Restaurants in Istria

Frank is writing series of reviews on restaurants in Istria. Frank reviews are based solely on his own experience and all meals Frank has, Frank pays for, so all reviews on restaurants in Istria are completely unbiased.

There are some great little restaurants in Istria, but the catch is to find these little gems among the hundreds of mediocre establishments that live off the tourists, serving overpriced food of average or even bad quality.  There are so many fantastic restaurants in Istria. You simply don’t have to fall into these tourist traps. Restaurants can be grouped in several groups from local eateries called konoba to  star rated fine dining restaurants, and everything in between.

Restaurants in Istria: Scallops
Scallops in Novigrad

Already on the road, you will notice many road signs for Konoba. Konoba is very common eatery in Croatia, specially in the coastal region, most often set in an old, stone, house in a countryside or a village. Konoba doesn’t have extensive menu, but the food is normally provided from the local producers and farms, prepared and served by owner and his/her family members. These are the best places to eat home-made and homegrown food. In most konoba you will get a decent quality meal for fair price. Still some konoba are better than others. Frank will give you his overview of the best konoba in Istria.

Seafront Restaurants in Istria
Seafront Restaurant in Istria

Beside konoba, there are lots of casual dining restaurants, some specialized in meat, and other in fish dishes. You will find Frank’s review on some of them.

Pizzerias are also very popular cheap restaurants in Istria. And majority of them prepares pizzas in wood fired ovens. The best pizzas that Frank has eaten are pizzas he ate in Croatia.

Plate of Pasta
Plate of Pasta

Last but not least are fine dining establishments offering creative cuisine in a fine dining ambience. Some of them are star-rated by Gault Millau Guide or Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe Guide. At the moment there are none Micheline star rated restaurant in Istria.

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