Restaurant Hrast Porec

Restaurant Hrast Porec is often overlooked by many people, including myself. The restaurant is located in a tiny one-way street leading from hotel Pical to the town, just across the bus garage. From the front it doesn’t look very attractive, and it’s easy to miss it.

Restaurant Hrast Porec Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide
Restaurant Hrast Porec Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Restaurant Hrast Porec is nicely decorated. It has a beautiful terrace right at the seafront. The terrace is facing south-west and west. From the terrace you can enjoy beautiful sunsets.

The prices are fair and the service is excellent. They always have off-menu items like catch of the day, or some other seasonal dish. Waiters take the time to describe and suggest dishes. Restaurant Hrast Porec has its own parking. It is important in Porec, especially in summer time.

Our experience at restaurant Hrast Porec

I had some family visiting the other day, and just before leaving they wanted to have a lunch. It was noon and 37 °C outside. I had to think quick, as I hate to eat in heat. But I like to eat outside. That’s when I remembered Restaurant Hrast Porec.

And how well did we choose the place! As described earlier, the seafront terrace is beautiful. There was a little summer breeze all the time and it was early enough not to have any direct sun on the terrace. The food was excellent. The plate of seafood starters, recommended by the waitress, was specially good.

Restaurant Hrast Porec - Plate of Seafood Starters

The seafood starters plate included: marinated anchovies, salted sardines, fish carpaccio, octopus salad, shrimp & avocado salad. Everything was yummy. The meal was accompanied by their house wine. House wine they serve is Pilato’s Istrian Malvasia. It is my official wine maker. I always buy my wine at Pilato.

Restaurant Hrast Porec - Pasta Prosciutto and Rocket Salad
Pasta with Prosciutto and Rocket Salad

For the main course everybody order some pasta. It wasn’t the best pasta ever, but it was OK. My friends had pasta with prosciutto and rocket salad. The truth is, this pasta was a bit over salted, but still tasty. I ordered pasta with tomato sauce and fresh basil. Delicious.

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4 thoughts on “Restaurant Hrast Porec”

  1. I have to agree. We visited last night, enticed in by the balcony and the incredible sunset views over the ocean. I won’t go into any great detail, but, wine aside, the food was unappetising, undercooked and cold. Possibly a bad evening in the kitchen, but it would certainly count as one of my most disappointing restaurant experiences in a very long time.

  2. Sorry to hear that Douglas. Our experience was better, but we haven’t been there in few years already. However, we’ll try to revisit.

  3. Very expensive restaurant serving very average food in small portions. Beware the deftly charming but pushy owner – she did everything she could to guide us towards the most expensive options – whilst claiming there was no fixed menu! We felt cheated – something of a black mark on our whole holiday.

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