Restaurant Sv Nikola, the best place to eat in Porec

We live in Porec, but honestly, but we don’t eat out in Porec very often. The town is almost pathetic when it comes to restaurants. Many places cater exclusively to tourists and locals rarely (if ever) eat there.

Restaurant Sv. Nikola in Porec Croatia
Restaurant Sv Nikola in Porec Croatia

However, there are a couple of places that are worth seeking out, and the restaurant St. Nikola is one of them.

The restaurant has a lovely location, right at the seafront. It’s just across the mooring dock with nice yachts. We’ve always feared St. Nicola restaurant too fancy and too expensive to our taste (perhaps because of all yachts people who eat there on their visit to Porec). But, it is not quite true.

The place is elegant (very elegant), and just a little bit pricey, but it’s definitely a must-try restaurant in Porec. The service is top-notch. And I mean it for real; the guys even went out of their way to present each dish in French for me with a little help of Google translator. How often that happens to you in a restaurant, … in a Croatian restaurant?!

Seafood risotto with scalops
Elegant plating at the restaurant Sv Nikola in Porec Croatia

Our experience at the restaurant Sv Nikola Porec

We’ve dined there this past winter. Sv Nikola is also one of the rare restaurants in Porec open all year. Winter is slow for businesses in Porec, especially during weekdays. However, Sv Nikola Porec remains open and runs fixed-price daily menus. This means you can indulge in a three-course fancy menu for only 100 Kn (15€). Now, that’s a good deal. During the summer, they do the same for lunchtime when business is slow.

Amuse-bouche at the restaurant Sv Nikola in Porec
Amuse-bouche at the restaurant Sv Nikola in Porec

Sv Nicola has a good balance of meat and fish dishes, as well as a choice of pasta dishes. As usual, when given a choice, we’ve opted for fish dishes. While our food was prepared, we had a delicious amuse-bouche to start.

For an appetizer, we went raw. We’ve chosen the Mare Nostrum seafood plate. It comprised of octopus, and sea bass carpaccio, raw scampi, and shrimp and scampi tartar. Yummy!

Restaurant Sv Nikola Porec Croatia | Pin Me For Later!
Restaurant Sv Nikola Porec Croatia | Pin Me For Later!

Dinner continued with a vellutata, a creamy scampi soup. And for the main course, we had a black squid risotto and homemade fuzi pasta with squids. Both dishes were delicious. We finished our meal with a nice black and white mousse.

We had a lovely experience at Sv Nicola restaurant. Expect to pay around 250 Kn per person with drinks. Highly recommended.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, Frank! I went there in June and had oysters for the first time – the food was absolutely amazing.

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