Restaurant Viking Lim Fjord Istria

Restaurant Viking Lim Fjord is one of few restaurants in Lim Fjord, Istria. Located just few meters from the clear waters of Lim Fjord, restaurant Viking offers fresh seafood and fish, along with other regional specialities like wild asparagus, truffles, cured meats and alike.

Restaurant Viking Lim Fjord Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide
Restaurant Viking Lim Fjord Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Lim fjord is located half way between Vrsar and Rovinj. Although, it is called a fjord, it is not really a fjord, since this estuary was carved by river, not by glacier. However, Lim fjord is a beautiful canyon like estuary with its sides rising up to 150 m. The estuary is rich in fish, oysters and mussels. It is protected area, where activities like swimming and fishing.

Restaurant Viking Lim Fjord: Oyster Shack
Oyster & Mussels Shack @ Lim Fjord

There are only two restaurants here, restaurant Viking Lim Fjord and restaurant Fjord. Beside them, there is a small shack right above the water, owned by company Istrida that grows mussels and oysters, and where you can arrange tastings of these sea delights right above the water (call Emil Sosic at: +385 98 414 512;

Restaurant Viking Lim Fjord: Terrace
View From the Terrace @ Restaurant Viking

Restaurant Viking Lim Fjord: Review

I always choose restaurant Viking for my food trips to Lim Fjord. I have never eaten at restaurant Fjord, and cannot judge. But all my friends and acquaintances always eat at restaurant Viking Lim Fjord. Since I am not native to Istria, I just assumed that restaurant Viking must be better and more trustworthy. Beside, everything I ate there was good, which gave me no reason to look for a change.

Restaurant Viking Lim Fjord: Grilled Scallops
Grilled Scallops

Restaurant Viking Lim Fjord is a huge place, with really boring interior, but with a beautiful terrace overlooking the green Lim Fjord waters under the shadow of pine trees.

I went for a lunch the other day with few friends. For appetizer we chose grilled scallops. Scallops were freshly sweet, simply grilled with a olive oil. Then we had some mussels in a white wine sauce. Mussels were fresh and properly-prepared, very meaty and tender.

Restaurant Viking Lim Fjord: Homemade Pasta
Homemade seafood pasta

For the main course, we went with homemade pasta with scampi, shrimps and kanestrele (small scallops). Pasta was perfectly cooked with a simple white wine sauce. The sauce was light and just bound the ingredients together, not overwhelming them.

For the dessert, I had a sorbetto. Perfect choice for the hot summer days. The accompanying wine was local white wine Malvasia. The total cost per person: 20 €.

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