Unique Travel Gifts For All Budgets

Are you looking for unique travel gifts? The kind of gift that a person you give it to will actually use on her or his travels? If the answer is yes, then keep reading. We bring you 29 unique gift ideas for all budgets and styles.

We like to put lots of attention and care when gifting someone. And it isn’t always obvious and easy to find the right gift for a person.

29 Unique Travel Gifts, a man standing in the shallow water watching the sunset, illustration
29 Unique Travel Gifts, Illustration

But if we know that the person likes traveling, or just has a trip planned ahead, we almost feel relieved.

Because there are so many great and unique travel gifts for all budgets out there, that you can keep gifting them for years to come.

However, this doesn’t mean that you just pick any travel gift from the shelf without a thought and belief that the person you plan on giving it to will be all over the moon.

Airlines make you keep the weight down and traveling light is the only option. Today many travelers opt for carry-on luggage only, and with these limits, there isn’t much room for things they won’t really need.

Our list of unique travel gifts for any budget and style

Here is our ultimate list of unique travel gifts that will make you stand out from the crowd while at the same time it will be a useful gift for the traveler you plan on gifting.

JBL Clip 3 Speaker

JBL Clip 3 Speaker

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is super-portable and an ideal gift for any traveler.

It comes in 13 colors and with an integrated clip that makes it easily attachable to any bag or a belt loop. JBL offers up to 10 hours of playtime with a battery fully charged. It is lightweight, portable, and has a great sound quality. This older model of the JBL Clip is still our favorite because it also features a noise-casncelling mic for taking calls. Newer versions unfortunately are missing this option.


Smartphone printer

KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

The traveler in your life probably already owns a photo camera or at least a smartphone to capture fun moments, new places, and people. But how about being able to print those photos whether to give them to the people they encounter on their travels or to send them home?!

Sharing memories just got easier with a portable smartphone printer. This KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer fits a palm, comes in a variety colors, and is compatible with IOS, Android, NFC, and Bluetooth devices.

Portable espresso machine

Portable espresso machine

Do you know someone who is on the go but can’t live without a cup of coffee the first thing in the morning? You might as well become their new best friend if you gift them Staresso, a portable espresso machine.

Staresso makes a perfect espresso yet it does it for the friction of the price compared with traditional espresso machines, and even better-taking friction of the counter space the traditional espresso machine takes. Plus, it’s portable which makes it a perfect travel companion.


Travel pillow

Everybody needs some comfort whether planing a road trip or a long-haul flight.

Dot&Dot’s twist memory foam travel pillow is soft, well-supportive, and comfortable. And it makes a great travel gift.

Packable travel bag

Outlander Daypack

We believe that everybody needs an extra bag when traveling. But a bag can easily take lots of space.

That’s why a perfect gift for a traveler is a packable travel bag like this Outlander Daypack.

This daypack is lightweight, foldable, water-resistant, durable, and holds so much. You can easily carry it in your suitcase. It takes almost no space at all.

Portable laundry machine


For someone who travels out into the wild, or someone who really likes to pack light, the portable laundry machine can come in handy.

Scrubba wash bag is the smallest and lightest travel laundry wash bag. It weighs only 142 g and when folded it fits in the palm of the hand.


Collapsible water bottle

Vapur Solid Flexible Water Bottle

Another item that helps save space while being an inevitable travel companion is a collapsable water bottle.

This Vapur Flexible Water Bottle – with Carabiner is BPA-free, has a leak-proof twist cap, and it comes in many colors.

This water bottle can easily be clipped to any bag, and it is freezable.

International travel adapter

Sublimeware’s universal adapter

Different countries use different electric plugs. In order to use your electric devices on your travels, you will need a travel adapter.

This Sublimeware’s’s universal adapter can be used in over 150 countries, including most of the European, Asian, and South American countries as well as the USA, Canada, and Australia.

It has also 4 USB ports and 1 USB Type-C port.

Foldable kettle

LOUTYTUO Foldable Electric Travel Kettle

A kettle is something we always carry with us whether we stay in 5* hotels or a campsite. We don’t like to get out of the house before having a cup of coffee.

