Konoba Vodnjanka in Vodnjan

Another weekend another restaurant – konoba Vodnjanka in Vodnjan near Pula. This post might appear confusing as the day itself was.

Konoba Vodnjanka Vodnjan Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide
Konoba Vodnjanka Vodnjan Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

First, my friends told me that they would be going to Konoba Kaluzovo near Rabac. But as first we had gone olive oil tasting in Rabac, and it was actually paired with food, my friends decided they ate enough.

To my astonishment everybody claimed not to be hungry. I was shocked! Olive oil, as much as I love it, is a food for girls. I needed a real lunch.

Things looked really serious for me until our diplomatic friends showed some disappointment as well. The sun was shining again! Because, while they might tell me No for dinner, they couldn’t do so to diplomat and his wife who accompanied us for a day.

Konoba Vodnjanka was booked in minutes. I’m proud with what happened to our reservation at Konoba Kaluzovo. But I won’t be going there any time soon. And not because Konoba Kaluzovo has anything to do with it. Some things simply need to be forgotten.

Konoba Vodnjanka in Vodnjan near Pula, Istria
Konoba Vodnjanka in Vodnjan

Konoba Vodnjanka: Overview

Konoba Vodnjanka prides itself in a quality homemade prosciutto and cheese. So our starter included exactly that, accompanied with olives and polenta. As the matter of fact, prosciutto was really excellent.

Konoba Vodnjanka - Cold Starter
Excellent Prosciutto @ Konoba Vodnjanka

After cold starter, we’ve order some “manestra” – traditional Istrian soup.

{Manestra is a vegetable soup made primary of beans and dry meat, while other ingredients can include: barley, lentils, corn, cabbage, etc…}.

After the soup, we had some home-made pasta with rocket salad and prosciutto.

Konoba Vodnjanka - Pasta With Rocket Salad and Prosciutto
Pasta With Rocket Salad and Prosciutto

Main course included homemade sausages and pork tenderloin with baked potatoes and sauerkraut. Although pork tenderloin was a bit too fresh, generally I was very satisfied.

After a chocolate cake for dessert, I could start thinking again of olive oil tasting and what a nice experience that was. Funnily enough, I was mistaken for an ambassador (I guess for my greater manners). As my company did include some diplomats, waiter wrongly concluded that I was an ambassador.


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8 thoughts on “Konoba Vodnjanka in Vodnjan”

  1. Hi Vic,
    yes, Tom Gretic along with Emil Perdec (sommelier at Wine Vault) will be advising and overseeing the new venture. I am excited about it. As soon as it opens (March) I will go to check it out and post about it. If you would like to advise my readers on any place you’ve been, feel free to write a post and I will publish it on my blog. Frank

  2. Hi Frank,

    Now that you mention the owner of Toklarija, we were warned not to turn up without making a booking, seems his mood is a bit of a swinger.
    Came across Kantinon when wandering through the back streets in Rovinj. It was in the afternoon and I noticed it was very dark inside, comes into it’s own at night I guess. Thanks for the information on the change there, I presume Tom Gretic is the chef advising on the new venture?

  3. Hi Vic,
    true, these two places are something else. Food is excellent, but I didn’t like the attitude of the owner at Toklarija. He’s got his style, so you either like it or not. There is no middle I think. Wine Vault, on the other hand, is great in every way. You know that in a month time the same guys from Wine Vault (Tom, a chef, and Emil, a sommelier) will run also Kantinon. Right now it is a cantina style place at the seafront promenade in Rovinj. But these guys are set to turn it in a cute little place to eat in Rovinj. It should be more affordable than Wine Vault.

  4. Hi Frank,

    I really enjoyed dining at Wine Vault in Monte Mulini Rovinj and Toklarija in Sovinjsko Polje. These are two completely different places and fairly pricey, great for that special occasion.

  5. Dear Vic,
    thanks for your comment. Any other restaurants in Croatia / Istria that you have enjoyed and would recommend?

  6. Thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed your meal at Konoba Vodnjanka. I agree that their prosciutto is excellent.

  7. My husband and I visited this restaurant in September. The place is lovely, the food was very good (although the menu is a bit limited). Their prosciutto is really excellent, and the soup was to die for. We had some white house wine – Istrian Malvasia – and it was very good. Prices are reasonable. Would recommend.

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