The 7 Best Places To Visit In Croatia For Couples

If you’re looking for the best places to visit in Croatia for couples, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we share our list of Croatia’s seven most romantic spots!

Croatia is a beautiful country with stunning coastlines, charming cities, and breathtaking natural landscapes. It’s no wonder that it has become a popular destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway, honeymoon, or anniversary celebration.

Here are the 7 best places to visit in Croatia for couples.

The 7 best places in Croatia for couples

Best places in Croatia for couples, Illustration
Best places in Croatia for couples, Illustration

If you and your partner enjoy exploring new places, trying out amazing local restaurants, relaxing on secluded beaches, chilling at cozy bars over a glass of local wine or craft beer, discovering interesting historical sites, chasing pretty panoramas, and attending local events, especially food festivals, and markets, then you will love these spots for Croatia couples holidays!

Our top recommendations for romantic holidays in Croatia include Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Vis, Rovinj, Opatija, and Zagreb.

1. Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik beautiful views, red roofs
Destinations in Croatia for couples | Dubrovnik

Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia, and for a good reason. This charming medieval city’s historic walls, marble streets, baroque buildings, and stunning views will mesmerize you.

Dubrovnik’s old town is picture-perfect and as romantic as possible. Whether you stay in the town during your entire visit or you decide to roam beyond the city walls, Dubrovnik offers a variety of things to do for couples.

Explore the cobblestone streets and alleyways of the old town, enjoy a sunset at the Buza Bar, have a romantic dinner in some of Dubrovnik’s top restaurants, go wine tasting in Dubrovnik hinterland or the Peljesac peninsula, or go for a lovely picnic at the beach, up in the hills, or to small nearby islands.

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll enjoy Dubrovnik with your loved one. The only downside of Dubrovnik is that it’s expensive compared with the rest of Croatia.

The closest airport is Ruder Boskovic Airport (ex. Cilipi), 20 km southeast of Dubrovnik.

When to go? The best time to travel is in May, June, and October.

Where to stay? The best accommodation in Dubrovnik for couples includes Villa Dubrovnik, guest house St. Joseph, bed and breakfast Scalini Palace, and Apartments Festa.

What are the best places for a romantic dinner? 360, Sushi & Oyster Bar Bota, Stara Loza

What are the best activities for couples? Sea Kayaking, Picnic at the beach

2. Split

A small town square in old town Split, Croatia
A small town square in old town Split, Croatia | Image by Michelle Maria

Split is the largest coastal town in Croatia and the second largest overall. Its history spans over 1700 years, and its old town feels like a museum with historical artifacts everywhere you go. The town has a great vibe, with plenty of excellent restaurants serving delicious local dishes, cool bars and cafes (such as Zbirac), lovely accommodations, and a sandy beach called Bacvice.

For a perfect day out, have a coffee at the Riva Broadwalk, explore a maze of ancient streets in the old town, have a glass of wine and local cheeses at Monika’s or Zinfandel wine bar, taste Croatian-style tapas at Bokeria, or have romantic dinner at restaurant Dvor, or Zrno Soli to taste a traditional Dalmatian home-cooking.

Split is also a perfect base for exploring central Dalmatian islands, Krka waterfalls, the UNESCO-protected town of Trogir, and Omis, one of the best places in Croatia for outdoor enthusiasts.

Hurry up and visit Split while it’s still affordable. The town has had excellent flight connections with major European airports throughout the year.

The closest airport is Split Airport (Resnik), 25 km northwest of Split.

When to go? The best time to visit Split is in June and September.

Where to stay? The best places to stay in Split for couples include Palace Judita Heritage Hotel for its old-world charm, hotel Park Split for its lovely location by the beach, Bepo Luxury Apartments for their comfort and vicinity to the old town, and Abokamento and Grgur Ninski Rooms for their beautiful design, great location, and friendly staff.

What are the best places for a romantic dinner? Dvor, Zrno Soli, Kinoteka

What are the best activities for couples? Sunset Sea Kayaking, Putalj Winery Tour, 5 Island Boat Tour

3. Hvar

Sunset over Hvar Town from Spanjola Fortress
Sunset over Hvar Town from Spanjola Fortress

Hvar Island is one the best places to visit in Croatia for couples. Hvar is a popular destination that has gained notoriety thanks to Prince Harry and celebrities like Steven Spielberg, George Clooney, Beyonce, and Jay-Z. It’s often perceived as an expensive playground reserved only for the rich and famous. However, that’s not entirely true. While the town of Hvar can be quite expensive, the rest of the island is pretty reasonably priced.

Consider staying in Stari Grad, Jelsa, or even in charming villages like Zastrazisce or Pitve in the island’s interior. Explore the hidden gems of beautiful beaches and coves, cruising in a stylish VW Beetle cabriolet or a small boat. Take a day trip to the Paklinski Islands, an exquisite archipelago just off the coast of Hvar Town. Indulge in a wine tour, savor breathtaking sunsets, and delve into Hvar’s rich history and culture.