Loutytuo kettle is a small, portable, lightweight, collapsable travel kettle made of food-grade silicone.

It is a great travel gift for all who like to take their coffee or tea first thing in the morning.

Hanging luggage organizer

Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System

Don’t you just hate when you need to dig through your suitcase? Doesn’t it seem sometimes that the thing you are looking for is always at the bottom of the suitcase? And then you need to destroy a neatly packed suitcase and perhaps re-pack.

A hanging luggage organizer not only helps you better organize your clothes, but you can easily hang it anywhere you stay and use it as a mini dresser. And if you stay somewhere only for a day or two it will make repacking so much easier.

Check this Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System on Amazon.

Xenvo’s phone pro lens kit

Xenvo’s phone camera lens kit

Camera equipment takes lots of luggage space and if you would like to bring different lenses for all your photography needs then you need a separate bag for all your camera equipment.

And this is often not doable because of weight restrictions and other reasons.

However, Xenvo’s phone camera lens kit solves that problem and this makes it a great travel gift.

Now every traveler with a smartphone can take awesome wide-angle and macro photos.

Packing cubes

Bagail’s packing cubes

The best way to stay organized and have space in your suitcase is to use the packing cubes.

Every traveler who wants to gain space in the suitcase uses two packing tricks: rolling clothes instead of folding them, and using the packing cubes. You won't believe how many more items you can pack when following these two tricks.

The Bagail’s packing cubes are sold as a set of 6 cubes in 3 different sizes. They fit neatly into most carry-on bags as well as into tote, duffel, and backpacks.

Portable charger

Anker PowerCore+ Mini

Being on the road means that you can’t be sure when you will have the next chance to charge your phone.

And if you use your phone to take photos on your travels, the battery will drain fast.

However, power banks can also be bulky and heavy, although many offer great power.

When buying a power bank, you don't only think about the power capacity, but what's more important, you need to consider size, weight, and charging speed.

For this reason, we love the Anker PowerCore+ Mini. It lets you charge your smartphone from empty to up to 80% of the full capacity.

At the size of a lipstick, this is one of the most compact power banks on the market.

Lightweight hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

Traveling with a hammock is like carrying your bed everywhere. But of course for a fraction of price, volume, and weight.

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock is a lightweight affordable hammock that comes in two sizes: single and double. It also has tree straps, carabiners, and an attached carry bag included. This is a must-have item for any traveler!

Money belt

Peak Gear’s travel money belt

A money belt is a classic but always well-welcomed travel gift. We’ve written a full post on the best travel money belts.

This Peak Gear’s travel money belt is slim, comfy, and light, and it includes theft insurance and a lifetime recovery service for lost items.

It’s made of waterproof nylon with Built-In RFID protection against electronic thieves.

Lightweight luggage

Travelpro Maxlite 5

You can’t go wrong when gifting a traveler in your life with lightweight luggage. All airlines have weight limits on both international and domestic flights, and for carry-on luggage as well as checked luggage.

The lightweight luggage is one of the most appreciated travel gifts. This Travelpro Maxlite 5 is one of the lightest mid-size luggage on the market, while this American Tourister Stratum is one of the lightest carry-on luggage on the market.

Travel gear space saver bags

Chestnut’s compression bags

Make a traveler in your life happy with this useful but unique travel gift under 20$.

The Chestnut’s compression bags for travel save space and protect the cloths from odors, dampness, moths, and dirt.

The bags require neither a pump nor a vacuum to extract the air. Simply roll the bag up and the air will get out compressing your clothes.

Water purifying bottle

LifeStraw water purifying bottle

This is a must-have water bottle for anybody traveling internationally, going camping, or hiking into the wild.

LifeStraw water purifying bottle enables you to simply fill up your bottle anywhere and have the water safe for drinking. It also allows you to save money you would otherwise spend on bottled water.

The bottle is made of BPA-free plastic with a silicone straw for drinking. Once full, it contains 650 ml of water.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


Books are heavy and big and they take up valuable space in the luggage. Besides, if the person is an avid reader, they need more than one book on their travels.

