Traveling light in Croatia

I like city breaks, I will always rather visit a city than a natural site. OK, I live in a village and I get a fair share of “away from it all” days. I almost had a culture shock when I moved from a 5 families’ village to the village with a bar, and a grocery store (and now there is a rumor we’ll even have a pizzeria in the village?!).

Summer in Croatia: Komarna
Summer in Croatia: Komarna

However, I do like to spend my summers by the beach, and far from the city heat. And when I say beach, I mean beach: flip flops (OK, I admit it, actually crocks) and swimming suit 24/7, and just occasionally a t-shirt (sleeveless, bien sûr!). Here are my top places in Croatia for almost cloth-less holidays.

P.S.: Maybe you shouldn’t trust me completely as I was the only one in our village walking in a swimming suit. Now, when I think, I’ve never made any friends in that village.

Summer in Croatia with nothing but a swimming suit

Komarna is a village you would probably never hear about if it wasn’t for my blog (you’re welcome!). Located somewhere in the south, this is my favorite place in Croatia. My simple definition of the village is: there is nothing to do here, yet you’ll never get bored. Every year, I spend my 2 weeks of summer holidays in Komarna. If you ask me what I do there, the answer is nothing. I wake up, I go to the beach, I talk to other beach bums, I make a siesta in my hammock, I eat, I sleep. Repeat. I know, disgusting!

Summer in Croatia: My summer in Croatia
Summer in Croatia: My beach shack

Seaside villages on the Peljesac peninsula, like Zuljana, Podobuce, Trstenik or Borak, are places where I go when I am not doing some of the above mentioned things in Komarna. These are all flip flops, listening to waves, reading a book, and simply chill out with a glass of wine kind of places. My kind of places.

Vis is on my bucket list for all the same reasons. So yes I am kind of faking it ’cause I’ve never really been here. But many of my friends were there, and they swear it’s even more crocks acceptable place than Komarna.

Summer in Croatia: Vis Island
Summer in Croatia: Sea kayaking on the Vis Island

Solta is the nearest island to Split, and yet it’s the less visited one. Most of the visitors head to Brac and Hvar, totally overlooking Solta. There are maybe five or six settlements on the island. One is smaller than the other. Solta is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the summer activities (like sleeping).

Elafiti Islands is the archipelago of 18 islands and reefs located just off the coast of Dubrovnik. Only three of them – Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan are inhabited. They all have one to two settlements (at most), a slow pace of life, and pretty sandy beach(es). Flip flops and swimming suite approved!

Summer in Croatia: Suduraj, Dubrovnik
Summer in Croatia: Suduraj on the island of Sipan

What’s your perfect place to spend summer holidays? Let us know in the comments below. 

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22 thoughts on “Traveling light in Croatia”

  1. Thanks for reading, Samra! Yeah, I know exactly where your house is. My nephew seems very impressed with your surfing equipment. See you in Komarna in August. Will you still be there?

  2. Thanks Frank, for sharing Komarna with the rest of the world. You described it perfectly, the atmosphere and the mood here, I’m experiencing it since I’m born. Yes, I have a vacation house in Komarna and I spend annually two months doing nothing and recharging batteries in the sun. So feel welcome for a drink next time you are here. We are the ones with a lots of surfing material on the beach

  3. Thanks, Kayci! Hope you’ll have a wonderful time in Croatia. Please let us know if we can help with anything.

  4. Hi Carmen,
    glad that you liked Dubrovnik. And that you might visit Croatia again. Let us know if you do and maybe we can meet up for a drink.

  5. Thanks for your comment, Heather. And for linking up with us for the #SundayTraveler! t’s great to have you.

  6. I like your beach shack! Croatia certainly has no shortage of beautiful summer places. I grew up on the islands so I can spend summers like these…by the water and relaxing.

  7. Your commentary had me laughing. That first photo of Komarna is simply stunning. I like the cliffs on Vis, too. You make the beach seem very tempting and relaxing.

  8. Beach, hammock, eat, sleep, repeat… yes, totally disgusting! And I’m going to throw up if I see another picture of a perfect Croatian beach :P. And yes, I’m totally kidding. Honestly, it sounds completely like heaven and I would be doing the exact same thing if I had 2 weeks at a tiny beach village. Sigh… someday!

  9. I’ve wanted to go to Croatia since I was a little girl and I’m finally going there this summer! I’m looking forward to adding some of these places to our itinerary, they sound incredible.

  10. I’ve just returned from a fantastic trip around N and central Dalmatia.
    From what you’ve said in this article, I suggest all or any of Primošten, Tribunj and Nin
    would all be the type of laid-back destination you seem to prefer – Croc friendly ;)

    My new favourite ever destination however has to be Zadar. I was totally swept away with the place
    and it combines all that is good about Croatian cities. Less frantic than Split, but a working, living vibrant city
    far removed from the fairy-tale / wedding cake look-but-don’t-touch of Dubrovnik.
    So much to do and see in the area, too. Paklenica, Kornati, Telašćica, Zrmanja Gorge etc etc.
    Need to go back as soon as practical!

  11. I never heard of some of these towns. That look wonderful. We’ll have to check out some of these next time we are in Croatia. We visited Dubrovnik last summer and loved it.

  12. Those beaches are gorgeous, and I love that they’re mostly unheard of by tourists! I would love to spend some lazy days there!

  13. You lucky so and so for having such beauty(+sun) around you without having to get on a flight to experience it. Just such a stunning place.

  14. A beautiful country from the little I saw, and hot in the summer. I wish I’d seen more. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Anywhere is perfect me! As long as I’m traveling I’m happy. Thanks for the great piece, and for the link-up. – Heather, Life of a Traveling Navy Wife

  16. My problem is that I love exploring everywhere! I love the beach, and cities and mountains. There are so many places to go in this amazing world that I rarely go back anywhere. There just isn’t enough time in life!

  17. I am more of a city person, but every once in a while, I do need to find somewhere just to do absolutely nothing! Love the sound of all of these places! :)

  18. I’m like you – I live in a very rural area, so when I go away I like the lights of the big city! But I also love the beach, and these look like amazing places to chill. I think that’s why I love going to Nice, in France – you get the best of both worlds! I’d love to go sea kayaking, though – it’s on my wish list :).

  19. Amazing places. The idea od a few days lazying in Komarna really appeal to me, as well as sea kayaking. Thanks for showing us Croatian secrets once again!

  20. That sea-kayaking shot looks incredible. I can’t wait to start heading out to kayaking here in Malaysia.

  21. Frank, since reading your blog and seeing your pics, it amazes me how much it’s like the south of Italy.
    BTW, wear your crocs proudly :)

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