Dubrovnik Pictures: experience Dubrovnik from the sea

Dubrovnik is pretty. It’s a picture-perfect town. Kind of a town that makes you go WOW all the time. When in Dubrovnik, I keep snapping pictures constantly.  However, to really enjoy its beauty, you need to see it from the sea. Take a boat tour, a taxi boat or a kayak. Sail around the old town.

We’ve done just that this week. We’ve been lucky enough to be invited on a half-day private boat trip around the old town, and to the nearby Elafiti islands. Our boat was awesome – a nice motor yacht Jeanneau Prestige 42 Fly. I could easily get used to this kind of life.

Dubrovnik Pictures: Islets and reefs Grebeni
Islets and reefs Grebeni are located only 300 m from Dubrovnik, and they feature a lighthouse to rent

We embarked near hotel Lapad, just across the Gruz port, and the cruise took us around the Babin Kuk area, pass the President hotel, along Lapad Bay, and further to Dubrovnik old town. We enjoyed a lot watching this newer part of Dubrovnik from the sea, getting a feel of town’s coastline, popular hotels, and local beaches. We admired a lot the Grebeni, a group of 11 islets and reefs off the Lapad coast, housing the lighthouse (that you can actually rent out for your luxury Dubrovnik holidays).

But the highlight of our cruise was a sail around Dubrovnik old town. We’ve approached the old town from the Lovrjenac Fortress. The vistas are incredible. The old town, the historical walls, the towers, the old port, one scenery is nicer than the other.

Here are few Dubrovnik pictures we took from the sea. I don’t even think they capture completely the beauty that the eyes see.

Dubrovnik Pictures: Beautiful snapshots taken from the sea

Dubrovnik Pictures: Approaching the old town from the Lovrjenac Fortress
Approaching the old town from the Lovrjenac Fortress
Dubrovnik Pictures: The view over the Bokar Fort
The view over the Bokar Fort
Dubrovnik Pictures: Sailing around the old town toward the old port
Dubrovnik Pictures: Sailing around the old town toward the old port
Dubrovnik Pictures: The first glimpse of the old port and the town
Dubrovnik Pictures: The first glimpse of the old port and the town
Dubrovnik Pictures: Pretty old town
Dubrovnik Pictures: Pretty old town
Dubrovnik Pictures: Dubrovnik is magnificent!
Dubrovnik Pictures: Dubrovnik is magnificent! Love this view :)
Dubrovnik Pictures: Dubrovnik panorama as we sail away.
Dubrovnik Pictures: Dubrovnik panorama as we sail away.

Have you enjoyed Dubrovnik pictures from the sea? Have you seen Dubrovnik from the sea? Let us know in the comments below.


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32 thoughts on “Dubrovnik Pictures: experience Dubrovnik from the sea”

  1. Hi Simon, glad you liked Dubrovnik. And yes, you are right those photos don’t do justice – Dubrovnik is even prettier! We’ve really been impressed seeing the town walls from the sea.

  2. Man, you’ve got to love Dubrovnik! It’s definitely one of the prettiest little cities I’ve ever visited. These photos are great – but they do not do it justice. I don’t think any photos do, you’ve got to walk those walls yourself to appreciate what a remarkable place this is.

  3. Spring and fall are the best times to visit Dubrovnik, Megan. Let us know if we can help with anything regarding your visit.

  4. Hi Emma, glad to hear you are coming to Dubrovnik. Sure, you can rent kayaks without doing the tour. Just check at the local beaches.

  5. I’m going WOW just looking at your pictures! I still haven’t been to Dubrovnik yet (shame on me!) but thanks to your site I can enjoy a virtual visit of the (and the rest of Croatia). Love it! :)

  6. Gorgeous photos! I didn’t get to do a boat tour while there (except the kayak of course!) and would love to! :)

  7. Great photos, a whole different perspective. Still on our list of places we want to visit – we’ll make sure to take a boat tour.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  8. Looks beautiful! You truly appreciate the size of the walls from the water. I have to go to Dubrovnik!

  9. Thanks for sharing. I visited Dubrovnik last year, and I recall seeing all the kayaks flitting along the rocky shoreline and thinking “that would be an interesting perspective.” Thanks for giving it to me in a way! It also looks like a cooler way to see the city in summer, if you don’t mind diving in.

  10. Beautiful photos! So many amazing views to take photos of – I would never grow tired of it!

  11. Great pictures, reminds me of my time sailing around Malta last year. We chartered a boat with friends and went around Gozo and over to Comino island.

  12. WOW, cannot wait for my trip to Dubrovinik in June, your photos are amazing. Are there places to rent kayaks without doing a tour? Would love to do that, as we’ll be on a very tight budget!

  13. I love visiting places by boat. I checked out a few places that allow self-drive cruising in Croatia, but I wonder how much I’d miss of the overland Croatia. Guess I’d have to come more than once, which would be ok by me :) Thanks for the photo tour. Just lovely!

  14. lovely pictures! I’m dying to go to Dubrovnik but couldn’t swing it this year, instead I’ll just have to live through your photos. :)

  15. Another wonderful set of pictures! Dubrovnik looks like such a charming medieval town, like it never caught up to the times (in a good way!) I really hope to visit someday :)

  16. Beautiful! I never tire of seeing lovely photo of Dubrovnik. Very jealous that you guys are already seeing such sunshine when we seem to have reverted back to winter here!

  17. Each place is uniquely its own, but some of your pics of Dubrovnik remind me of cross between Capri and Malta, so pretty

  18. You are right Frank, Dubrovnik really seems to be a picture perfect town and it even looks amazing when viewed from the sea. The funny thing is that the seaside of the town was actually meant to impress and scare intruders off instead of looking pretty, but maybe our perception has simply changed over the centuries. But in any case, if the whole panorama of Dubrovnik looks even more beautiful than on your photos, then you really must have had the perfect day on your free boat ride… :)

  19. I guess this is the kind of view I’m going to get coming in on Croatia Sail this summer, ZOMG I’m excited :)

  20. Beautiful shots. I visited Dubrovnik six years ago in March and loved the off-season feel. There were some boat tours on offer, but I didn’t go for them as I suffer from terrible sea sickness, now I wish I had.

  21. Always gives you a different perspective on a place from the water doesn’t it? Still very beautiful! :)

  22. Absolutely loved Dubrovnik from the sea. But then again, I oved áll about Dubrovnik. The city is in my top 3 cities ever! (And that says something considering my blog being all about citytrips).

    And thanks for hosting another lovely bloghop! Can’t wait to check things out, I shared my blog about Soweto (talk about impressive!).

    Have a great Sunday,

  23. These photos are amazing. I am trying to decide when to visit Croatia right now, and I think it’ll be next spring. Is this a good time to visit?

  24. I’ve only been on the small boats in Dubrovnik, so a 42-footer would be a nice way to tour the harbor! This has to be one of the most photogenic cities on the planet. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  25. It looks even more beautiful from the sea! And a 42 foot boat must be a nice way to do it ;). Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos!

  26. You’re not kidding about the picture perfect thing – it’s hard to believe that’s real life and not a movie set.

    Owning a lighthouse has always been one of my dreams. I think renting one for a vacation would be almost as good!

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