Best restaurants in Zagreb for lunch

Since we've published our post on the best cheap eats in Croatia, we've got lots of questions regarding the best restaurants in Zagreb for a cheap lunch.  We love eating out in Zagreb. Restaurants in Zagreb are vibrant and exciting: from fine dining restaurants, neighborhood eateries serving hearty cheap dishes, to growing number of restaurants serving delicious ethnic food. You can check our list of must-try Zagreb restaurants

Best Restaurants In Zagreb For Lunch | Croatia Restaurant Guide
Best Restaurants In Zagreb For Lunch | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Croatians still treasure lunch more than dinner. Unfortunately with majority of people working on 9 to 5 schedule, during the working week, a lunch is no longer enjoyed with a family, but rather among colleagues from work. Many restaurants in Zagreb offer special daily lunch menus. And many times these menus are even more exciting than restaurants a la carte offer.

Our list of the best restaurants in Zagreb for lunch

We list these restaurants in Zagreb in no particular order.

1 | Vallis Aurea (Tomićeva 4, Zagreb | +385 1 4831 305 | Sunday closed | Website):Located right downtown near the funicular, Valis Aurea offers hearty lunch for less than 40 kn. You can check their daily dishes here (Croatian only).

2 | Marenda (Kuniščak 24, Zagreb): Although it's perhaps the best kept secret in Zagreb, Marenda is actually always full, and very popular among locals. Here you’ll eat dishes that Dalmatian grandmas’ used to prepare at home.  A full meal with a drink you’ll pay around 10€.

3 | Žlica i vilica (Kneza Mislava 13, Zagreb | +385 1 4572 770 | Sunday closed | Website): Italian-style bistro with modern interior, Žlica i vilica offers daily lunch dishes for as little as 20 Kn (and up to 40 Kn). You can check their weekly menu here (Croatian only).

4 | Pauza (Preradovićeva 34, Zagreb | +385 1 4854 598 | Sunday closed | Website): centrally located just few minute walk from the main square, Pauza is popular lunch spot among young professionals working in downtown. They offer a choice of two daily dishes for under 40 Kn. Their daily dishes are usually light and prepared in wok. The food can be described as Mediterranean-Asian fusion. On Sunday they offer a full three course meal for 15€. You can check their daily menu here (Croatian only).

5 | Tip – top (Gundulićeva 18, Zagreb | +385 1 4830 349 | Sunday closed | Website): An integral part of Zagreb social life,  restaurant Tip top is a place where everybody likes to check in. You'll find here a blue collar working class eating next to Croatian show-biz stars. Tip-top (ex. Blato) offers three daily dishes for 35 Kn to 55 Kn. Check their daily menu here. Tip top also has a regular a la carte menu, and (my personal favorite) a choice of tapas-style small bites (e.g. anchovies on bread for 5 Kn a bite).

6 | Rougemarin (Folnegovićeva 10, Zagreb | +385 1 6187 776 | Sunday closed | Website): Located off Zagreb touristy streets, Rougemarin is THE place to go for the best burgers in the town. This place is extremely popular among locals. They have a gorgeous outdoor terrace. Rougemarin organizes also a green market where you can buy fresh local produce.

7 | Šalša (Kostelska 11, Zagreb | +385 95 1995 459 | Website): relatively new restaurant located in Zagreb's working class neighborhood – Tresnjevka. With their simple, but tasty and affordable lunch menu, Šalša manages to attract crowds from all over the town. Go early, 'cause their daily dishes are often gone by 2pm. If you miss daily gablec, just order a burger. It's yummy!

8 | Lari i Penati (Petrinjska 42a, Zagreb | +385 1 4655 776 | Sunday closed | Website): Although it opened just few years ago, Lari i penati quickly became one of the locals' favorite lunch spots. A small street-side terrace is always busy during the lunch time, so make sure to book your table if you plan to eat here. Lari i penati offers a bistro-style dishes, portions are not large, and the prices are affordable (although not cheap).

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Have you eaten in any of these restaurants? Do you know of other great restaurants in Zagreb for lunch? let us know in comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the great recommendation about Vallis Aurea! My husband and I had an incredibly delicious lunch there yesterday during a quick day-trip to Zagreb. Was perfect!

  2. I was in Zagreb recently but never got to try any of the restaurants you’ve listed. Did get some other really great food though! Can’t wait to go back and I’ll def give a few of these a try!

  3. Yum, we weren’t in Zagreb at lunch time, but we definitely had some good food there. I couldn’t get over how different the city was from the coastal areas along the Adriatic! It was definitely an awesome place to visit.


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