Best travel money belt for international travel

Looking to buy a travel money belt for your upcoming trip? After extensive market research on these types of travel bags, we recently purchased a top-notch travel money pouch.

Our money bag is our main travel companion since. We are thrilled to share here with you all the tips and tricks to help you choose the best travel money belt.

Best Travel Money Belt For Europe , Illustration
Best Travel Money Belt For Europe , Illustration

Although pickpockets are not very common in Croatia, it’s always better to be cautious. A money pouch is an excellent tool to keep your money and documents safe from pocket-pickers. Travel money bags are practical and convenient to use. These travel money belts allow you to keep all your valuables together, and they easily fit under your shirt.

Should you get a travel money belt?

A travel money belt still heats up discussion on whether it is a useful and safe way to carry your valuables, or it is a red flag for thieves screaming – here is where I keep all my valuable belongings, so just come and take it. However, we believe that money belts can are useful in many occasions while traveling.

Sure, money pouch isn’t something new, and all thieves are aware of them, but it is much harder to steal a travel money belt than a purse or to steal your money from the money pouch than from a regular purse. And while they can be less of security against armed robbery, they are still super useful against pickpockets. A money belt is the most secure travel wallet to find.

Just make sure you don’t wear your money belt on the outside of your shirt. This isn’t how it’s intended to be used.

No time to read the entire post? These travel money belts are our top choices!

Money belts also serve as a good travel wallet organizer keeping all your cards, money, and documents neatly arranged.

Whenever traveling, one of our main concerns is how to manage money, credit cards, and documents. We tend to travel with more cash than perhaps needed because we always think that something could and would go wrong with our credit cards.

However, even if you don’t carry that much cash, you still need to put somewhere your credit cards, your passport, ID, driver’s license, and whatnot.

And what’s better than a money belt? A money belt is practical, lightweight, unnoticeable, inexpensive, and safe to keep your valuables.

10 best travel money belts for international travel in 2024

Best money belts comparison table

Money beltMaterialRFID-blockingPriceOur rating
Peak Gear Money BeltNylonYes$$4.8
Alpha Keeper Money BeltNylonYes$$$4.5
Venture 4th Money BeltNylonYes$$4.5
Raytix Travel Money BeltNylonYes$$4.5
Moko Money BeltNylonYes$4.6
Eagle Creek Undercover Money BeltSilkNo$$$4.0
FlipBeltSpandex & LycraNo$$$4.7
Stashbandz Money BeltSpandexNo$$$4.5
Jasgood’s Belt With Hidden PocketNylonNo$$4.2
Joder’s Leather Belt With Hidden PocketLeatherNo$$$$4.3

Peak Gear’s Travel Money Belt

Made of water-resistant nylon, Peak Gear’s money belt features two compartments and pockets, an adjustable waist strap, a moisture-wicking back, and an RFID blocking system.

As the Peak Gear’s money belt has an RFID block shield integrated into the fabric protecting the entire money pouch from electronic theft, it doesn’t come with separate RFID blocking sleeves.

This travel money belt also comes with 250$ theft insurance and a free lost and found service if it ever happens that your protected items are lost and found.

Peak Gear money belt is one of the best travel money belts on the market due also to its slim yet sturdy look, flat buckle, lightweight, and lifetime warranty.

On the other hand, it comes only in three colors: gray, beige, and black. Also, it comes in three different sizes: regular, xs, and xl.

Click here for the latest prices and other information.

Alpha Keeper Money Belt

Alpha Keeper money pouch 2019 model got just tons better. Now it features triple-layer RFID protected and water-resistant fabric, a stretchable waist strap, lots of pockets including a rear mesh pocket, and even 7 RFID blocking sleeves.

These sleeves are handy if you use them out of the belt. As the belt is RFID protected, there is no reason to use them with the RFID wallet. So, you can consider them as a little bonus gift.

Alpha Keeper is comfortable to carry, discreet, and very well made and it has a lifetime warranty. It comes in 7 different colors including pink and green camouflage.

Aluminum zippers don’t set off the alarm on a metal detector. Thus, no reason to take it off when passing through the scanner at the airport (unless the agent requests you to do so).


Venture 4th Money Pouch

Similar to other money belts listed here, Venture 4th travel money belt has a slim minimalist design, large capacity fitting credit cards, money, and documents, RFID-blocking fabric, and a 12-month money-back guarantee.

It comes in as many as 9 different colors. Besides, it’s made of durable, water-resistant, and lightweight nylon with breathable, moisture-wicking mesh back.

It is easily worn around the waist, and not bothersome when tucked beneath your pants for added security.

More information and the latest prices here!

Raytix Travel Money Belt

Lightweight, thin and water-resistant, Raytix Travel Money Belt comes in 6 colors. It features RFID protection, two zipper compartments, and one hidden pocket. The back panel mesh keeps moisture away.

