Stina Winery Croatia: wine tasting on the island of Brac

It’s been four months already since our weekend in Bol on the island of Brac. We’ve meant to write all our Brac posts much quicker than we managed to do it. The time really flies.

Anyways, we’ve had some awesome experiences on the Brac island, and particularly in Bol, and one of those experiences was a wine tasting at the Stina Winery in Bol Croatia. Yep!

Stina Winery Bol Brac Island | Croatian Wines
Stina Winery Bol Brac Island | Croatian Wines

Stina Winery opened in 2009 when Jako Vino, a local vintner, rented a building from the Agricultural Cooperative of Bol. The winery is located at the very seafront, right at the Riva, Bol’s boardwalk. It’s housed in town’s historical building, as the inscription at the front of the building still shows: “The first Dalmatian Wine Cooperative”. The wine cooperative was established in 1901, and this building was built in 1903. The interesting fact is that the ground floor featured wine making facilities, while the first floor housed an elementary school. Hm, kids and alcohol, not sure how that would go today.

Stina Winery Bol Croatia
Stina Winery is located in a building of the first Dalmatian Wine Cooperative

Today, the Stina Winery occupies the ground floor. The winery consists of wine making facilities, a wine cellar, and a sleek wine tasting room. On arrival we’ve got a behind-the-scene tour of the production room, and a wine cellar with a short introduction to Stina wines, and wine making process. The winery is completely renovated and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. But the spirit of the old winery is well preserved. The stone walls and brick ceiling are the same as in 1903, and original stone drainage canals on the floor are exposed and covered with glass. A preserved huge concrete barrel, with a capacity of 68.100 liters, also reminds of some other times.

Stina Winery Bol Croatia
Stina Winery Bol Croatia

Wine tasting room is modern, with a sleek interior, a very long bar, sitting area and flashy lights. Lovely wine display behind the bar has bottles arranged in such an order, that it reads Stina, the brand name of Jako Vino. Glass wall allows a peak in a wine cellar from the tasting room.

Since the winery is located right at the busy boardwalk, there is no space for a proper outdoor terrace, just one row of high tables and stools along the front of the building. And in August, when we visited, the winery was really busy. So we got extremely lucky getting an outdoor table with a wonderful sea views.

Stina Winery Bol: Awesome outdoor terrace
Stina Winery Bol: Awesome outdoor terrace

Although Jako Vino produces around 10 different Stina wines, that Friday evening we’ve only tasted three of them: Stina Pošip 2013, Plavac mali rose 2013, and Plavac mali barrique 2011.  All three wines were great; Stina Pošip 2013, fresh and elegant with notable fruit aromas; I am a big fan of rose wines, and Stina Opol, a rose made of Plavac mali vine, was my favorite pick of all three. Dry, refreshing, with fruity notes, this is a perfect summer wine. Plavac mali barrique is a good plavac, dark in color, strong in alcohol, intense on the nose, and warm and elegant on the palate. We liked it.

A little bit more about Stina Wines

In the last years, Jako Vino, a company behind Stina Wines, invested heavily in the vine cultivation and wine production on the island.

They pruned old grapevines and reestablished old vineyards, above the village of Murvica, on the south slopes of the island. Here, vine grows on steep slopes, some as steep as 45 degrees, and thus all farming is manual.

Vineyards | Stina Winery Bol
Vineyards | Photo credit: Stina Winery Bol

Grubica, another locality of Jako Vino vineyards, located near the village of Hum, features brand new vineyards. Interestingly, vine has never before been grown here. The soil is rocky, vineyards face east and southeast, and the vine is planted on elevations of 420 to 550 m. Here, Jako Vino grows Posip, Vugava, and Zilavka sorts.

Their brand, bottle label and slogan incorporate two symbols of Brac: white stone, Stina means stone in Dalmatian dialect, something Brac is well-known for; and art, their label is all white like a canvas inviting painters to paint, and writers to write on it. Their slogan says it all: Stina, for inspiration.

Stina Winery: location and contacts

Contacts | Bračka cesta 13, Bol | t: +385 21 306-220 | e:

Working hours | Summer: 4 pm-12 am | Winter: by appointment

Prices | Wine tasting: 11 Kn to 30 Kn per glass | Shop: 75 Kn to 500 Kn per 0,75 L bottle

Do you like visiting a winery and booking a wine tour? Are you curious about tasting local wines? Let us know in the comments below. 

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