provide transfer services to and from Carpe Diem Beach Hvar, which takes around 15 minutes. The cost of a round-trip transfer is 10€. Water taxis leave every 20 minutes, and the return trip from the beach to Hvar town is at full hour every hour.

If you plan to visit Carpe Diem Bar in Hvar Town after midnight, use the official boat transfer departing from Carpe Diem Bar in Hvar Town, as it is already included in the entrance fee.


Carpe Diem Beach Club is a proper beach club that operates from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m., except for a short break between 10 p.m. and midnight. The club is in a secluded cove, allowing guests to enjoy music and partying without disturbing anyone. The club features multiple bar counters, dance floors, relaxation zones with cabanas, comfortable wooden sunbeds, VIP tables, and a swimming pool. Some cabanas are located on the rocks beside the water, providing privacy. Guests can relax in the sun or the shade of pine trees.

The on-site restaurant offers a wide range of Mediterranean and international dishes, including sushi. Additionally, guests can rent stand-up paddleboards and sea kayaks to explore the beautiful surroundings. Other facilities and services include a beach volleyball court, open-air Thai massage, and toilets.


Carpe Diem Club Hvar offers a genuine beach club atmosphere. During the day, Carpe Diem Beach Club Hvar is a perfect place to relax, swim, eat, and drink while enjoying groovy music in the background. The beach and the bar are quite spacious, so it’s usually busy but not overcrowded during the day.

However, when the clock strikes 5 p.m., Carpe Diem Beach Club Hvar becomes a party destination with DJ performances, house music, and themed parties. The action starts with after-beach parties from 5 pm to 10 pm and continues with the Carpe Diem Hvar nightclub program from midnight until the early hours.

The music gets louder, and crowds of young people come to drink, dance, and have a great time. Although the prices are high and the service is not the best, the fantastic atmosphere, great music, and stunning setting make Carpe Diem Beach Hvar one of the top party spots in the area.


The beach is rocky. The entrance to the sea is via metal ladders and concrete stairs. The water is crystal-clear and ranges in shades of turquoise and deep blue.

Clientele: Groups of friends, couples


Carpe Diem Hvar is known for its high prices and is considered among Hvar’s most expensive beach clubs. However, there is no entrance fee for day visits or after-beach parties and minimum spend for regular sunbeds and seats.

If you visit after midnight, when Carpe Diem operates as a nightclub, there is a 40€ coverage fee. This fee includes free return transfers from and to Hvar Town and an entertainment program with DJs playing music.

It’s important to note that the entrance fee and drinks are cash-only unless you are at least 5 people in the group. In this case, you can pay by card. However, there are ATM machines on-site, so it’s not a big deal. The payment policy is sometimes confusing, as it’s unclear why they switch between cash and card payments. On busy nights, there is a minimum spend for VIP tables, which is around 1000€ for a table of 8. For the regular bar, there is no minimum spend.

Sunbed rent starts at 50€ and goes up for double beds and packages with a welcome drink and towel. If you decide to eat there, expect to pay around 25€ per dish. Drinks range from 10€ to 25€ per drink. If you want to order a bottle, it will cost you at least 300€, not including mixers.

Working hours

The Carpe Diem Hvar Beach Club is open from May to October. The daytime beach bar working hours are from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. After-beach party hours are from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. The nightclub opens at midnight and stays open until 5 a.m. The restaurant is open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., while sushi is available until 9 p.m.

Contacts: Stipanska Bay, Hvar | e: beach@cdhvar.com | m: +385 99 446 8468 | Website

4. Laganini Lounge Bar and Fish House

Laganini Lounge Bar & Fish House is an exclusive beach club situated on the beautiful island of Sveti Klemen. Just a short boat ride from Hvar Town, this beach club is popular among a diverse range of clientele, including the rich and famous.

Laganini stands out from other Hvar Town beach clubs with its gourmet restaurant, which serves locally caught fish and seafood, along with an impressive selection of drinks. During the day, the atmosphere is laid-back, and it livens up with house music in the afternoon.

