Istrian wines and winemakers

Istrian wines and winemakers – Istria what?! On the world wine map is hard even to find winemakers and wines of Croatia, let alone Istrian wines. But you would be surprised to find that this tiny region of Croatia produces excellent wines.

Istrian wines and winemakers are ones of the best in Croatia. People who had a chance to taste Istrian wines happen to become their strongest ambassadors.

Istrian Wines
Selection Istrian WInes

Istria is a Croatian region located between Bay of Kvarner and Slovenia, just below Gulf of Trieste. This heart shaped peninsula is the largest Croatian peninsula. Istria, with its green hills, valleys and medieval hilltop town, is often referred as Tuscany with color. It is a lovely region to live in and to visit. Praised for its good quality of life, great food based on local produce, top quality olive oils, white truffles and excellent wines, Istria is the place to be.

Istrian Wines: Wine cellar
Wine cellar

Frank, being himself aficionado of everything Istrian, decided to introduce to you Istrian wines and winemakers.


List of Istrian wines and winemakers

Agrolaguna Wines
Agrolaguna is a big company from Porec. Agrolaguna Vineyards cover close to 500 ha. Company grows the indigenous grape Malvasia, but also Chardonnay, Pinot gris, Pinot blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Muscat amber, Muscat rose.

Benvenuti Wines
Benvenuti family is located in the village Kaldir, near Motovun, where they grow three wine varieties: Malvasia, Teran and Muscat.

Capo Wines
Capo Wines is a young wine producing company, located in the village Brtonigla. They opened their door in 2009.

Franko Cattunar is one of the larger Istrian winemakers. His winery is located in the village of Brtonigla.

Istrian Wines: Agrolaguna Wines
Agrolaguna wines

Clai Wines
Clai is another of Frank’s personal favorite winemakers. Giorgio Clai, along with Mladen Roxanich, is an atypical Istrian winemaker. He follows ecological farming and biodynamic approach to winemaking.

Coronica Wines
Moreno Coronica, just like Matosevic and Kozlovic, is highly regarded Istrian winemaker. His winery is located in a village Koreniki near Umag.

Cossetto Wines
Cossetto family produces wine from their 7 hectares vineyards located near village of Kastelir.

Cuj Wines
Cuj wines are produced by Kraljevic family. Their cellars are located in the village Farnazine near Umag.

Damjanic Wines
Damjanic wines are produced by Robi Damjanic. Damjanic is one of Istrian younest winemakers.

Degrassi Wines
Degrassi produces around 130.000 bottles of wine annually. His vineyards stretch over 25 hectares. Beside indigenous grape varieties, Degrassi also produces many other European grape varieties.

Dobravac Wines
Winery Dobravac is one of the leading wineries in Rovinj region. They produce wide variety of wines, from sparkling to desert wines.

Istrian Wines: DObravac Wines
Dobravac Wines

Franc Arman Wines
Franc Arman estate is located in village Narduci, not far from Vizinada. The estate is run by Franc Arman and his son Oliver. It consists of 8 hectars of vine-growing hills and wine cellar where you can taste Arman’s wines.

Franko Radovan Wines
This winery is located in the village Radovani near Visnjan. Franko Radovan and his family have 4.5 hectares of vineyard.

Gerzinic Wines
Gerzinic family cultivates 6 hectares of vineyards, planted mostly with local grape variety – Malvasia. They own a small, family-run winery located in the village Vizinada.

Kabola Wines
Kabola wines are produced by Markezic family. Their vineyards are located in nort-west Istria, near Momjan, on the hill 270 m above the sea level. Their winery is one of the nicest to visit, especially for its unique feature of aging their Malvasia in amphoras.

Gianfranco Kozlovic is one of the best known and most important Istrian winemakers. His winery is located near Momjan. It is a brand new winery definitely worth visiting.

Legovina Wines
Legovina winery is located in the west Istria, in the village of Mekisis. It is a small, family-run winery. Family Legovic owns 7 hectares of vineyards planted with local varieties malvasia and teran, but also with international varieties chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc and Cabernet franc.

Istrian Wines: Benvenuti Wines
Benvenuti wines

Matosevic Wines
Matosevic winery is located in village Kruncici. Ivica Matosevic is the president of Association of Istrian winemakers – Vinistra and one of the visionaries responsible for putting Istria on the world wine map.

Meneghetti Wines
Meneghetti winery and estate is located in Bale, in the Istrian inland, short distance from the sea. Famous for its top quality olive oils, Meneghetti also produces excellent wines. Meneghetti winery and estate grows the indigenous malvasia istriana grape, but also international varieties like pinot blanc, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot.

Misal Wines
Located in village Persurici, near Porec, family Persuric produces natural sparkling wines.

Pilato Wines
Frank’s personal favorite Istrian winemaker. Winemaking tradition in Pilato family dates back to 1934, and for three generations.

Istrian Wines: Misal Sparkling WInes
Misal Sparkling Wines

Piquentum Wines
Piquentum wines are produced by young wine producer Dimitri Brecevic. Piquentum Wines Company was established in 2006. It is located just outside of Buzet.

Poletti Wines
Located in the village of Markovac, near Visnjan, Piero Poletti is the 6th generation of Poletti family making wine on the same property.

Roxanich Wines
Roxanich wines are produced by winemaker Mladen Rozanic, and its name is derived from the winemaker’s last name.

Saints Hills Wines
Behind Saints Hills Wines is a young entrepreneur Ernest Tolj. Saints Hills have vineyard in Radovani near Visnjan. In Istria, the cultivate Malvasia Istriana and Chardonnay.

Tomaz Wines
The family Tomaz has 7 hectares of vineyards, located in the vicinity of Motovun.

Trapan Wines
Trapan wines are produced by Bruno Trapan. Just like Damjanic, Bruno Trapan is one of the younger Istria winemakers.

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  1. Thank you for your reporting. We’ve stayed for weeks almost every summer in Glavani. You give me even more to sing the praises of our beloved Istria. Next time we go we will carry your list with us. We shop in Pula and are very happy with the selections. We’ve been pleased and sometimes very unpleased with our purchases—still, always a good buy for the Kuna. We love the peace and quiet of Glavani and Barban the historical sites (I am a retired history professor.) and the beauty of the coastal towns—out of season. We made a long tour of the vinyards 4 years ago, and brought home 2 liters of olive oil. OMG! We live 99% on fish there, and enjoy having a fisherman drive our road to sell to us. We are always too early or too late for the monkfish. Thank you for enriching our culture.

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