Pula beaches: the good, the bad, and the ugly

I smile  just to think about Pula beaches. Actually anytime I write beaches and Istria within the same sentence, it makes me smile. OK, let me repeat it again, beaches in Istria are not really the beaches, but rather a rocky coast where people swim.

Best Beaches In Pula Croatia | Croatia Beaches Guide
Best Beaches In Pula Croatia | Croatia Beaches Guide

This post should be called something like “Best places to swim in Pula”, but for the romance of the term, I’ll call it a beach.

Pula actually has some nice, pebble beaches (the good). The problem is that the nicer they are, the more crowded they get (the bad). But there are some Pula beaches, that you just learn to love over the time, although they are not really that nice (the ugly). Their biggest advantage is that they offer lots of shade, and the sea is really clear.

Pula beaches

Beach Ambrela is probably the nicest beach in Pula. Located at the tourist resort Punta Verudela, 4 km away from the center of Pula, beach Ambrela is a pebble beach. The beach is just below hotel Brioni. There are lots of bars & restaurants in the vicinity. However, the beach gets really crowded. There isn’t much shadow at the beach.

Pula Beaches: Beach Ambrela
Pula Beaches: Beach Ambrela

Beach Havajsko is a small pebble beach, at Punta Verudela, just below hotel Park. This is a very small beach. However it is a nice, pebble beach. It gets crowded. There are lots of bars & restaurants in the vicinity.

Beach Valsaline is a small, pebble beach, located in the neighborhood of the same name. Valsaline is mostly rocky beach with a small pebble part. This beach is popular among backpackers from the nearby hostel (actually beach hostel).

Pula Beaches: Beach Valovine
Pula Beaches: Beach Valovine; small sandy beach amidst rocky coast

Beach Valovine is located in the bay of the same name. This beach has a small sandy part, although it is mostly rocky. This beach is very popular for relaxed and easy dives. There are many underwater caves and one underwater canyon.

Beach Valkane is active beach with lots of sport facilities, including beach volleyball, soccer, and tennis fields. There are few bars and restaurants around, and the nice wooded area just off the beach.


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5 thoughts on “Pula beaches: the good, the bad, and the ugly”

  1. Hello Frank, it’s a pleasure to read your article about the coast of our 3000-year old town. The ‘Pula Canyon’ and ‘Sacred rock’ at Verudela are something I highly recommend everyone to visit (just 100m from Hawaii beach). I would also like to mention the ‘Tarzan rock’ at Lungomare, ‘Golden Rocks’ and of course the natural beauty called ‘Galeb’s Rocks’. Permit me to say, your sentence “let me repeat it again, beaches in Istria are not really the beaches” is the very funniest expressions I have ever heard about our most loved places :)

  2. Hi Sasha,
    thanks for the tips. I love Kamenjak. I go there cycling and for a walk. It’s beautiful. Would check other beaches you mention. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Frank! I am Pula native and all those beaches on your list are mostly for tourists. Too crowded and no privacy at all. I realize that this is post for Pula beaches but I would recommend to go somewhere outside Pula: Premantura (Kamenjak), Šišan or somewhere else. Explore! We don’t have sand beaches, but after my Caribbean adventure (which was awesome!) I came to realize that there’s no sea like our Adriatic :)

    Where do you go to pick šparuge? Kamenjak is one of those places, go if you haven’t already been there.


  4. A hope to make it up here this coming Summer, I have pinned this post to help me remember where to go.

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