A complete guide for couples To Rovinj, Croatia

Set on a small peninsula, jutting out to the sea, Rovinj is not only one of the hottest destinations in Croatia, but it’s also the most romantic town in all Croatia. 

Rovinj for couples, a Quick Guide, Illustration
Rovinj Croatia For Couples | Croatia Travel Guide

What makes Rovinj a perfect destination for couples

  • Did you see that photo above? Seriously, do you need more convincing?
  • On the night of St. Lawrence the entire town is candle-lit. Is there anything more romantic than that?
  • Restaurants here are charming, and many serve a seriously good food. Their décor, their menus, their cozy outdoor terraces, everything is perfectly set for a romantic dinner.
  • Mediterraneo, Rovinj’s most popular bar, serves awesome cocktails. The bar’s terrace is set on the rocks just a few steps from the sea.
  • Wonderful islands of St. Andrew and St. Catherine are perfect places for a romantic walk.
  • Every June, Rovinj hosts big Salsa and Sensual Days events.
  • A ride in batana, a traditional fishing boat, at dusk will set a perfect note for a romantic evening.
cobblestone street in rovinj, croatia
Travel guide to Rovinj for couples

Things to do in Rovinj for couples

  • Have a drink at Mediterraneo Cocktail Bar. This is a popular bar with an outdoor terrace set right above the sea with the views over St. Catherine Island. A perfect setting for a romantic evening.
  • Climb St. Eufemija bell tower. The church of St. Eufemija, Rovinj’s patron saint, sits on the top of the hill overlooking the town. The bell tower is an exact replica of St Mark’s Campanile in Venice. The views from the top are great!
  • Visit St. Andrew Island and have a romantic meal at the restaurant La Serra. St. Andrew (known also as a Red Island) is located a 15-minute boat ride from Rovinj. It’s a small island with one hotel, and an old castle that belonged to family Hütterot, nice gardens, energy fields and a mausoleum.
  • Visit St. Catherine Island for a nice walk through its old gardens. St. Catherine Island is closer to the town, just a short 5-minute boat ride away. You can spend a day swimming, walking hand-in-hand through its wonderful gardens, and profit from the best views of the old town.
  • Take a sunset boat ride in a batana, a traditional fishing boat from Rovinj. This rowing ride starts at sunset at Mali Molo and it circles the peninsula with only fishing lights on.
  • Bask in the sun at the Mulini Beach. The Mulini Beach is a new beach club in Lone Bay. This is a new hip place to be in Rovinj for a day out swimming. In the evening there is a DJ or live music playing, and it makes it an excellent place for a pre-diner drink.
  • Cycle Golden Cape Forrest park. This is a wonderful park, just 15-minute walk from the old town. It’s popular among joggers, cyclists, and rock-climbers. There are also lots of small coves where you can swim.
  • Indulge in a multi-course dinner at the Monte or Cap Aureo Signature restaurants. Monte was the first Croatian restaurants to receive a Michelin-star. In Cap Aureo, on the other hand, chef Jeffrey Vella is setting bar high with his unique heavily veggie-based signature dishes. Get a private table at the small balcony of Monte, or just enjoy the most amazing views over the sea and old town of Rovinj from Cap Aureo’s terrace.
  • Explore cobbled streets, alleyways and art galleries in Rovinj’s old town. Rovinj is a maze of alleys, cobbled streets, and passages. Just get lost there for hours, and enjoy its beauty.
  • Have a glass of wine at San Tommaso or Dobravac wine bars. Istria is a popular wine-growing region. Those two wine bars are a good place to taste local wines, while people watching. San Tommaso wine bar is located at the seafront promenade, while Dobravac is more tucked away, and has a relaxing garden, within a walking distance from the old town.

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Remote beach in Rovinj near Palud Reserve
Travel guide to Rovinj for couples | Remote Beach

The best accommodation in Rovinj for couples:

  • Hotel Adriatic – This small boutique hotel is located in the heart of the old town, on the main square. Artistic theme prevails throughout the property: 15 artists helped shape up this hotel with their original art works. Adriatic features 18 state-of-art rooms, bar, and a brasserie. Room prices start from 150 € per night.
  • Luxury Hotel Monte Mulini – Among the best luxury hotels in Croatia (seriously!), hotel Monte Mulini is also a member of the Leading Hotels of the World. We love Mulini for its top-notch service, intimate atmosphere, great food, and lovely new beach club. Rooms are spacious, each one has a balcony or a terrace. Some suites are located in an annex building. Room prices start from 250 € per night.
  • Island Hotel Katarina – This mid-range hotel is located on a small St. Katarina Island, just a few minutes boat ride from the old town. We love it for its gardens and awesome views over the old town of Rovinj. Room prices start from 120 € per night. 
  • Spirito Santo Palazzo Historico – A stylish hotel located in Rovinj’s old town, offers only 7 rooms. We love its cozy interiors, exposed stone walls, high-end finishing like hardwood floors, exclusive furniture, and beautiful patio. Room prices start from 150 € per night.

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Travel guide to Rovinj for couples
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What do you look for when traveling as a couple? Have a question? Please let us know in the comments below. 


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