The club’s beach is rocky, with wooden jetties and clear turquoise waters that make it perfect for swimming and water activities. Whether you’re a family, couple, or group of friends, Laganini is the perfect destination to enjoy your time.

Laganini Beach Club Hvar


Laganini Lounge Bar & Fish House is located on the island of Sveti Klemen, on popular Palmizana Beach, just 15 minutes away by boat from Hvar Town. This secluded spot offers breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea and surrounding islands, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists.


Laganini Beach Club Hvar is a different kind of beach club compared to other popular clubs like Carpe Diem or Hula Hula. It is an exclusive and fancy club that attracts the rich and famous, as well as other patrons who come here to see and be seen. The service is world-class, and there are several options for guests to choose from, including private cabanas with comfy sunbeds and VIP tables. Both offer good privacy as they are separate from each other. Some quarters are located right above the water, providing a unique experience.

Its food sets Laganini Lounge Bar & Fish House apart from other Hvar clubs. While other beach clubs in Hvar serve fast food, Laganini’s gourmet restaurant offers more elaborate and fine dishes. The menu stars are various locally caught fish and seafood dishes, including fresh oysters, grilled or baked octopus, lobster pasta, Adriatic squid, and shellfish, to mention a few. Laganini is one of the best restaurants in Hvar, and it also boasts an impressive drink list, including vintage and prestige champagnes, over 100 finest international wines, and a great choice of cocktails and spirits.


The atmosphere at Laganini is easygoing, reflecting the laid-back and slow island life. During the day, the music is relaxing, making it a perfect spot to chill out on the beach. At 4 p.m., the DJ arrives and brings up the beats, usually playing house music.


The beach is rocky, with wooden jetties where guests can enjoy a refreshing swim, moor a boat, or take part in water activities like snorkeling. The access to the sea is by metal ladders. The crystal clear water, lovely shades of turquoise, and stunning views make it an ideal spot for swimming and sunbathing.

Clientele: Families, couples, groups of friends


Laganini is the priciest beach club in Hvar. Here, you won’t find any stand-alone deck chairs to rent. Instead, the club offers cabanas and booths that come with sunbeds. However, to acquire a cabana or a table, you need to spend a minimum amount, which starts at 200€ per person and increases depending on the type of seating and the number of people in the group. However, the prices of the food and drinks are high, so it doesn’t take long to reach the minimum spend limit.

For starters, expect to pay 35€, while main dishes range from 60€ to 120€ and desserts are around 15€.

Working hours for the beach club: May to October, noon until 10 p.m. | Restaurant hours: Lunch, two seatings: 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. | Dinner: from 7.30 p.m.

Contacts: Palmižana Beach, Hvar | e: info@laganinihvar.com | m: +385 91 174 4976 | Website

5. Falko Beach Bar Hvar

Falko Beach Bar in Hvar is a charming, laid-back beach bar right by the sea, offering stunning sea views and breathtaking sunsets. It’s the perfect spot to unwind, enjoy delicious food and drinks, and soak up the sun.

The beach is rocky but easily accessible, with warm and clean water. Catering to families, couples, and groups of friends seeking a peaceful beach day, Falko Beach Bar provides a tranquil escape from the lively party scene of other Hvar beach clubs.

Falko Beach Bar Hvar


Falko Beach Bar is located in Hvar town, by the sea and under the pines, a 25-minute walk from the old town of Hvar. It’s basically just a 5-minute walk further from the Hula Hula Bar.


Falko Beach Bar Hvar is a charming, laid-back beach bar on a picturesque cape. It offers a lot of natural shade, stunning sea views, and breathtaking sunsets. You can rent double sunbeds and parasols, relax on a couple of hammocks after a swim or lunch, or enjoy the on-site bar and restaurant that serves delicious food and drinks. However, the number of sunbeds is limited, so if you plan on renting one, come early. The bar plays soothing funk music, making it an ideal place to unwind. The staff is amicable and hospitable. In fact, Falko’s staff is considered to be the best among all the beach clubs in Hvar.