The closest airport is Split Airport Resnik, 25 km northwest of Split.

The closest departure port for Hvar Island is Split port.

When to go? September is the best month to visit Hvar Island.

Where to stay? Perfect accommodation in Hvar for couples includes the lovely Littlegreenbay Hotel, beautifully restored and well-equipped Villa Riva Apartments in Jelsa, and Heritage Suites Zanini in Hvar Town.

What are the best places for a romantic dinner? Alavia, Meneghello, Antika

What are the best activities for couples? Bohemian Sunset Picnic, Speedboat Excursion to Vis and Blue Cave, Sunset Sailing Tour With Wine and Snacks, Sea Kayak Tour to the Pakleni Islands

4. Vis

Komiza, Island of Vis
Komiza, Island of Vis

Vis Island is one of our favorite destinations for a couples holiday in Croatia. It is a secluded paradise that boasts stunning beaches, a laid-back atmosphere, and restaurants that are only accessible by boat or on foot. With fewer crowds, amazing natural scenery, and turquoise waters, Vis Island is an idyllic romantic getaway.

Due to its location, Vis was isolated for a long time and was also a military base during Yugoslavia. This worked to its advantage as mass tourism never took root on the island. Although much more popular today, Vis lacks the big infrastructure to receive huge crowds. With only two larger settlements, Vis Town and Komiza, and a handful of small hotels, the island remains relatively peaceful, even during the summer.

Renting a scooter is a great way to explore Vis’s backroads, and taking a boat tour to the Blue Cave is a must. Don’t miss visiting hidden bays and beaches like Stiniva, Srebrena, Zaglav, and Teplus. For a taste of the local cuisine, dine at the taverns Mala Travna and Roki’s or the restaurant Pojoda. And make sure to take a stroll along Komiza and Vis seafront to soak up the island’s charm.

The closest airport is Split Airport Resnik, 25 km northwest of Split.

The closest departure port for Vis Island is Split port.

When to go? Summer is the best time to visit Vis Island.

Where to stay? The best places to stay on the island of Vis are Hotel San Giorgio, Apartments House Bava, and Apartments Gala.

What are the best places for a romantic dinner? Konoba Senko, Pojode, Roki’s

What are the best activities for couples? Spending a day at one of the secluded beaches, Speedboat excursion, Island Tour, Wine Tasting and Winery Tour

5. Rovinj

A panorama of Rovinj taken from the sea
A panorama of Rovinj taken from the sea

If you’re planning a visit to Istria, trust us: Rovinj is one of the most romantic places in Croatia and THE place to be. Its enchanting old quarter exudes romance with its art galleries, cozy bars, and delightful restaurants.

Visitors to Rovinj are spoiled for choice regarding things to do. We love strolling through the streets, alleyways, and passages of the old town, savoring a glass of wine at the charming Mediterraneo Bar, and indulging in delectable dishes at the restaurant Articoka.

But that’s not all! Treat yourself to an authentic Italian gelato at Gelateria Italia, venture to the vibrant energy fields of St. Andrew and Maskin Islands, explore the enchanting Golden Cape forest park and the picturesque gardens of St. Catherine Island, and spend a blissful day basking in the sun at Mulini Beach.

The closest airport is Pula Airport, 40 km southeast of Rovinj.

When to go? The best time to visit Rovinj is in June and September.

Where to stay? The best places to stay in Rovinj for couples include Hotel Monte Mulini, hotel Spirito Santo Palazzo Storico, Mariva Downtown Studio, Paulino Apartments, villa Rupeni, and mobile homes Superior in the campsite Vestar.

What are the best places for a romantic dinner? Agli Amici, Monte, Articoka

What are the best activities for couples? Private Truffle and Wine Tour, Cliffs & Cave Kayaking, Market Tour with Cooking Class

6. Opatija

Opatija Croatia view from the air
Destinations in Croatia for couples | Opatija

In the late 19th and early 20th century, Opatija has been a favorite resort of European nobility, artists, and poets.

Today, Opatija remains a sophisticated holiday destination for couples of all ages and one of the most romantic places in Europe. A charming town with Vienna-style architecture, Opatija is home to the oldest and longest seafront promenade. Opatija also has wonderful parks, some of the best restaurants in Croatia, and lovely cafes.

Walk hand-in-hand through Opatija’s streets, promenades, and parks. Laze out on the terrace of the Wagner Cafe while enjoying a cup of coffee and homemade pralines. Indulge in a multi-course dinner at the restaurant Bevanda, or visit a cozy tavern, Tramerka, in Volosko for an awesome seafood feast.

The closest airport is Rijeka Airport, 40 km southeast of Opatija.

When to go? The best time to visit Opatija is in spring and autumn.

