Valentine’s Day Rant – #SundayTraveler

You know we decided to do this week a Valentine’s Day themed SundayTraveler. At first I thought on cheating it with a really old post about our visit to Korta Katarina Winery. You are probably thinking what a visit to the winery has to do with a Valentine’s Day (and we haven’t even visited it on 14th of February!). But we were madly in love with that winery and then we were badly treated on our last visit there. And now we don’t love it anymore. That’s a perfect Love gone wrong tale. Especially if you love wine as much as we do.

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day #SundayTraveler style

Anyways, I judged that you wouldn’t buy it. So here I am stuck with the theme I think I have nothing to say about. I am completely disconnected from Valentine’s Day celebration. I am one of those people who believe that love should be celebrated every day of the year and not on a certain day. And that day coming just after my birthday is not helping the cause (why, why Valentine and not me?!).

Ever have that one friend who gets a Valentine’s Day gift for his mother? Doesn’t that freak you out a little? It’s like, ‘I don’t know how to break this to you but I think she’s banging your dad!’. – Russ Meneve

Second though I have on a Valentine’s Day is that is even more commercialized than Christmas. And I don’t like that part of it either. Vera told me that the first time she heard of Valentine’s Day Celebration was in her English class, mere 20 years ago. And now it’s like very popular celebration here in Croatia too: hotels preparing special packages for couples, cupid and hearts hanging from every store’s window.

My suggestion is to skip on Valentine’s Day all together (you can alternatively celebrate 13th of February as my day; but this is optional; if you do decide to celebrate it, the custom is to make at least 1 kg of fudge per person and eat it all on that day). We need another Festivus!

And if you didn’t like my Valentine’s day post, you can always go and read one on our visit to Korta Katarina Winery.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s day? Let us know in the comments below.

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41 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Rant – #SundayTraveler”

  1. Ah, now you actually made the point. Never thought about it in terms of colours (OK, and champagne and chocolate overdose :)

  2. Lol, Milene! I actually like the part of Valentine’s day where kids make and exchange cards. But that’s about it. I’m just not feeling this holiday as natural as I need in order to identify with it. And I still celebrate love everyday of the year. I have a super power :). But whatever makes you happy, it’s great with me.

  3. I actually like Valentines day! And I think it’s rubbish to say that you can celebrate love on all days of the year – no one does that! Besides that – what’s is not commercialized nowadays? Christmas songs we hear half a year before Christmas but who cares? Tomorrow I’ll have a post published on my blog exactly about that :-) about the fact why the day of love is so nice :-) Oh and well I’m single so no sweet gifts that make me love Valentines day ;-)

  4. How fun is a holiday that celebrates champagne and chocolate overdose, completely saturated in PINK?! (Lol, can you tell I’m one of those girly girls that just adores the holiday for just those reasons:-)

    Happy belated birthday!:-)

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Michele! What an interesting tradition on Chap Go Meh – do guys really wade out to grab the oranges?

  6. We normally exchange cards on Valentine’s Day (& at times throughout the year). My husband will be grilling steaks for us. I prefer that any day to a restaurant.

  7. I love the “let’s just get drunk and naked”. LOL. I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures of Croatia. Stopping by from SITSblogging.

  8. Thanks, Webly! Good point. I always keep a little gift aside, just in case my lady decides that this year we’re totally celebrating it :)

  9. Thank you, Thauna! Oh, kids are so adorable. My niece is doing cards tomorrow in her kinder-garden. And she was all excited telling me about that today.

  10. Thanks Teri! Hahaha… that’s funny way to look at Valentine’s Day. And I am sure the dogs would totally enjoy it :)

  11. Hi Trish, thanks for stopping by! Oh, chocolate always works. I actually complain just because Vera never remembers to buy me a chocolate. :)

  12. I just think of Valentine’s Day as a “silly” holiday. We don’t really celebrate it in traditional ways. But I usually slip some chocolates his way and sometimes he’ll buy me a card. There’s nothing wrong with NOT celebrating it, but you can make it your own day too if you want.

  13. A VESTIVUS for the restofus? I love it! I did a post on how to make Valentine treats for your dogs… lol! #SITSBlogging #CommentLove

  14. Happy almost Birthday!! I already received a hand-drawn valentine from my 4 1/2 year old grandbaby…she asked me to be her valentine. That is all I need. :)

  15. I conquer that love should be celebrated every day of the year. I would prefer to be showered with love and surprises all year long. I dislike the expensive flowers and the whole overprice everything on just ONE day. Anyways to keep you out of the dog house I would be safe and get your significant other flowers anyways.

    Comment luv from SITS

  16. I’m not really big fan of Valentines, it should be Valentines every day when you are a couple not only once a year romantic dinner and thats it! :)

  17. Oh, I really like the make a kilo of fudge and eat it all day idea. Valentine’s Day is starting to catch on in Malaysia in a very commercialized way with red hearts, cupids and much candy buying. This year, the end of the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration called Chap Go Meh happens to fall on Valentine’s Day. Chap Go Meh is also the unofficial Chinese Malaysian Valentine’s Day. The tradition is for available ladies to write their phone number or email address on an orange and toss it into the ocean. Then, the available guys wade out their to grab a random orange.

  18. I dislike when you fall in love with a destination or place just to find out that it really was the staff that can make or break it. I agree with celebrating the love you have all year. I love all the social media posts that state that their significant other is the best because they bought them flowers or some other material thing that disappears with age or after you eat it. Oh well, that was a quick rant from me :)

  19. I’m with you all the way. We’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day precisely because of the overly commercialized nonsense. I used to say we’d celebrate after we had a kid and needed an excuse to go out, but four years after we still haven’t bothered. You post gave me a good laugh, so thank you!

  20. Totally agreed with each and every word on this comment with Calli!
    (Minus Travis :-) Every day or on any day not just on 1 day! Cheers

  21. Thanks, Calli! I am there with you. And it’s absolutely cheesy when the restaurants make a themed dinner, and then you end up with a heart shaped dessert or alike.

  22. Jess, thanks for finding a name for it – a FudgeDay! And oh, we’ll be in a sugar coma as well. That’s a part of the celebration :)

  23. Thanks, Lunaguava! Seinfeld is our favorite TV series, and we always find a reason to throw in any joke from it.

  24. Yes, for me that Valentine’s Day craze is just incomprehensible. Here is to celebration of love on everyday of the year!

  25. Thanks, Mary! I loved your post. It did make me hungry, and true with all that chocolate it can pass for a Valentine’s Day post.

  26. I’m pretty anti-Valentine’s Day as well – I just don’t like the idea of a holiday that forces people to show their affections for one another. If you are in a relationship shouldn’t you care about the other person 365 days a year instead of only on holidays? Travis and I much prefer to save our money and go out for a nice dinner at some other time when the restaurants are less crazy!

  27. I didn’t follow the Valentine’s theme this week. But, I do have a lot of chocolates on my post. Does that count? I totally agree with you about the commercialization of Valentine’s Day. No, you don’t need that one day. That Meneve quote is so true and funny. I hope the two of you celebrate Feb 13 in a special way.

  28. This post just cracks me up! I’m with you–never been a big Valentine’s Day fan whether I’m in a relationship or not. Why can’t we be loving every day?! :)

  29. Thoroughly enjoyed this post, Frank – and not just because of the Seinfeld reference, although that was cool too :) Here’s to those extra kilos of fudge! Good luck!

  30. I am totally celebrating FudgeDay from now on. If I end up in a chocolate coma on February 13th, it’s your fault. :P

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