Raytix money belt offers ample room for all your documents, credit cards, money, and even a smartphone without compromising on its size. Even when full, it stays a little noticeable.

All in all, this money belt is easy to wear and comfortable. As a bonus, the Raytix money belt comes with a small pen.

You can check the latest prices here!

Moko Travel Money Belt

With a price just below 10$, Moko’s travel belt is the best budget money belt for Europe. It might be cheaper than other money belts, but it doesn’t mean it compromises on features.

Moko’s fabric is RFID protected, it is ultra-slim, fits very well around the waist, and it is easily tucked inside the pants for extra security.

It also comes with two zippered compartments and a hidden pocket in the back. Besides, Moko’s money belt has a cutout for an earphone cable. It is made of water-resistant nylon.

Find more information and the latest prices here!

Eagle Creek Travel Money Belt

A bit more expensive than other money belts listed above, Eagle Creek’s Undercover travel money belt is made of natural silk. It is washable, breathable, and durable.

Eagle Creek’s money belt also has two zipper compartments, an adjustable strap, and it comes in two colors: black and rose.

It doesn’t feature an RFID shield, but hey, as I have already mentioned, the need for an RFID blocking system is quite disputable. If you are an Eagle Creek fan, and prefer natural silk over nylon, go for this lovely money belt.

This travel money belt isn’t waterproof but it is sweat-resistant which is more important.

Click here for more info and the latest prices.


lipBelt is the USA designed and manufactured belt made of Spandex and Lycra. It looks like a top of the yoga pants

Used a lot by active people during their workout, whether it’s running, hiking, cycling, or gym, it’s also a perfect travel companion.

It comes in a variety of colors, it blends nicely with your clothes. Pulled on like a pair of pants, it doesn’t move, jiggle, or chafe. It has four openings allowing you to tuck easily many of your belongings, including phone, keys, money, credit cards, etc.

Flipbelt might be an excellent solution if you need a money belt that will provide you with more room. It blends with your clothes and it fits perfectly in the waist. However, in hotter climates, it might provide warmer than its simpler although less roomy counterparts.

Check here the latest prices and detailed information.

Stashbandz Money Belt

Similar to the Flip Belt, the StashBandz belt is not just a travel money belt. It’s the ultimate hands-free, pocket-free, and bag-free solution for all your valuables.

It’s made of spandex and it looks like yoga pants top with 4 large pockets that can hold your phone, keys, money, cards, even an insulin pump, ice pack, or a flask (I am not judging you!).

Manufactured in the USA, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Stashbandz money belt comes in 7 different colors. Just make sure you buy the proper size, as if too big, it has a tendency to bounce. But when it fits, it’s a perfect travel or running companion.

Get more information and the latest prices here.

JASGOOD’s Cashsafe Anti-Theft Money Belt

This soft nylon belt with a buckle has a hidden pocket inside the belt where you can simply stash your excess cash.

The design is simple and it fits any style.

The buckle is made of quality YKK plastic and can be replaced easily if you wish or need to.

We haven’t used this type of belt, and can’t tell you how handy it is from the first hand. But our friend got one for his travels in Brasil. And he was happy with it. Although he used other hidden pockets and places to hide his total cash, cards, and documents.

More information here!

Yoder’s Leather Belt With Hidden Money Pocket

This leather travel money belt has a hidden pocket inside the belt where you can hide your cash. It holds up to 24 narrowly folded notes.

It comes in two colors: black and brown. This money belt looks just like an ordinary belt and it doesn’t draw much attention. However, handling the money in public is a bit of a challenge. But, it serves as a good place to hide the extra money you have on you.

Click here for the latest prices!

Tips for choosing the best travel money belt for Europe

A travel money belt is a simple but effective and inexpensive way to protect your money while traveling.

There are various types of travel money belts, some are waterproof money belts, others are 100% RFID money belt for extra safety, some look just like regular belts, while others feature a travel money pouch that you can tuck into your pants or wear hidden below your shirt. Besides these various types of belt wallets, you can also consider opting for a neck money pouch.

What type of concealed money belt you should choose depends on the type of traveler you are, but also if you need to keep your money safe or also your cards and documents. Travel destination plays also an important role in choosing a perfectly secure travel wallet. A simple waist wallet is a belt with a hidden pocket on the inside where you can stash your cash, but you’ll hardly fit anything else. However, it’s less noticeable than the money pouch. A travel pouch, on the other hand, is just bigger, thus less hidden, but more practical as it can fit all your documents, cards, and money.

