Galesnjak – The Lover`s Island in Croatia

There is a tiny island in Croatia which is causing a sensation among all lovebirds on the planet. It is small and uninhabited. It doesn’t have any natural attractions.

Galesnjak, Lovers Island In Croatia | Croatia Travel Guide
Galesnjak, Lovers Island In Croatia | Croatia Travel Guide | Photo credit: Arya Stone & Flickr

It is a desert island with shrubs. And yet it is one of the most popular islands on the planet right now. That island is Galešnjak. Its distinction is its unique shape. It is the most heart-shaped island on the planet.

Galesnjak first gained worldwide recognition in 2009 when Google Earth captured its unique shape. However, the first record of the island’s shape was taken in the early 19th Century by Napoleon’s cartographer.

It was included in an atlas of the Dalmatian coast which was created in 1806. But it was through Google Earth that Galesnjak first became a global sensation.

It has now been christened the “Isle of Love”, “Lovers’ Island” and “Love Island”, among other colorful names. It is also currently one of the most favored couples’ destinations on the planet.

Couples on honeymoons, marrieds celebrating anniversaries and young men wanting to propose find Galešnjak the ideal destination. The island has an aura, a charm which is almost magical.

What there is on Galesnjak, the Lover’s Island in Croatia

Galešnjak is uninhabited. It does not have any tourist facilities or any sort of man-made structures. All it has are shrubs upon its rather rocky terrain. Plans are underway to develop it, but nothing concrete has been put in place. However, it is this wild, untamed atmosphere which appeals to most lovers. The island is isolated, quiet and private. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a romantic moment uninterrupted.

The island has some pebble beaches. They are not the best kept beaches on the planet, but they are good enough for a romantic swim. Galešnjak is surrounded by the emerald-blue waters of the Pašman channel. They give it an idyllic, paradise-like feel. It is this atmosphere which makes all who visit Galešnjak not wish to leave.

Island in Croatia
Source: Orvas Yachting

However, most people who travel to Galešnjak cannot stay overnight. As mentioned earlier, there are no amenities on the island. Therefore, the only option of staying overnight is camping. Most people who visit the island set up base in the nearby island of Pašman or in the major tourist hub of Zadar. They then rent a boat and ride to the island or take up one of the cruises which make stopovers on the island.

Galešnjak is a must-visit island in Croatia for anyone who desires to share a memorable moment with their soul mate. The island is the perfect place to chill out, camp, picnic, swim and share amorous moments. The island is privately owned and so permission has to be sought in order to access it. However, only those who desire to go camping are actually required to seek permission. This is just a formality because there is no record of anyone having been refused access to the island.

Ultimately, what keeps the flame of love alive is the quality of romantic moments shared together. Currently, there is no better place to share such moments than in the Island of Love. Traveling to the island is the perfect way to rekindle affection, warmth and passion. Whoever wants to visit Galešnjak can do so by traveling to either Pašman or Zadar. From there, they can rent a boat to the island or take up a cruise which makes a stopover on the island (Croatia has many charters, a few popular are Orvas Yachting and Charter Croatia). Renting a boat is the better option since it means that a couple can spend there as much time as they desire.

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  2. This is the coolest thing ever!! I thought it was photoshop island and now I know its REAL!!

  3. How cool! I’ve seen pictures of this island all over Pinterest and Facebook. I didn’t know it was in Croatia. I’m happy that the owners haven’t tried to exploit its image and have left it natural. Much more romantic that way :)

  4. How neat! And bonus for it being secluded and underdeveloped.I hadn’t heard of this island before and only knew of one other heart-shaped island in upstate NY but the millionaire created it.

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  6. Thank you for introducing this almost unreal looking island Frank. The lover’s island sounds quite kitschy, but the natural heart shape of Galesnjak certainly speaks for itself. It actually seems good and bad that is privately owned. Good, because they only allow the use for camping, bad if they were ever to decide to make some real money and built a heart shaped resort. That would really kill the spirit. By the way, do you know what the two stripes are in the bird’s view?

  7. I remember hearing about this heart-shaped island. It does indeed sound romantic. I hope that it’s able to maintain its natural beauty and not be developed.

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