The atmosphere at Falko Beach Bar is laid-back, with funk music playing in the background. It’s an ideal spot for relaxing, having a leisurely lunch with friends, or enjoying a cocktail while taking in the sunset. Compared to other beach clubs in Hvar, Falko Beach Bar is low-key, relaxing, and has a much calmer ambiance, far from the craze of Hula Hula and other Hvar beach clubs.

Beach: The beach in front of the Falko Beach Bar is rocky. But the access is easy, and the water is warm and clean. It is also deep enough to dive in from the rocks.

Clientele: Families, couples, and groups of friends who enjoy a relaxing beach day without the loud party atmosphere.


For two people, you can rent a day bed for 30€. If you’re in the mood for a cocktail, prices range from 12€ to 15€ depending on the type of cocktail you choose. A shot of spirits costs between 7€ and 9€, while a glass of wine costs 9€. For non-alcoholic options, soft drinks are priced at around 5€, while beer and various coffees are also available at this price point. As for food, expect to pay an average of 20€ per dish.

Working hours: May to October, 10 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Contacts: Vlade Avelinija, Hvar | e: reservation.falko@gmail.com

Best Time to Visit Hvar Beach Clubs

Summer is the best time to visit Hvar Town for nightlife and parties, with July and August being the peak months. Hvar Town, in July and August, is bustling with tourists looking to party. The warm and sunny weather is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and partying under the stars. In May, June, September, and October, the beach clubs are only partially open, the program is not as extensive, and the clubs close earlier.

Where to stay in Hvar For Nightlife

Beach Bay Hvar Hotel, Sunbeds, Beach
Beach Bay Hvar Hotel

Deciding where to stay in Hvar, Croatia for nightlife is easy! Hvar Town is the best place to stay on Hvar if you want to experience its famous nightlife. Staying in Hvar Town makes it easy to get around and enjoy the party scene without worrying about transportation.

Many accommodation options are available in Hvar Town, from luxury to budget-friendly hotels, hostels, and airbnbs, making it suitable for all types of travelers. We recommend properties listed below for your next stay in Hvar Town.

  • The Beach Bay Hotel has an unbeatable beachfront location, bohemian design, and first-rate personalized service.
  • The Blue Bay Residence is near Hula Hula and Falko Beach bars and has sea-facing apartments and a super-friendly host.
  • Villa Nora Hvar Hotel offers warm hospitality, delicious breakfast, spacious rooms, and a central location.
  • Zanini Heritage Suites perfectly blend old-world charm, modern amenities, and central location.

If you plan to visit Hvar during the peak summer months when the best parties are happening, we highly recommend booking your accommodation well in advance. This will not only ensure that you have a place to stay but also give you a better chance of getting a good deal.

Best Beaches in Hvar

Palmizana Beach, Pakleni Islands, Hvar, Sea and Boats

Besides its legendary nightlife, Hvar is also known for its stunning beaches. The clear turquoise waters and pebble beaches of Hvar Island, Croatia make it an ideal destination for beach lovers. Some of the best beaches on Hvar that you should definitely visit include Pokonji Dol Beach, Mekicevica, Lucisce, and Mala Stiniva.

Best Bars in Hvar

Hvar’s thriving nightlife scene doesn’t only consist of beach clubs. Many popular night bars in Hvar offer a fun atmosphere, partying until the wee hours, dangerously good cocktails, and a wide range of other drinks. Some of the best bars in Hvar are Kiva Bar, Pink Champagne, Ka’Lavand, Sidro, Central Park Club, Lola Bar, and Carpe Diem Bar.

Best Restaurants in Hvar Town

Hvar Town, Croatia is also known for its delicious local cuisine, with many restaurants serving traditional Dalmatian dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Some of the best restaurants in Hvar include Zori Timeless, Palmizana Meneghello, and Laganini. For a casual dining experience, head to Menego, Dalmatino, Dva Ribara, or Black Pepper.


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