Motodrom Porec | Adventure sports in Porec

Motodrom Porec, high-octane adventure sports

I guess I am the only guy who got quadriceps inflammation from riding a Segway. Don't even ask! Let's get to the story. 

The oldest, the longest, and the best race track in all Istria, Motodrom Porec is located half way between Porec and Tar. It's been one of the most popular Porec attractions for adrenaline-addicts since 1999.

Motodrom Porec | Adventure sports in Porec

Motodrom Porec | Adventure sports in Porec

We visited karting Porec for the first time back in 2005; but haven't been there ever since. However, last week it was time to return to this exciting place. And all I can say is WOW!

Motodrom is as great as always, but this place grew in size and offer to become one of the top sites in Porec for outdoor activities.

The owner, Damir, is a man with the vision. He pursued his dream of building this place when nobody really bieleved in him, and money was scarce. If you get a chance, talk to him. He definitely has few stories to tell.

Motodrom Porec Facilities

1 | Karting Porec

Motodrom Porec

Motodrom Porec

A circuit is 1500 m long and 7 m wide. You can choose between karts with 9 hp (270 ccm) and karts with 13 hp (390 ccm); some of them developing speed up to 75 km per hour. You can also choose between a single, double or tripple seater kart. For safety reasons double and tripple seaters aren't allowed on the circuit at the same time as single seater karts.

2 | Children go-kart circuit

Similar to the real kart experience but intended to small children, the race track is shorter, and karts are slower with less horse power.

3 | Cross-kart

Motodrom Porec | Cross-kart

Motodrom Porec | Cross-kart

On a specially designed cross track, you can experience a cross kart ride in a 13 hp (390 ccm) or 20 ks (620 ccm) karts. The track are watered before the race, so you get plenty of mud for a fun ride. They provide you with a paper overall, so you don't make yourself dirty.

4 | Quad rides

Motodrom Porec | Quad Adventure

Motodrom Porec | Quad Adventure

You can try your hand at quad rides either on the polygon, or through teo specially designed routes: coastal route, and inland route.

5 | Segway

You can also test your skills at off-road segway ride. Segway rides are organized on a small polygon with couple of obstacles. And if you think it's totally easy, just try to climb up witha segway.

6 | Paintball / Laser Tag / Airsoft

Two fields and three war games: paintball, laser tag, and airsoft.

Although a little bit less exciting than paintball, laser tag is still fun game to play, and also much safer. Equipement include an infrared-sensitive helmet and a infrared-emitting phaser. The field is relatively small. Maximum of ten players can play at the same time.

Motodrom Porec | Paintball

Motodrom Porec | Paintball

Paintball field is 4.000 m2 big and laid in a natural environment. Evening and night games are specialky popular as the field is lighted.

Airsoft is similar to paintball; main difference being that the players use replica firearms shooting round non-metalic pellets. It's played on the same field as paintball.

7 | Adventure Park Sky Fox

A new attraction at the Motodrom, the adventure park has been open in May 2015.

Motodrom Porec | Skyfox Adventure Park

Motodrom Porec | Skyfox Adventure Park

The park has 34 different attractions; short and long course. The short course can be finished in a 10-15 minutes (if you are in a good physical condition), and a long course in 15 to 20 minutes). On arrival you get safety gear, and instructions.

8 | Horseback ride

Although, techincally, not a part of Motodrom, th ehorse back riding center Jelena, is located at the same spot as the Motodrom. So if you feel like testing your skills on riding a horse, you'll be able to do it here.

9 | Other onsite facilities include:

  • caffe bar with a terrace overlooking a kart circuit
  • toilets
  • large fireplace in the shadow with tables & benches for eating
  • a veggies garden

Motodrom Karting Porec: prices

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*Rates above are for 2015. Check Motodrom Porec website for exact prices.

Motodrom Karting Porec – useful info

  • If you are a large group, you can arrange a private BBQ dinner at the Motodrom. It usually costs 110 kn per person, with all-you-can-eat formula.
  • Before wearing a helmet at any of activities, you'll be handed a cotton mask and requested to wear it beneath. We find this extremly hygienic, as masks are washed regularly.
  • Rush hour in from June through August is at night time, as during the day it's usually too hot. If you don't mind heat, but hate queues, daytime is the best time to visit the Motodrome.
  • The guys from the Motodrome grow their own veggies. They've discovered an underground water source, and use water to naturally grow all kinds of vegitable and fruit. Ask for it, and if lucky they'll let you bring home a dinner.
  • Motodrome is open a year around, but off-season (October to May) it works by appointment only. Call in advance to arrange a visit.

Motodrom Porec – Location and contacts

Contacts | a: no actual address, but it's easy to find as it's located on the main road from Porec to Tar, and Novigrad | m: +385 98 290 721 | e: [email protected] | Website

All photos are courtesy of Motodrom Porec. 

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