The money pouch isn’t intended to be used as a purse either. It’s hidden with the reason, and some of them aren’t particularly practical to handle money on the go. Their main purpose is to keep your valuables safe while on the road. A money belt doesn’t replace a purse, it compliments it. Take a small amount of cash with you in your wallet, a quantity you will need for a day, and keep the rest in the security belt.

There are a few things to consider before deciding on the best money belt for Europe.


What type of money belt you need, a simple money belt, or a travel money pouch? Think if you need to stash all your cards, documents, and money, or you just need to keep safely extra cash. Also, if you travel to countries more known for armed robberies, like some South American countries, maybe you would be better with a more discreet money belt as opposed to a money pouch.


Another thing to consider is the material the money belt is made of. Here too you have a variety of choices: leather, canvas, nylon, spandex, silk. You name it! Some people prefer natural material like silk that has less of a chance to cause a rash on your body in case you sweat. The leather belt on sports pants doesn’t look that good as a canvas belt. Nylon is light and dries easily. And so on. Think about the material that suits your style and needs before you decide on the best money belt for you. In any case choose a material that is breathable, durable, moisture-wicking, and water-resistant.


Money belts and money pouches also come in a myriad of colors. We prefer neutral colored money belts as they are less noticeable under the clothes.

And if a money belt or pouch isn’t for you consider the following alternatives: bra wallet, neck wallet, attachable stealth wallet, or hidden pocket.

RFID protection

We were so ignorant of RFID blocking products until recently when a friend of ours upgraded his wallet to one featuring an RFID blocking system embedded within the fabrics. Needless to say, as he was bragging about that, we stared one at another not even knowing what’s he talking about.

Anyways, RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is an electromagnetic method used to transmit small bits of data over a short distance. The problem is that many credit cards and identity cards are today RFID-enabled, and someone with a reader might be able to steal your data and consequently steal your money.

The majority of travel money belts on the market today have an RFID blocking shield. However, there is some controversy as to if RFID blocking is just another fancy word that lures you into upgrading your otherwise perfectly good products. You can read an interesting article on that subject here.

Number of pockets

It all depends on how many items you plan to carry in your money belt. If you plan to carry only money, you might consider buying a simple belt with a hidden money pocket. On the other hand, if you need to carry around your passport, credit cards, and some cash, you should look into money belts with compartments big enough to fit all your belongings.

The best money belt for international travel is perhaps one featuring two to three compartments, whether some of them are hidden or not. But as you will see below, there are also money belts that can fit even your medical devices, or keys while still keeping discrete.


Do you only need a money belt for Europe and other travels? Or you would like to have a multifunctional belt for your other activities, like running or hiking, as well? Think of a purpose when deciding on a money belt, as some of them are better for travel, others are better for sports.

Best Travel Money Belt For International Travel
Best Travel Money Belt For International Travel | Pin me for later!

Alternatives to travel money belts

Maybe you simply don’t like to walk around wearing a money belt. In that case, there are a couple of alternatives that can still help you keep your valuables safe.

Neck wallet

Certainly, the most popular alternative to money belts, neck wallets have all the pros of a belt wallet, but instead, to wear them around your waist, you actually wear them around your neck. They can also double as a small man purse and be worn around your shoulder. However, in that case, they lose their main purpose – to hide your valuables.

Here are our favorite brands!

Bra Stash

Bra stash is a small, credit-card size pocket that can be attached to a woman’s bra. It’s a simple alternative to money belts, but it also has a smaller capacity, and can’t fit a passport. Also, it isn’t handy to handle your cash on the go.

Get more info and the latest prices here.

Hidden pockets

Similar to bra stash, hidden pockets are simple pouches that can be hooked onto the belt, or sewed onto the pants, or wore around the leg, or ankle.

They have a small capacity, mostly enough to fit a couple of credit cards and some cash. And just like a bra stash, hidden pockets can be inconvenient to use on go depending on the location you strap it to.

Find out more information here!

Infinity Scarf

Well if you are an infinity scarf aficionado, you might as well get one with hidden pockets. An infinity scarf allows plenty of space for your valuables including a passport, phone, credit cards, money, and even some basic toiletry like a lip balm, or your favorite glasses.

Click here for additional information and the latest prices.

Anti-theft clothing

From pants, shorts, leggings, hoodies, vests to even underwear, tank tops, and socks, there is an entire clothing line designed for travelers and with anti-theft features in mind. It’s your everyday clothing equipped with deep and secret pockets and often made of lightweight, quick-dry fabric. If you are concern about safety, consider buying at least some anti-theft clothing like these pants, or this lovely hoodie.

Anti-Thief Hidden Security Bag

The old classic that fits equally well men and women, sling underarm bag might just be the best anti-theft travel companion for you. It’s stylish, easily fit below the jacket, and it’s accessible when needed. Check this Rimix model here!

Do you use a travel money belt when traveling? Let us know in the comments below.

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