A walk through blue and green Istria

This week we’ve teamed up with Manuel Paljuh, a photographer from Porec to share with you images of green and blue Istria. From beautiful coastline and blue Adriatic to green rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards, Istria is simply stunning. Istria is also a home … at least for now.

This heart-shaped peninsula is perhaps the only region in Croatia where coastline and hinterland are equally developed, and each receives its fair share of tourists. The only way to truly experience the region is to visit both areas. Along the coastline you’ll encounter pretty seaside towns with colorful houses, harbors, Venetian-style architecture, fancy hotels, and rocky coastline. Hinterland abounds in rolling hills, medieval  hilltop villages, farm houses, olive groves, and vineyards.

Images of Blue and Green Istria
Sailing anyone?

Istrian coastline, especially near Vrsar, Rovinj and Pula, is dotted with many small islands (not as many as Dalmatia further south but still quite few). Some islands are overtaken by seagulls (you don’t want to go there), but seagulls-free islands are awesome for swimming away from the crowds.

Images of Blue and Green Istria
Hm, I’m sure to find less volunteers for this one?!

A plough is one of symbols of Istria. Istrian people are hard-working, and although today many hold jobs within tourism industry, and many also have their own apartments to rent, people still keep that deep connections to their land. Everybody here works in campagna.

Images of Blue and Green Istria
Rovinj Istria

This small lighthouse is located at the tip of Rovinj peninsula, just below St. Eufemia Church. It’s a popular swimming area.

Images of Blue and Green Istria
Old railroad Parenzana

Parenzana was a 123 km long railroad that used to connect Trieste in Italy with Porec in Istria (and passing  through 33 places along the way). The line ceased to operate back in 1935, after 33 years of service. The rails apparently were taken off during the World War II  and shipped to Africa. But the boat sank and now they are laid at the bottom of the sea. Today the route is restored, cleared and maintained. It’s one of the most popular cycling trails in Istria, passing through stunning Istrian countryside, and across many viaducts.

Images of Blue and Green Istria
Sunset in Porec

No photo walk should end without a perfect sunset photo. Manuel captured this one in Porec. Don’t forget to check Manuel Paljuh’s facebook page for more photos of Istria. If you happen to be in Porec during any event or concert, the guy you’ll see around with camera is perhaps Manuel.

On a side note,  the summer turned to be really busy for us. So busy that we even skip our daily picnics by the beach. This is actually a really sad part, ’cause we just found the way to keep our spot at the beach people free (You’ll need to e-mail us if you want to know the secret. We’ll only say that it works perfectly!). Within a next week, we should finish many of our side projects, and publish more often here at our blog. Bon courage, all!

All photos taken by Manuel Paljuh.

How did you like this short walk through blue and green istria? Also, we’d like to know how you manage your time? Let us know in the comments below. 


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20 thoughts on “A walk through blue and green Istria”

  1. It looks so beautiful there and wow that sunset is stunning !
    I really hope to be able to visit one day.

  2. Frank, I can’t wait to explore some of Istria. Luckily the flights into Zadar make it close and easy! It’s definitely on my list!

  3. Beautiful scenery for your walk! I’m sure it was even more amazing in person!

  4. We’ve visited Pula and Rovinj by small cruise ship, but didn’t have the time to explore the more off-the-beaten-path places you’ve described here. Would be lovely to spent more time in Croatia doing so…

  5. Gorgeous shots! This post makes me want to hop in a boat and sail around Croatia for a few weeks. I have not yet been to Istria, but it’s very high on my list. The cuisine and wines from that region are both fantastic.

  6. Beautiful pictures as usual. What I would do to be on the little boat sailing to the horizon!…I am getting a case of itchy travel feet now.

  7. That sunset picture is truly gorgeous. It’s hard to get a sunset to stand out amongst all the gorgeous sunsets available, but that does it.

    Loved hearing about this region. Thanks for taking us there!

  8. Beautiful! The sunset shot was incredible.I really need to come and visit. My great-grandfather was head of the garrison in Malj Losinj during WW1 and I have always wanted to visit the island. The lightohouse looks great too!

  9. These photographs are stunning! I also really liked the tidbit about the seagulls – they sound rather mean :)

  10. Istria looks amazing! I would love to go sailing there. And that lighthouse is so quaint!

  11. What’s the best way to see all the islands? Sailing? Boat? Can you stay on the islands or is it more of a day trip kind of thing? Lovely photos, btw…

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