The e-reader is the best answer, and Amazon Kindle is just one of the most popular e-readers out there. It’s almost a size of a passport, thin, lightweight, waterproof and it allows you to store all your favorite books within its 8 GB or 32 GB memory.


Wireless noise-canceling earphones

TOZO NC9 Earbuds

You can’t go wrong with a decent pair of earphones. It is a great travel gift for anyone who loves to listen to music or podcasts.

For travelers, earphones are better choices than headphones because they take less space. Also, look for the noise-canceling feature that will enable any traveler to sleep better on a long flight or a train ride.

These Tozo Earbuds offer a great HD sound and deep bass, are waterproof, long-lasting, and quick charging. They also have a magnetic necklace, a built-in HD mic, and noise-canceling technology.

Gorillapod tripod

Joby Gorillapod

Whether for that long-exposure night shots or a photo of you and your travel buddies, a tripod is a must-have travel accessory.

And the best part – tripods don’t need to be bulky and heavy to get the job done. Joby Gorillapod is small enough to fit in a day pack, versatile, easily attachable to various surfaces and objects, and it holds cameras as well as a phone.

Fitbit activity tracker

Fitbit activity tracker

Everybody is using some kind of pedometer these days. All smartphones offer an app for tracking your daily activity, including steps you take, the distance you make, floors you climb, and calories you burn among other data.

However, if you want your data to be accurate you need to carry your phone on you at all times. And sometimes you just want to go for a walk or have a quiet moment, and you don't want to have a telephone with you. At least this was a reason Vera has got herself a Fitbit activity tracker.

We were camping and used to take long walks, and she simply didn't want to carry a telephone with her. Thus, Fitbit! A great and affordable solution to track your daily activities.


Portable travel fan

Portable travel fan

Looking for unique travel gifts on a budget? A handheld portable travel fan is a great yet very affordable travel gift. Besides, when it gets hot, they really help move the air around and cool a person down.

This Ronessy Travel Fan is handheld, battery-operated, and USB rechargeable. It is very lightweight and it fits in the pocket. It also comes with a 5-year worry-free guarantee. It costs less than 15$ and as such, it is one of the cheapest travel gifts on our list.

Another great gift can be a simple abanico, or a hand fan made of fabrics. These ones look very stylish and they offer as much airflow as you need. You just need to keep moving it faster. We like this OMyTea's handheld folding fan. And it costs less than 10$!

Shampoo bars

Shampoo bars

Shampoo bars are an excellent solution for travelers. They are small and compact yet one shampoo bar equals 2-3 shampoo bottles.

With a shampoo bar, you don’t need to worry about liquid restrictions for carry-on bags, neither you need to worry about leaks and a mess that a regular shampoo bottle can make in your luggage.


Solid cologne

Solid cologne

I love cologne! I am always using it, and I am lucky because any cologne I use stays on my body for a long time. Vera, on the other hand, can spray any perfume on her just to have it all evaporated just half an hour later. Anyways …

Similar to shampoo bars, solid cologne is a concentrated cologne packed in a pocket-size tin.

It takes less space than a bottled cologne, it’s leak-safe, and you need not worry about flights’ liquid restrictions.


Travel towel

Travel towel

A microfiber towel has everything that you can wish for in a travel towel: lightweight, ultra-compact, and fast-drying, and as such is a perfect travel gift.

This Rainleaf's microfiber towel comes in 8 colors and 6 sizes. It is super-absorbant, and it is made of soft fabrics.

The towel folds easily and takes very little space in your bag. It also has its own mashed bag where you can easily store it and carry it.

Travel socks

Travel socks

If you know someone who plans to travel on long-haul flights or take long bus rides, travel socks might as well be the best travel gift for that person.

Driving for a long time without the room to stretch legs can cause poor blood flow. Travel socks use compression to help increase circulation in your legs. They are a must-have accessory for anyone who travels often.


Amazon gift card

If you aren’t sure which of these unique travel gifts is right for the traveler in your life, just buy them an Amazon gift card, and let them pick something they really need and will use on their travels.

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