Where to stay? Accommodation in Opatija suitable for couples includes Amadria Park Hotel Milenij, for its central location, friendly staff, and classic charm; Design Hotel Navis, for its superb design and stunning sea-views; and Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa, for its comfort, seclusion, and great facilities.

What are the best places for a romantic dinner? Tramerka, Plavi podrum, Zijavica

What are the best activities for couples? Boat Trip to Secluded Beaches on Cres Island, A Visit to the Fishing Village of Volosko With Lunch, A Walk Along the Seaside Promenade

7. Zagreb

Zagreb Upper Town, Lotrscak Tower and Funicular
The best place to stay in Croatia for couples – Zagreb

Croatian capital town, Zagreb has a good vibe, many parks, historical sites, museums, good nightlife, and an exciting restaurant scene. Furthermore, Zagreb is a popular destination for couples in Croatia.

The Upper Town is the most romantic part of Zagreb. Even the street lamps there are still gas-powered and lit by hand. We also love taking long walks in Zagreb’s numerous parks. We enjoy a picnic at Lake Jarun, downtown street festivals, and dining at the bistro Mali Bar. Check here for our ultimate guide on things to do in Zagreb.

The closest airport is Airport Franjo Tudman, 13 km southeast of Zagreb.

When to go? Spring is the best time to visit Zagreb.

Where to stay? If you are looking for the best accommodation in Zagreb for couples, we recommend Hotel Esplanade Zagreb for its historical charm and superb service, Bed and Breakfast Sky City Center for its amazing location in the main square and friendly staff, Swanky Mint Hostel for its cool and hip vibe and nice rooms, and the Design studios Svi-Mi for the comfortable and well-equipped studios.

What are the best places for a romantic dinner? Mali Bar, Nav, Pod Zidom Bistro

What are the best activities for couples? Small-Group Walking Tour with Funicular Ride, Taste Zagreb Food Tour, Rastoke and Plitvice Lakes Small-Group Day Trip, Plesivica Hills and Samobor Tour with Wine Tasting

What is the best place to stay in Croatia for couples?

It’s quite challenging to choose one perfect destination in Croatia for couples, considering the vast number of beautiful places. We have narrowed it down to seven, but it was a tough job. However, if we had to select only one place for couples to visit in Croatia, we would highly recommend the captivating Vis Island.

With its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and charming coastal villages, Vis Island offers a romantic and idyllic setting for couples to create unforgettable memories together. Whether you’re strolling hand in hand along the beach, enjoying a candlelit dinner overlooking the Adriatic Sea, or exploring the island’s historical sites and natural beauty, Vis Island will undoubtedly capture your heart and make you long to return.

Best Resorts in Croatia For Couples

Croatia is known for its stunning natural landscapes, picturesque cities, and charming coastal towns. It is a popular destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway or honeymoon. Croatia offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic vacation with crystal clear waters, secluded coves, and beautiful sunsets.

Some of the best resorts in Croatia for couples include the Little Green Bay Hotel and Maslina Resort on Hvar Island, Villa Nai 3.1 on Dugi Otok Island, Hotel Lemongarden on Brac Island, Hotel Monte Mulini in Rovinj, Villa Dubrovnik in Dubrovnik, and Meneghetti Wine Hotel and San Canzian Village & Hotel in Istria.

Best Islands In Croatia For Couples

Croatia has over 1,200 islands, each with unique charm and beauty. Some of the best islands in Croatia for couples include Hvar Island, Vis Island, Brač Island, Dugi Otok Island, Korčula Island, Mljet Island, and Lastovo Island.

Hvar Island is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. Vis Island offers a more secluded and romantic atmosphere with its untouched nature and charming fishing villages. Brač Island is perfect for active couples who enjoy hiking, cycling, and water sports. Dugi Otok Island is a hidden gem with its peaceful beaches, clear waters, and breathtaking views. Korčula Island boasts medieval towns, idyllic beaches, and picturesque vineyards. Mljet Island is a nature lover’s paradise with its national park and tranquil surroundings. Lastovo Island is ideal for couples seeking a peaceful retreat with its unspoiled nature and quiet beaches.

With so many beautiful islands, couples can easily find their perfect romantic hideaway in Croatia.

Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the best place to stay in Croatia for couples? Please let us know in the comments below.

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  2. We have traveled a lot around Croatia already from my childhood and as a child or as an adult Rovinj, Vis, Korčula, Dugi otok and Lastovo are all great destinations even now that I have my own family, but you benefit the most from this holidays if you rent a boat and find some alone bays on islands. When talking about Rovinj, we always go with the boats a little out of Rovinj i the direction of Pula, there are some great bays and islands near the cost where you have peace. If you are lucky you get a whole bay just for you.

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  6. Great blog! We are staying in Croatia for two weeks in June. Flying in and out from zadar. Can you give us any tips for an itinerary? We are adventurous so definitely looking to go to national parks for hiking/kayaking etc but also beaches and towns…on a budget

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